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Emotional Cello
release date: 05.06.2015

Emotional Cello

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Emotional Cello header

Harmonic Subtones logoEmotional Cello – never before, a virtual instrument could be played with this level of expression.


Emotional Cello is a new kind of virtual instrument, created by Harmonic Subtones, a Munich based developer team, to be used with Native Instrument's Kontakt 5 Player. Because of its powerful and simultaneously exceptional emotional sound, it opens up previously unknown verbal dimensions for the work with samples.

Emotional Cello is the perfect instrument for film-scoring, pop-production, song-writing, classic and modern avant-garde cello compositions. This unique virtual instrument shines by its impressive number of articulations, its direct uncolored sound quality, unusual play techniques and innovative rebowing.

cello bridge banner

Emotional Cello has been continuously recorded in a musical context to capture the natural bowing and the individual expressions of real instrumentalists. Thanks to intelligent scripting, 16 play-styles and true legato, this library offers immense versatile possible applications. Emotional Cello offers all typical play-styles and articulations as well as unusual techniques such as

  • sul ponticello legato and
  • flageolet legato,
  • morbid sustain,
  • ricochet and even
  • renaissance sounds.


Cello & Mic

Harmonic Subtones calls the underlying philosophy of the Emotional Cello project „Contextual Sampling“. In search for perfect tone and highest inspiration, various string instruments have been recorded over a period of no less than four years. Conclusion was that nothing can match the natural vibrato with its artistic facets performed by skilled musicians. Although, any sample with an included recorded vibrato has obvious conceptual drawbacks, the sound of the performance itself will be a lot more inspirational than adding artificial vibrato. Based upon this insight, Harmonic Subtones went to extract the recordings with topmost musicality to forge a brilliant sounding instrument.
The result is a library of unmatched authenticity.

To achieve conclusive arrangements. Emotional Cello offers a multitude of articulations. This way, the several phrases, turns, variations, pickups and endings can be used as real autonomous phrasings without the need of ever being repeated. To be able to correctly use the various tones and articulations in a musical context, the corresponding key switches have been appropriately titled with names such as Delicate fast, Vivid or Moderate.

In addition, Emotional Cello also offers unusual and unconventional articulations, almost never to be found in competitive products. For example, the library offers

  • the so called Spilegno, a harder edged Spiccato with bow-noise,
  • Power 5th Spiccato,
  • Plectrum Pizz,
  • Rota Spiccato
  • and a lot more.

Added are technical refinements, such as the rebowing-function which allows controlled directional change of the bow within a note using a key switch – uttermost useful with long sustains. Likewise, the vibrato-crossfade allows creating rhythmically perfect transitions from non-vibrato to vibrato-patches.

Emotional Cello Screen 1


Emotional Cello has been recorded in the Mastermix Studio, Unterföhring/Germany. The instrument has been carefully mic'ed in a wood-paneled room with high ceilings and highest possible wall distance. Microphone recordings were performed intentionally close using two Neumann models KM184 and U47, preserving a discreet portion of the room's excellent acoustics. At the same time, the close mic'ing technique easily allows external processing, e.g. to accomplish an overall ambience for the mix. Just as needed, the integrated convolution reverb of the Kontakt 5 Player or the pure unprocessed original sounds can be used.

Emotional Cello Screen 4


Emotional offers three true legato master-patches: Normal, Sulponticello and Harmonics. These contain about 80% of all recorded articulations, which are logically interconnected using advanced scripting. For example: A note being played in the beginning will sound perfectly natural because the chosen sample will also be a first note of the source recordings. The same goes for legato- and sustained notes: All samples originate from a corresponding context of the original recordings.
Approximately 50 additional single-patches contain a selected articulation each. Choices range from simple sustain-patches to dynamic crossfades between four layers. These patches are useful for producers preferring to arrange different articulations on different MIDI tracks instead of switching these by key switches. To achieve highest authenticity and liveliness, the patches offer four round-robin-samples for long notes and up to eight for short notes.

Emotional Cello bow

Native Instruments Kontakt Player 5.5.0 required.




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Flag DEspaceKeys, 10/2015

Keys logo

Test Fazit

Emotional Cello überzeugt mich klanglich auf ganzer Linie. Neben ausgewogenem Charakter tönt es an den richtigen Stellen bissig, lebhaft oder sanft. Die wahre Stärke der Library liegt in der sorgfältigen Sample-Auswahl ohne störende Nebengeräusche, perfekter Intonation und sorgfältiger Programmierung. Die Ausstattung und innovativen Konzepte machen Emotional Cello zum exzellenten Soloinstrument für Filmmusik und Pop bis hin zur Klassik oder Moderne.

Flag ENspaceSound Bytes Magazine, 01/2016

Sound Bytes Magazine Logo


There are a quite few virtual cello instruments on the market but this one is an absolute winner. It is not just about sounding authentic, sounding like a real cello player, the thing about this library is that it sounds absolutely beautiful, or – as the name suggests – emotional.


full EC comment at sound Bytes Magazine

by Alex Arsov, Jan. 2016

Flag DEspaceBonedo 12/2015

Bonedo 5 stars


Mit Emotional Cello ist es den Best-Service-Entwicklern gelungen, das emotionsgeladene Cello einzufangen und durch die aufwendige Samplingmethode ein intuitiv zu bedienendes, authentisch klingendes Kontakt-Instrument zu bilden. Einen echten Cellisten kann auch diese Library zwar nicht ersetzen, dennoch ist die Authentizität beeindruckend. Es ist vorstellbar, dass die Methode des „Contextual Samplings“ auch in Zukunft häufiger genutzt wird, um solche lebhaft klingenden Instrument-Librarys zu entwickeln. Wer eine authentisch klingende Cello-Library mit ausgereiften Möglichkeiten für Artikulation, Bogenwechsel und Vibrato per Key-Switch sein Eigen nennen möchte, erhält mit Emotional Cello ein Kontakt-Instrument der Spitzenklasse.

5 Sterne Bestwertung!


ganzer Testbericht bei Bonedo für Emotionla Cello

Flag ENspaceChris Harris, 09/2015

"Emotional Cello is a captivating piece of software that enables the creative process through a rich structure of articulations that are not available else where."

Christopher Byrum Harris, USA

Video review / walkthrough

Flag ENspaceCompositione Digitale Italia, 09/2015

compositione digitale

Emotional Cello–Recensione

Video review in Italian Language

Flag, 07/2015, top product award


Best Service und Harmonic Subtones habe nicht zu viel versprochen: Emotional Cello schlägt ein neues Kapitel im Bereich der samplebasierten Streicher auf: Das Cello klingt warm, intim und voll. Die Methode des „Contextual Sampling“ wurde in akribischer Feinarbeit und mit viel musikalischem Einfühlungsvermögen umgesetzt und hat ein einzigartig lebendig klingendes Sample-Cello entstehen lassen.

Holger Obst

ganzer Emotional Cello Test bei

Flag DEspaceBuenasideas 07/2015

Buenasideas Logo


Emotional Cello ist ein äusserst ausgefeiltes und fortgeschrittenes Kontakt-Instrument, es glänzt mit einer sehr umfangreichen Anzahl an Artikulationen und Klangfarben. Ein „echtes“ Cello ist ein ausdrucksstarkes Instrument und Emotional Cello fängt davon auf beeindruckende Weise einen großen Teil ein. Natürlich ist auch Heute die Technik noch längst nicht so weit, einen echten Cellisten durch ein Programm zu ersetzen, aber Emotional Cello reizt die Grenzen dessen, was aktuell möglich ist sehr weit aus.Dabei klingt es meist sehr natürlich und die Zuordnung von aus Phrasen gewonnenen Samples an ihre korrekte Position in einer neuen, MIDI-getriggerten Phrase scheint sich gelohnt zu haben. 

Wenn eine Solo Cello Stimme gefragt ist führt eine geschicke Abwechslung per Keyswitches Dank dem großen Pool an unterschiedlichen Artikulationen zu sehr lebendigen und abwechslungsreichen Melodielinien. Hier nimmt Emotional Cello einen Spitzenplatz in seiner Kategorie ein.

Die Single Patches verdeutlichen, was für eine Fleißarbeit dieses virtuelle Cello darstellt und steuern einige aussergewöhnliche Spielweisen bei, die man in vergleichbaren Instrumenten nicht findet.

ganze Emotional Cello Testbericht mit vielen Videos auf Buenasideas

Flag ENspaceAudionewsroom, 07/2015


Overall, Emotional Cello has some seriously expressive mojo. The secret sauce is in the brilliant scripting that they use to command the thousands of meticulously recorded samples in a way that allows a keyboard to intuitively control a solo cello expressively. Before I even read the manual I was able to play satisfying lines through natural variations in dynamics, playing style (legato vs. non-legato) and mod wheel. Once I learned about the keyswitches and hidden features, I just took it to the next level.

Take time to experiment and learn the different styles. I learned about a number that I hadnt ever heard before. Im inspired to use this for scoring work, and I have the confidence that I could write a totally passably realistic cello part if I needed to.

Jesse Gay for audionewsroom

fulll EmoCello review at

Flag ENspaceThe Audio Spotlight, 06/2015

TAS Emotionla Cello

The Audio Spotlight


This is the best solo cello library I have had a chance to get my hands on and it will definitely stay in my main orchestral template for a long long time. The guys at Harmonic Subtones did a amazing job with this instrument.

Anže Rozman

Full Emotional Cello review at TAS

Flag, 06/2015 sehr gut


Die jahrelange Arbeit des Entwicklerteams von Harmonic Subtones hat sich gelohnt. Der Klang ist wirklich toll. Es ist die beste Cello Software, die ich bisher kennen gelernt habe. Trotz der vielen Artikulationen ist es gelungen, die Benutzeroberfläche einfach bedienbar zu halten. Einfach geil!

Martin Beurskens

Kompletter Testbericht für Emotional Cello bei

Flag ENspaceWhat composers say at VI-Control...

VI-Control logo

excerpt from  user comments

...The new benchmark for acoustic instrument sampling, as far as Im concerned, and the first solo string library that is truly deserving of the tag ‘professional. A sampled cello, in short, that I immediately want to write a little concerto for. Thats how inspiring it is. And its quality tells me it will work. ...

...Maybe the best sampled instrument I've ever heard, and if the ease of use is what it appears to be, the bar has just been raised in a dramatic way...

...Wow. Now that's what a cello should sound like....

...this is by far the most detailed sample library I've ever dealt with...

...What an amazing library!...

...It seems like it's finally what some of us were waiting for all of this time....

...This is hands down the most convincing solo string library every released!...

See the Emotional Cello thread at VI-Control




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The following reviews have been placed by customers who also bought this product from us. All reviews are provided through eKomi, Europes largest independent customer review company.

Language: englisch
5.0 of 5

It´s even better of what I thought. The best cello library I ever have played.

Language: englisch
5.0 of 5

excellent software, very good sound

Language: englisch
5.0 of 5

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requirements Requirements

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Kontakt poweredThe latest NI Kontakt Player is included in this product!
The minimum Kontakt Player version to use this library is specified in the product description.

Download latest free Kontakt Player Windows (~ 450MB)
Download latest free Kontakt Player Mac INTEL (~ 600MB)

You want more?
This library qualifies for the reduced Crossgrades of full KONTAKT at Native Instruments (€ 249 instead of 399)

Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit)
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)

Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10 oder 10.11 (latest update)
Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)

for all

  • 1GB free disc space for player installation
  • additional hard disc space according to the library size
  • internet connection for product activation required (on any computer)


  • Stand-Alone
  • VST
  • Audio Units
  • ASIO
  • CoreAudio
  • AAX Native (Pro Tools 10 or later)

Kontakt Player legacy downloads - please check compatibility with your libraries!

Kontakt Player 5 5.3.1 Win (WIN 7 or higher)
Kontakt Player 5 5.3.1 Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher)

Kontakt Player 5 5.1.0 Win (WIN XP or higher)
Kontakt Player 5 5.1.0 Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher)

Kontakt Player 5 5.0.3 Win (WIN XP or higher)
Kontakt Player 5 5.0.3 Mac (OS X 10.6)

Kontakt Player 4 4.2.2 Win (WIN XP or higher)
Kontakt Player 4 4.2.2 Mac  (OS X 10.5 / 10.6)

System FAQs
System FAQs - Emotional Cello

Q: Can I use the included Kontakt Player for playing other libraries in Kontakt format (.nki plus .wav files)?
A: No, they only work in a 15 minutes demo mode

Q: When trying to "Add Library" my Kontakt shows a message "No Library found"
A: Then this is not a protected Kontakt library, but an open Kontakt format. You can find additional hints for Kontakt Libraries in that Sounds & Gear Video

online activationProduct activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).





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