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Many products on our website are now rated by customers who bought the very same product from us. Find out now what people like and think!


After each purchase at Best Service you will receive an email from eKomi, Europe's biggest, independent rating company, inviting you to anonymously leave a review for your shopping experience and the products you bought. 

With your review you won't only help us to improve our service but you can also help other customers to find a trustworthy retailer and great products. We are looking forward to your review!



ERA II Limited Edition is sold out!

ERA II ltd sampler

But of course, the regular version of  ERA II Medieval Legends is still available!

ERA II banner


ERA II Limited Edition review at TAS

ERA II Medieval Legends is simply an Awesome library.


TAS awesome


ERA II Medieval Legends is full with content that will keep you busy for a long time. There are some sounds that I particularly could do without but I have to say that the sound quality of the whole library is simply staggering. The price is a bit steep but the content, quality and ease of use surely make up for it. ERA II Medieval Legends is simply an Awesome library.

Zdravko Djordjevic
The Audio Spotlight

Full ERA II ltd review at TAS


First Review for ERA II Limited Edition

SoundBytes logo


What has Tropical House got to do with ERA II?

ERA II ltd coverThis is a sample library containing sampled medieval instruments aimed mainly at media composers. But as many of you are not media producers, we will try and find out how ERA II could also be useful for producers of pop, dance EDM and rock, seeing as all cinema, advertising, game and other media producers will probably buy this library anyway. The reason is pretty simple: in the world of sample libraries Eduardo Tarilonte has a reputation. Hes the one who killed the spirit of sample pack competitions. In the sound library field, Eduardo is something of a legend, like Tomba was for ski sports, or Schumacher was for Formula 1… Why bother competing when you know who will win? While all other competitors put goggles on at the start of a race, he never takes them off. He wears the goggles all the time – obviously he is some sort of natural born winner.

OK, jokes aside, as soon as I had heard some demo clips of this library I knew this could be a real gem for my new Tropical House songs. Everybody talks about this upcoming genre and most producers jumping on this wagon use a standard set of sounds compiled from the few packs out there for this relatively new scene. But as far as I know, it still counts if your music sounds unique, no matter which genre you are in. This library could be your ticket to originality. A wild bunch of exotic flutes, one of the best atmospheric voices that can be found in the virtual world, and a huge number of bowed and plucked stringed instruments. At first glance it really looks like the perfect tool for all sorts of media compositions – after all, this is the main purpose of this library. But doesnt all this ring a bell? Flutes, voices, eternal strings? It is somehow destined to be used in Chill-Trop House, other indie pop genres, and especially ballads.

Aleksander Arsov

era II ltd banner

full ERA II ltd review at SounBytes Magazine




Musikmesse Impressions

A busy first day in Frankfurt!

Messestand 2015

Eduardo Tarilonte signing posters for ERA II

TArilonte signing posters

Best Service, meeeting point for Soundlibrary Developer

Best Service, meeeting point for Soundlibrary Developer

Jonathan Churchill, Jan Haak, Hinnerk Ha, Cinematique Instruments, George Strezov, Lukas Ruschitzka, Robin Birner, Lupo Greil, Eduardo Tarilonte, Alex Davis, Robert Leuthner und Chris Hein and more


Best Service at Musikmesse 2015

Musikmesse 2014

You will find Best Service in Hall 5.1. booth E57 from Wednesday April 14th until  Saturday 18th. 2015.

Beside the Best Service crew,  also some of our sample-library developers like Eduardo Tarilonte  & Chris Hein will be happy to answer your questions about their libraries at our booth


Musikmesse is the worlds most important meeting place for the musical sector. Here you will find a complete range of products with everything required for making music, not to mention innumerable workshops, concerts, product demonstrations and discussion events.

 Additional public visitor day:
Trade visitor days: 15.4. - 18.4. 2015 (9 a.m. - 6 p.m.)

Public visitor days: 17.4. - 18.4. 2015 (9 a.m. - 6 p.m.)



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No problem, we got your covered! From now on you can create your very own wish list in your user account. This is your place to keep track of all the things you wish to own some day in the future and yes, you can also move these products from your wish list to you shopping cart and vice versa.

If you allow us we will send you an e-mail notification as soon as a product on your wish list is part of a promotion.

Heart icon
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And since our webmaster was totally and completely "in the flow", he also reworked the shopping cart, making it faster, clearer, easier and also CHEAPER! But only if you make use of it within the next days.
Using the promo code   wish-list   upon checkout you will get a € 20 discount on each order worth more than € 100. Only three days, until March 27th midnight!



Studiobox III reviewed in Soundbytes Magazine

Sounbytes review Studiobox III

Full review for Studiobox III in Soundbytes Magazine


ProjectSAM "teases" an upcoming new library

ProjectSAM Swing teaser


Releastime testet Ultraverb

Product review in German language!



Das Online Magazin hat einen sehr detailreichen und tiefgründigen Testbericht für Eventides UltraReverb veröffentlicht.

Der Verfasser Holger Obst hat dabei gleich 2 Awards für das PlugIn vergeben:

Top product award

best value aeard

Fazit (Auszug)

Eventides UltraReverb ist ein Multi-Ambience-Generator der Extraklasse. Dafür sorgen nicht weniger als neun verschiedene Hallalgorithmen, die alle ein eigenes Klangspektrum aufweisen.

Die Palette reicht von kleinsten bis zu überdimensionalen Räumen, von Blechkisten bis zum extraterrestrischen Endlos-Hall, welcher dank Modulation in beständiger Transformation gehalten werden kann. Zahlreiche Presets setzen das enorme Leistungsspektrum dieses Ausnahme-Reverbs gekonnt in Szene. Die Audioqualität ist erlesen.

Mit drei interagierenden Reflexionsmodulen, nämlich Diffusion, Early Reflexions und Tail, variabler Raumgröße und einem zusätzlichen temposynchronen Delay, bleibt bei der Gestaltung der Raumakustik kein Wunsch offen. Vier Equalizer erlauben das Modellieren aller denkbaren Materialeigenschaften – vom Öltank über einen gut gedämmten Aufnahmeraum bis zum obligatorischen Dom oder einem verschlungenen Höhlenlabyrinth.

Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist hervorragend.

Holger Obst

kompletter, sehr ausführlicher Test für UltraReverb bei


New best service catalog 01/2015

Available now! Our latest printed Pocket-Guide 1/2015, giving you an overview on our most important products as well as the latest additions to the Best Service product range.

28 pages of pure inspiration!

Katalog 1/2015


The PDF version for instant download is available here.


Spectrasonics announces Omnisphere 2!

Omnisphere 2 header

Omnisphere 2.0 - Time to Make Some Noise!

After many years of development, we are thrilled to announce that Omnisphere 2 is coming in 2015. This is the first v2.0 of any Spectrasonics instrument and it's truly a gigantic one! Check out the new feature list and the video introduction by Spectrasonics Founder and Creative Director, Eric Persing.

Details and Video

Omnisphere 2 will be availabe April 30th 2015

Omnisphere Upgrade


Omnisphere 2 Upgrade

Standard Upgrade: $249
For all Omnisphere 1 customers

Grace Period Upgrade: FREE
For all customer which registered Omnisphere
from October 1st, 2014 thru May 2015


Upgrades (download license ~ 13GB) will be availabel April 30th and may be preordered already!


NAMM 2015-2

NAMM Pre Announcement

NAMM 2015 new products

At NAMM 2015, Best Service announces 5 new Libraries!

  • Voyager Drums
    Power-Drums by the maker of "Artist-Drums"
    release: Miod of February 2015
    preorder now with preorder discount
  • TITAN 2
    266 Synthesizers in one
    release: end of February 2015
  • Klanghaus 2
    Collection of unique instruments, Grooves and Loops
    release: Mid of February 2015
  • ERA II
    ERA II Huge Set of historical instruments
    release end of March 2015
  • Emotional Cello
    Virtual Cello for classic and cinematic use
    release: Mid of March 2015

NAMM 2015-1

NAMM Show 2015

Eduardo Tarilonte and Wolfgang Wanko are presenting new Best Service Products at BFA booth Nr. 6514


Shevannai wins Gold Award

MusicTechMag Gold Award for Shevannai

Congrats to Eduardo Tarilonte for the MusicTech Gold Award for Shevannai, the voice of elves!


Now how could we not fall in love with this? Shevannai was a talking point for us here in the MusicTech office, as was Eduardo Tarilontes other remarkably niche (but still awesome!) libraries. Read our interview with Eduardo here and the review of Shevannai here.



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eKomi, Europes largest independent provider of transaction-based customer reviews and ratings manages all reviews and publishes them anonymously on our website. General shop reviews are already online, product reviews will follow the next months. 


eKomi en

With your review you won't only help us to improve our service but you can also help other customers to find a trustworthy retailer and great products. We are looking forward to your review!


Cubase Pro 8 released


One year after releasing the point update, Cubase is back with major updates to version 8 boasting a vast range of studio-grade audio and MIDI tools for composing, recording, editing and mixing.

Cubase becomes Cubase Pro. The name change reflects the 25-year evolution of Steinbergs advanced music production system and spearheads the Cubase range of DAWs.

Both Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8 witness a massive engine rebuild, which lets you run more instruments and more tracks. ASIO-Guard 2 is the magic word, improving the audio processing performance for instrument tracks and channels. Automation enhancements are key to Cubase Pro 8, giving you VCA faders and virgin territories. Yes, and weve added render in-place to both versions for bouncing MIDI and audio parts in a really easy way. Chord pads, Chord Assistant modes and MIDI tempo detection are introduced to the creative feature set of both Pro and Artist, while the new Rack Zone provides a dedicated area for the MediaBay sound browser and VST Instrument Rack. The redesigned Track List and Inspector, the new plug-in manager, global workspaces plus improved windows handling on PCs make the lives of Cubase users that bit easier. Then theres the rejuvenated Quadrafuzz multiband distortion plug-in, the new Virtual Bass Amp, Multiband Expander, Multiband Envelope Shaper and many other effects. Groove Agent SE 4 now includes an acoustic drum kit, the Acoustic Agent, with 20 drum style patterns. The MixConsole has also witnessed feature additions and theres a new version of VST Connect for remote recording over the Web.


Vienna Symphonic Library - New Complimentary Discounts

Upgrade Discounts

Vienna Instruments give you a wealth of possibilities for upgrades and expansions. You may start with individual Special Edition Sections (Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion & More, Guitars & Keyboards), which when added together create the full Special Edition Volumes. You may also add Single Instruments at favorable upgrade prices, or upgrade to the large Vienna Instruments Collections and Bundles.

Complimentary Dsicounts

Complete Your Libraries at Complementary Discounts!

Whether you have several Single Instruments of a Collection, or several Collections of a Bundle, its easy and affordable to complete them!

Bundle prices have always been generously discounted from the total price of the included products. Now, if you have registered at least one Collection in a Bundle and wish to complete the Bundle, you can do so at the discounted rate. The price difference between the total price of all included individual products when purchased separately and the reduced bundle price will be now applied to your missing products when you complete your Bundle.

Please note that in order to take advantage of the new complementary discounts, you need to purchase the Bundle at the discounted price, not the individual Collections youre missing (or the Collection, not the individual Single Instruments).

Lets say you have registered the Standard Libraries of Brass I and Brass II and you wish to purchase the entire Brass Bundle Standard Library. Your bundle price is the already discounted price of the Bundle less the bundle-adjusted value of the two libraries you have registered. By purchasing the Brass Bundle Standard Library you get licenses of the Standard Libraries of Special Brass and Vienna Dimension Brass at tremendous complementary discounts!

The same principle also works for Collections that include separately available Single Instruments, the Vienna Special Editions and the Software Bundles, such as the MIRx Bundle, the MIR RoomPack Bundle, and the complete Vienna Software Package.


Best Service updates Cantus, Mystica and Altus.


Effective immediately, you can download an update for your Cantus or Mystica Library in your Native Instruments user account or directly in the Native Instrument Service Center. With this update we introduced compatibility between Cantus and Mystica, allowing you to exchange Phrase Arranger presets between both libraries. This update is greatly recommended for all Cantus and Mystica owners.


Altus 144

The Altus update which can also be found in your Native Instruments user account fixes a few cosmetic bugs and is not essential but still recommended.


New Chris Hein Winds videos available!

Don't miss this wonderful video-demo:

Amazing Earth Views by Alexander Gerst , featuring Chris Hein Winds!

CHW space video


Jojo WeberWith the first two "Wind Casts" we start the new video series by Jojo Weber for Chris Hein Winds.

The Wind Casts will give excellent information in a comfortable way for users and those who haven't decided yet.

More to follow ....




Also availble now in the video demo section are 9 "Talking Manuals" for CHW. If you do not like to read printed manuals, this is a great opportunity to make yourself familiar with the library very quickly.

Simply go to Chris Hein Winds and click the "video demos" button.


Apple OSX Yosemite 10.10 released

Yosemite header

Apple recently released the long awaited operating system OSX 10.10 "Yosemite". Since then many inquiries regarding compatibility with music and audio software have reached our support team.
In general we advise users of music production systems not to upgrade for a few months to avoid unforeseeable incompatibilities and unnecessary trouble. If your current configuration works fine with 10.9 or earlier there is no urgent need to upgrade to Yosemite.

If you do however feel the urgent need to jump on the latest OS bandwagon, it is a good idea to first check for compatibility informations on the suppliers websites, support forums or any other source you can find.

In this post we will provide the latest information regarding our distribution products available to us (All information refers to the latest available software version and is supplied without liability.)

Best Service ENGINE Libraries
We are happy to announce that our tests did not show any problems with installing, activating or using ENGINE under OSX 10.10
Have you experienced the opposite? Please let us know at

Native Instruments KONTAKT (Player) Libraries und KOMPLETE
Native Instruments has conducted compatibility tests with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite which have shown current NI Software Products to work without any specific issues under standard installations of this operating system.

Native Instruments Hardware
Hardware based products like MASCHINE, KOMPLETE KONTROL, TRAKTOR, GUITAR RIG, and Controller Editor will not launch when the AVID CoreAudioManager/Drivers are installed under 10.10 Yosemite. Native Instruments and Avid are working together to resolve this compatibility issue.

Please notice that all Synthogy Ivory products are not yet compatible with OS X 10.10.

Vienna Symphonic Library
All products are fully compatible when using the latest versions available from your VSL user account.

announces that all Waves Native plug-ins V9 as well as the Waves License Center are now fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite using the latest version.

All products are fully compatible. "Original" EZdrummer users should download the latest EZdrummer 1.4.0 update for Yosemite compatibility.

All products except "Stutter Edit" passed the 10.10 compatibility tests successfully. Testing is ongoing and updates will be made available asap. where necessary.

DAWs, Audio-Hosts
To find out about about your DAWs and hosts compatibility, like Cubase, Nuendo, Live, Studio One, Reason, Bitwig Studio, Tracktion etc., please visit the manufacturers web site for detailed information.

This post will continuously be updated as new information becomes available...



MusicLab now supporting AAX and VST3

MusicLab InstrumentsAll Real Instruments "RealGuitar 3", "RealStrat 3", and "RealLPC 3" may now be updated to 3.1. The free update contains all new features of the shortly released "RealRick" and the long awaited AAX support.

Real instruments version 3.1 are shipping now packed with new cool features!

  • 32/64bit AAX
  • 32/64bit VST3
  • 32/64bit AU

Find the free updates in your customer account.

Donwload the the latest 30 day trial version 3.1 here:

RealGuitar 3.1 Demo Mac (ca. 55MB)
RealGuitar 3.1 Demo Win (ca. 55MB)

RealStrat 3.1 Demo Mac (ca. 130MB)
RealStrat 3.1 Demo Win (ca. 130MB)

RealLPC 3.1 Demo Mac (ca. 130MB)
RealLPC 3.1 Demo Win (ca. 130MB)

RealRick 1.0 Demo Mac (ca. 400MB)
RealRick 1.0 Demo Win (ca. 400MB)


International Film Scoring Competition

In May 2014 VSL announced a one-of-a-kind scoring competition in cooperation with Hollywood Music Workshop. An international jury of renowned Hollywood composers and industry professionals has evaluated the entries and determined the best scores. Now were very pleased to announce the following winners:

VSL winner

1st place
Andreas Lucas, Germany
Cash prize of US$10,000


2nd place
David Solar, Czech Republic
Winner of Vienna Symphonic Library products worth US$4,000


3rd place
Joakim Unander, Sweden
Winner of a scholarship for the next Hollywood Music Workshop


In addition to the top three entries the panel was particularly impressed by the following 10 submissions:

  • Benedikt Brydern, USA
  • Israel Castro, Spanien
  • Dmitry Katkhanov, Russische Föderation
  • William Kersten, USA
  • Michael Oldham, USA
  • Kevin Penkin, Vereinigtes Königreich
  • Miklos Power, Ungarn
  • Alun Richards, Südfrika
  • Christoph Stock, Österreich
  • Emanuel Van Egghen, Belgien


Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

Hear the winning scores


Will all musicians become robots?


Finally we see the rise of the machines, and with it develops a certain fear that artificial intelligence (AI) will render humans useless.

"Is the world ready for the perceptional battle that AI in music poses?"

This question was posed at Bostons A3E Conference last month by a team member at Landr. Their company had received death threats from people in the mastering industry after having released a DIY instant online music mastering service powered by AI algorithms.

It illustrates the resistance that the world of AI has incited amongst us. Some fear that robots will take over à la Terminator 2. Some fear that the virtual and artificial will replace the visceral. Some cite religious views, and others? Frankly, others just seem ignorant.

That sets the tone for our own journey into artificial intelligence, and the lessons we have learned from it.

read more



Softube Console 1 for Windows

Finally—the Windows version of the Console 1 software is out!

Furthermore, Console 1 now offers automatic transfer of track name working in Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Ableton Live (on Mac). For Ableton Live, there is automatic transfer of track number, just like they have had for Cubase, Nuendo and Studio One for a while.

Console 1 users may download the updated software now.

Console 1 Windows

Softube Console 1 is the next generation audio mixer. Used together with any major DAW, Console 1 will not only give you the analog sound that Softube´s plug-ins are world famous for, but also the analog workflow of using physical knobs and buttons when you mix. Console 1 is all about great sound and intuitive, hands-on control.


Soundbytes Magazine review for Mystica

Sound Bytes Magazine Logo


Mystica is a sample library that incorporates a beautifully sounding womens choir into a user-friendly programmed library – our reviewer may be in love.

............After all we have a very realistic sounding womens choir in which all those different voices, vowels and syllables could be very easily applied to any arrangement almost without any further editing. At least, this is my personal opinion. Mystica proves to be one of the most useful voice libraries that I have ever reviewed, incorporating a beautifully sounding womens choir into a very user-friendly programmed library. So, this time the compliments not only goes only to Eduardo, who made all that possible, but to the ladies who did their job as only ladies can do – perfectly. They absolutely deserved to be named here: Rosa Plata, Verónica Plata, Ruth Over, Conchita Cortés, Estefa Alcántara, Solomia Antoniak, Maribel Rueda and Susana Casas.

Ten out of ten stars for this one – for the ladies and for Eduardo Tarilonte.

full Mystica review at SoundBytes Magazine


Sample Logic announces Cinematic Keys

Cinematic Keys header

CINEMATIC KEYS, an Unprecedented Collection

CINEMATIC KEYS™ is a complete collection of 850+ traditional and mutilated Instruments & Multis derived entirely from recordings of keyboard instruments. Weighing in at over 8GBs, CINEMATIC KEYS not only includes amazing, ready-to-play, psycho-acoustic sampled melodic and percussive instruments, but uses these instruments to enter into the morphed world of score-ready hybrid sound design. CINEMATIC KEYS is powered by Kontakt Player.

Available from September 8, 2014


There is something new!

We are continuously working on our web site to improve the usability and accessibility for you.
Right now we added two great new features, give them a try right now!

Related Products

For many virtual instruments you can now choose to display related products. This can help you find similar products and explore alternatives in a similar price range that you maybe haven't been thinking of until now. We assign the articles manually and decided not to have this done automatically to provide you a valuable assistance. 

Try it out right now.

Related Products


List- and Gallery View 

You might know it already from our products page, but now you can also change to display brands in list or gallery view. Certainly you can also sort them by alphabet or relevance.

List View

More to come...


2 Awards for Chris Hein!

review in German language only

releasetime top product & best value awardCH Chromatic Harmonica

Auszug: Fazit

Die Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica schließt in puncto Qualität und Austattung lückenlos an die Vorgängerprodukte an und verdient rundum nur Bestnoten. Die Audioqualität und die Präsenz dieser über vier Oktaven spielbaren, chromatischen Mundharmonica ist allen mir bekannten Mitbewerbern deutlich überlegen. Die Vielfalt an Spielweisen, die ausgefeilten Legato- und Vibrato-Optionen, die Gestaltungsoptionen der charakteristischen Einschwingphase durch Blow- und Attack-Spielweisen setzen neue Maßstäbe.

Trotz umfassenden Editiermöglichkeiten bleibt die Bedienung übersichtlich und leicht erlernbar. Wenn überhaupt nötig, hilft hier das deutschsprachige PDF-Handbuch. Obwohl es eine Reihe von voreingestellten Konfigurationen gibt, die über Key-Switches anwählbar sind, lohnt sich der Einstieg ins Editieren – hier geht es bis hin zum Klangdesign und experimentellen Verfremdungen. Diese Mundharmonica kann sowohl lieblich-bluesig gespielt werden als auch zu einem druckvollen, Blechbläsern ähnlichen Ensemble mutieren. Ein Instrument der Sonderklasse zu einem ausgesprochen günstigen Preis.

Holger Obst


  • Exzellente Audio-Qualität
  • Natürlicher, ausdrucksstarker Klang
  • Einzigartiger Reichtum an Spielweisen
  • Differenzierte Einstellungen für Vibrato und Legato
  • Dank übersichtlicher Architektur vergleichsweise einfache Bedienung
  • Preis


  • Ohne jeden Tadel

ganzer Test für CH Chromatic Harmonica bei


Propellerhead announces Reason 8 !

Reason 8 introductionReason is the music software made with one thing in mind: you. And whatever music is on your mind, Reason makes it easier to bring it out. Version 8 brings a faster and easier interface with a whole new look and an even smoother creative flow.

Drag and drop everything and everywhere. Find inspiring sounds instantly in the new, always open browser. Explore new amp and speaker models from Softube. Go faster from good ideas to great music than ever before. This is your Reason. This is Reason 8.

Reason users have always praised Reason for its inspiring workflow. More like a musical instrument than a spreadsheet, Reasons immediacy means less thinking about software and more happy experimentation with music and technology.

Version 8 further strengthens this aspect of Reason so you can work even faster than before and with even fewer obstacles to break your flow. The new browser is always there, with access to your full library of songs, sounds, samples and instruments all the time.

Drag and drop is now available throughout the Reason rack. Create instruments by dragging a synth patch to the sequencer, drag samples directly to pads in Kong or create effects by dragging effect patches to the rack.


Reason 8 and Reason Essentials 8 will be available from September 30th 2014. Prices will stay the same as for Reason 7.

There is a grace period for customers that have purchased Reason 7 (full version as well as upgrades, student/teacher- and EDU-versions) or Reason Essentials (Version 1, 1.5 or 2) or will purchase Reason 7 before Reason 8 will be available. These customers will get a FREE Upgrade from Propellerhead as download.


UEBERSCHALL The Voice review

The Voice banner

Oldy Goldy

It is a funny thing that you should spend some time finding these libraries on the Best Service site, the same as for Ueberschall, especially as they sound as they were recorded yesterday, and not so many years ago. I used a few of those samples in my newest EDM production and they made those songs even more up-to-date. Libraries from 2007 that can help you to sound like those fellows on Beatport during the upcoming summer of 2014.

Finding really good vocal phrases is not so easy, and it never was, so it is worthwhile to take a shovel in hand and dig deep around to find good ones. So, for €180 EUR or $245 USD (Best Service offers a 10% discount when you buy both libraries), you can get 600 different vocal phrases, 4800 samples, eating just 6 GB of your valuable disk space.

We are constantly bombarded with some up-to-date libraries that try to bring us some retro sounds, and I finally found two retro libraries that sound up-to-date. Very up-to-date. So if you are looking for some vocal lines, just dont sound like everyone else (using new vocal libraries that everyone uses). Instead, dig out of the dust something that everyone already forgot.

Aleksander Arsov


The Voice Vol 1

The Voice Vol 2

full "The Voice" review at SBM


Soundbytes Magazine review for Chris Hein Winds

SoundBytes banner

Chris Hein Winds Complete by

CHW bannerChris Hein did a new library. Even if it should happen that I would be in a prison or isolated on an island without any Internet connection, I could easily write an article about his product without even hearing any demo clips or without getting any additional information. Chris Hein, Eduardo Tarilonte, and UVI, three names in library world that you exactly know what you will get with their product: Authenticity, top recording quality and first-class programming. These are facts about this library that I can tell even before I install it. It is very playable on a basic level, but if your intention is to mimic a real player with all of the small details that come with real live performance, then you should roll up your sleeves and spend some additional time programming, changing various articulations through a big number of keyswitches (a very skilled keyboard player can do that on the fly), offering almost endless numbers of any possible articulation that you can imagine. That is the Chirs Hein standard.

And the reward? Send a finished track to any Wind player and he will reply to you: “Dear Alex, Im really glad that you finally decided to record a live player instead of constantly using those fake libraries that really annoyed me.“ This could be a joke, but it is not. It happens here and there that some skilled instrumentalist will ask me if I can use a real instrument instead of a sampled one in an arrangement that I prepared for them, and after I exchange one library for a better one, they become happy.

Full review at SoundBytes Magazine for Chris Hein Winds Complete


2000 facebook likes


It took us a few days but we finally reached milestone one:

2000 Facebook Likes!

Before we step up to the next task to achieve 20000 likes, we take a short break to congratulate the three winners which can pick one of these instruments each: Era Medieval Legends, Klanghaus, Synth-Werk or K-Size Engine Edition

facebook like and win


FREE Elastic Soundbank Summer 2014

Free Elastic Soundbank Summer 2014

Ueberschall starts the summer with a new free loop library, ready to be used in your production.

The demo package contains 678 MB of free sound material: 303 loops and samples taken from 16 different Ueberschall libraries.

8Bit Stylez, Ambient Noises, Brasil Nova Segundo, Chart Hits 2, Chillout Lounge, Deep House CS1, Disco House, Dubtechno, Electro House 2, Future Garage, Neurofunk, Sounds of Berlin, Trap, Uplifting Trance, Vocal House, Wonky Toys

You can download the free soundbank and Elastik Player here:

Download Elastik Mac
Download Elastik Win
Download Free Elastik Soundbank 2014


Heavyocity Interview

Best Service LogoHeavyocity Logo

Interview by Dan Corches (Best Service) with Heavyocity         

Tell us a little bit about you & Heavyocity

Heavyocity Media was born without us really knowing it. We had been working as composers and sound designers on various commercial projects and had amassed a large collection of custom sounds we found ourselves using on a regular basis in our music. In a way, our first instrument Evolve did exactly that - it “evolved” from our work without us really knowing it. Once we made the decision to throw our hat in the virtual instrument ring the rest was history.

Evolve has been very successful at its time, being one of the most used groove-based (cinematic) instruments, followed by the epic instruments Damage and Aeon, which both feature the basic idea & “soul” of Evolve. How was the idea behind these products born and who or what inspired and motivated you?

You strike a good point about the nature of Damage and Aeon containing the “soul” of Evolve. The success of Evolve convinced us to expand upon the hybrid type of sound that we focused on in it. We were also intent on creating more elaborate interfaces that would allow users to radically manipulate the sounds of the instruments. Rather than biting off more than we could chew in a single instrument, we decided to develop 2 separate instruments (Damage and Aeon) with interface controls to compliment the style of each instrument. Aeon and Damage were very much team efforts!

How does one start making sample(/patch)-libraries?

It all depends on how complex you want to make it. In general there are 3 things that need to happen to develop a virtual instrument/sample library: First, you must have a vision of what you want to create. Second, you need to capture the sounds needed to fulfill your vision. Finally, you need a way to present these sounds to users in an intuitive way. Each of these components of development are crucial to making a successful library. From the outside it might look easy, but we can tell you first-hand there is a great deal more that goes into completing a high quality virtual instrument than you can imagine.  We always try to stick with our core mantra for each instrument we develop - At the root of a product, it needs to sound good and be intuitive.

How long does it take to produce a library?

This really depends on the type of library were making. The process can take anywhere from 2 months to 2 years. Its a huge spread and many factors determine the final production cycle. For instance, an instrument with multiple round-robin samples requires a longer source capturing and editing phase. Loop content and the complexity of the engine are also important elements that dramatically affect the production schedule.

Can you give us a little insight on the creative process of your company?

Since we are all composers/sound designers the seed of every project starts with us assessing the current marketplace and then injecting our vision of where we see music heading in the next 2-5 years. Much of our time is dedicated to pre-production and prototyping. A lot of the material in our instruments is inspired from work weve done on major film trailers or derivative versions of that material - which ensures that it is industry-relevant.

Lets talk about your latest virtual instrument, DM-307.
When the first trailer was released, I had to look twice to believe that it was a Heavyocity instrument! You are known for your “epic” and very cinematic sound-design, while DM-307 features an awesome range of sounds, instantly usable for any kind of music – whats the story behind this great instrument?

DM-307 is definitely a bit of a departure from the hybrid cinematic side of what were known for delivering. Well never stray too far from the dramatic side of sound, but we wanted to do something different. We liken DM-307 as a relative to Damage in that it has serious attitude, yet its sounds and feature set are geared for more mainstream musical styles.  In development, we wanted something that was part modern drum machine (the “Grid” which allowing people to build beats from the ground up) and part loop based player (with the “Loop Mutator” for quick inspiration and rhythmic bed building). This combination of workflow styles had never been introduced in a single instrument, and has since been met with overwhelming approval from DM-307 users.

Timestretching is playing a big role in many of todays VIs – whats your opinion about it?

As timestretching (and compressing for that matter) generally pertains to looped material in virtual instruments, its impossible not to be a fan, simply from the workflow perspective. Being able to work at different tempos without slowing down the creative process by re-tuning loops to match the beat (the old days of loops!) is more of the norm than an exception these days. In addition, thinking about it from a more creative point of view, time stretching can create really unique timbre with otherwise conventional sound sources. For more percussive loops, we tend to lean more toward Beat slicing, rather than time stretching.  The algorithms in time stretching are great, but there is still a bit left to be desired with transients and punch when a percussive sound is stretched.

How much does the evolution of technology affect the music industry?

It has changed just about every single aspect of the music industry, from how its created to how its consumed. Theres a bit of a dual edged sword about the way technology has accelerated; before DAWs and auto tune, musicians had to perform their parts in the way that the music was intended. On the other hand, composers today have the means to have a fairly convincing, full orchestra at their disposal, allowing the writer to perform all of the parts the way he/she intends.  Technology has given people the opportunity to create music without bounds.  

What was the most weirdest or funniest moment you have experienced on a project?

Funny moments most often occur during the recording sessions for our instruments. At a certain point, the long, tedious hours of capturing leads to unscripted “outtakes”. We have quite a few that are really hilarious, whether grunts or expletives after a bad take, or natural bodily noises that sometimes happen. Perhaps someday well release a free sample pack of these moments of comic relief that keep the our recording sessions a bit lighter and relaxed.

Music is changing every day - do you "go with the flow", or do you hold on to old values?

Our goal is always to provide our customers with the very best content possible at the time of release plus a few years time. Since our inception we have always had a keen grasp on the “Heavyocity” sound and try to stay true to it on each product all while pushing ourselves by listening to new music daily. This keeps our product line unique and forward-thinking.

We're working in an very competitive & multi-faceted industry - what would you say makes you stand out from your competitors?

Real-world application is what we believe sets Heavyocity apart. Since our instruments are all born from our need as composers/sound designers for new tools we can confidently say that what we release is of the highest quality and on the bleeding-edge. Of course, as creative people we are our worst critics and are obsessed with delivering only the very best with each release. We try to translate that love for our craft as clearly as possible and believe our customers experience it via inspiration through the instruments. Also, we actually use all of our instruments in our productions on a regularly basis.

Which of your products are you currently most proud of?

Not to sound silly, but we tend to think of our instruments as children, and are equally proud of all of them, but for different reasons. If hard pressed to pick a few standouts from the group, Evolve and Damage would get the nod - Evolve simply because it was the product that started it all for us. It established an aggressive, signature sound that seemed to integrate really well with many styles of music. With Damage we took our vision of high quality, epic percussion and drums to an entirely new level both in how we captured and manipulated the source material, and how we designed the feature-rich interface to new and exciting ways for users to individualize the sound of the instrument to their taste. It goes without saying that were very proud of our latest release,  DM-307, for a few reasons. First, it was our most complex use of the Kontakt engine to date. We took full advantage of every feature Kontakt provides and then some. By the end of development Kontakt was bursting at the seams! We even went as far as introducing Multis from the biggest up-and-coming artists in the techno, tech house, and house genres of today. Second, we went to great lengths to prototype several production pipeline approaches for users. We wanted to provide multiple pathways to achieving great results for the various ways users write their music. Playable kits, sequenced patterns, mutatable loops, and fully-customizable artist multis all contributed to the end result. It really was a massive effort on all fronts and we are very proud of what we accomplished.

What are your plans for the future?

We have some really big things planned for the future. Music and technology is changing at such unprecedented rates and we want to be at the forefront of it all. Rest assured were just getting started! ;)



Toontrack Midi Packs


Toontrack 40 MIDI Packs

 A great groove is the heartbeat of your song. From extreme metal, jazz and americana to blues, pop and rock – the MIDI Line offers pro-played drum MIDI for any songwriting need. 40 different packs available now!

All MMPs are optimized for Toontrack EZdrummer and Superior Drummer, but can be used also with virtual drumsets of third party suppliers

Find details here



Eventide Ultra Channel Free Download!

We want you to find out yourself that Eventide is offering high class plug-ins! So now you have the chance to download the EVENTIDE ULTRA CHANNEL for free through midnight July 8, 2014! After this promo period the Ultra Channel will be available for $ 249.-

Eventide Ultra Channel Screen Free

UltraChannel™ is Eventide's new 64-bit native channel strip plug-in for AU, VST, and AAX64 for Mac and PC featuring micro pitch functionality from our flagship H8000, stereo delays with variable feedback paths, plus two stages of compression, gating, and five bands of parametric EQ. 

Here is your download link: and this is your Access Code 0CB1AF6A


Liquid Notes releases version 1.5.3

Liquid Notes 1.5.3 includes mainly not too obvious changes that give you a more stable
environment to create outstanding music. We've included a number of improvements that make
working with Liquid Notes a much better experience for you:

  • MIDI files can now be dragged out of Liquid Notes, dropped onto other programs, or saved to the file manager for a more comfortable workflow.
  • The window Settings now features a link "Learn more" in the bottom left corner. Click on it to find information on each of the settings listed for the tab/window open.
  • The MIDI Clock Sync feature is now turned "off" by default, and some bugs related to it have been fixed.
  • Empty MIDI files will now report the error message "Invalid MIDI", telling the user to check the MIDI file.
  • The selector for the target scale of LN Live has been moved from the bottom right of the main window to Settings. In its place, the current scale is shown at all times now.
  • We included some libraries with relevance for the Java RunTime installation on your system to operate correctly. This ensures that Java is installed correctly and that no components are missing.

There are more little bits and pieces that we corrected along the way. More updates are to follow soon.


Toontrack Interview

Best Service LogoToontrack Logo

Interview Dan Corches (Best Service) and Norman Garschke (Toontrack)

Would you please introduce yourself and your work for Toontrack? (Tell us a little bit more about you and your work)

My name is Norman Garschke, I'm a member of the Toontrack team since 2009 and I'm working for Toontrack in Germany. As a territory manager for the three German speaking countries Germany, Switzerland and Austria I'm practically dealing with everything that needs to be done over here. All of this is of course mostly connected to the direct distribution of our products in these countries: so I'm responsible for product sales, the close contact and communication to dealers, managing and processing their orders, taking care of invoicing and shipment etc. Further I co-ordinate create the marketing for our products on the German market, handle support issues that reach me through our dealer network and teach/explain how to use our products in workshops/studios, trade shows etc.. Just like every other member of the Toontrack team I have a strong musical background: I studied Drums, Piano and Arranging at the Conservatories Hilversum and Amsterdam where I finished with a master in Jazz performance before I gradually started working more and more in various professional recording studios as an engineer, producer and songwriter. Everybody at Toontrack is a musician and most of us are still playing in various projects and bands. I think this fact is the perfect foundation for inventing and designing products that really meet the needs of musicians out there and it definitely is one main reason for the success of our products.  

What is the story behind Toontrack?

The Toontrack success story actually starts back in the year 1999 in Umeå (north Sweden) with a group of friends that obviously shared the same passion for making and writing music – a story just like in a good movie. By that time they had been working together on writing soundtracks for various PC games but actually could never find the drum sounds they were looking for their productions. So they simply started to think about the idea of creating them themselves and finally did that with some other good friends from Umeå who happened to be in a new Metal band called "Meshuggah". The original legendary DFH (Drumkit From Hell) was recorded, actually mainly for their own production needs… and it didn't take long that this first-of-its-kind drum-library and Drum VI spread over the worldwide music community and from then on set the standard, inspiration and blueprint for all virtual drum samplers to follow. In 2006 that same group of songwriters turned their attention to changing the way people used software to write music when they created a drum software rebellion called EZdrummer. With this product they wanted to provide all of the complexity and detail captured by the recording process in a studio but streamlined down to the most efficient and effective workflow. And most importantly they wanted people to be able to make music and not to learn to use software. The idea behind the "EZ concept" (EZ = easy) is to provide musicians with very easy-to-use and efficient instruments and tools that let them realize great sounding results very quickly and without having to tweak too much so that one can stay close to the music so that one doesn't lose the initial inspiration. This idea is the conceptual foundation for all EZ product-lines such as EZkeys-Line, EZmix2-Line and of course the newly released EZdrummer 2. 

The EZ-Lines (EZdrummer, EZ Keys & EZ Mix) have been very successful over the last years and used by musicians from all around the world. How did EZ come to life and do you have an idea what the secret behind the great success might be?

The "EZ idea" was born because we felt it being very important to create instruments and musical tools that could be used very intuitively and without a steep learning curve but at the same time would provide great sounds and professional sounding results. Songwriting and working on music in general is a very creative and inspirational process and we believe that it's very important to be able to realize the musical ideas quickly and without the barriers of having to tweak too many parameters or having to operate a complex computer program. We all know what happens when we have a great musical idea that we want to record and use as a basis for our song idea but simply get lost in all the endless possibilities of tweaking parameters and effect etc. - we usually not only lose our initial musical idea, we also lose our initial motivation to sit down and play some music. Getting great sounding results quickly is crucial to stay inspired and "in the music". This is the basic underlying approach of all our EZ products and at the same time the secret to their success: they are very easy-to-use, provide and/or come with great sounds recorded in some of the best studios in the world by highly awarded engineers and producers, they give the user extensive collections of professionally played MIDI in different genres and styles that can be used to create own song ideas and last but not least the user can always expand his arsenal of sounds and MIDI with many additional expansion packs.

When EZdrummer was announced back in 2006 – everybody was very excited about a virtual drum plug-in recorded by GRAMMY-winning engineers in world-class studios – all at a truly affordable price! How hard was it to convince engineers and musicians to participate in this project?

This actually wasn't difficult at all since especially Pat Thrall but also Neil Dorfsman (the two Grammy Award winning producers/engineers that recorded the original EZdrummer library together with Toontrack Head of Sounddesign and sound-wizard Mattias Eklund and Toontrack Head of Content department and mastermind Henrik Kjellberg) had already been very dedicated Superior Drummer users before and loved the sound quality and sonic possibilities of the original Superior Drummer. By that time Pat Thrall had been working a lot in the renowned Avatar Studios in New York (formerly known as The Power Station) which he called his creative and professional home. Neil and Pat introduced the highly in-demand studio drummer Nir Z to the team and also Nir immediately had been infected and completely dedicated to the idea behind EZdrummer. Since the overwhelming success of EZdrummer since its release in 2006 it's become very easy to get engineers/producers excited to collaborate for new EZX or SDX recordings since all these great artists of their craft are most of the times EZdrummer users themselves and are more than looking forward to participating in another special Toontrack recording. 

EZdrummer 2 is your new „baby“, bringing exciting new features and big time-savers to the user – how much feedback and ideas from artists & users made it into EZdrummer 2?

Well, in the very first process of gathering ideas for EZdrummer 2 there had been an overwhelming wealth of ideas on the table. Since we're all musicians and songwriters ourselves at Toontrack, our own wishlist of features had been extremely long and the features themselves had also been quite complex. But of course we had to remind ourselves very soon in that process that this product should still be "EZdrummer 2" with all the already mentioned benefits and characteristics of an EZ product. So we finally reduced the feature set down to the very core idea of the already explained EZ songwriting concept - easy-to-use, fast and great sounding results, intuitive and self-explaining workflow, no distraction from the original musical idea. Through the last 8 years we had gathered and collected many requests of our EZdrummer users and also this wishlist had been very long with a lot of very far going suggestions. In the end many of the user requests have made it into the final EZdrummer 2 product, actually all that met the EZ criteria. Mixing and matching instruments from different installed EZX libraries, better and quicker search functionality and the ability to easily add a crash on the one of a groove are just a few examples of those user requests. But also the ideas for the Song Creator, Edit Play Style and the use of effects had been inspired by many ideas from our users and artists that used EZdrummer on an everyday basis for their songwriting. We are very open for all feedback we can get from our users and always try to incorporate as much of their suggested functionality in our products if they fit our conceptual design of an instrument or tool.

What was the weirdest or funniest moment you experienced working on a project?

Oh, in the long development process of such an important product you experience a lot of weird or funny moments. It's hard to pick one, but a moment that blew us all away and that we never would have expected like this was when we first heard the sound of EZdrummer 2 in the British Grove Studios in London again in direct comparison with the original drums that were used for the recording some years ago. We did this comparison during an exclusive press-event where we introduced EZdrummer 2 and Chuck Ainlay who had recorded the EZdrummer 2 libraries in that studios had reconstructed the original recording sessions from his recall sheets and photos of microphone placements etc. Everything was set up exactly the way it was when we recorded the libraries, the console, the outboard, the mics in the room, the same drums, same cymbals, and the same drummer. Then the idea was to have a blindfold A/B test for the press people so that they could guess what signal the original drummer was playing live in the recording room and what was EZdrummer 2 playing. The funny thing was that it was so extremely close that actually neither the press nor we could tell for sure…by then we definitely knew that we had a winner ;-).

Music is changing every day – do you adopt new trends or stick to your trade?

That's a true fact and we watch the most recent developments very closely, again mostly because we're also musicians and songwriters ourselves and are so to speak part of the changes as users and consumers. I would say that we don't just blindly jump on every development that occurs but we definitely pay very close attention to everything that we think will be important to consider and create our own adoptions and solutions. We definitely have a mid-term or long-term strategy and idea of where we would like to see our products and instruments develop and we stick to these ideas as much as we can, the EZ concept of some product-lines is again a very good example for this. But at the same time we try to always be very open for new interesting and exciting influences and let ourselves get influenced when we think it helps us in creating even better solutions and tools for our customers.

How much does the evolution of technology affect the music industry?

I think it's more than plain to see that it does affect the music industry a lot. If we just take a look at how children and young adults consume their music today, if we look at the development of mp3 as a format in general, if we look at the impact of social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Spotify etc. then the effect of the evolution of technology is more than obvious. And the same principle goes true for music production as well of course. The digital revolution with all its great possibilities of music production in a virtual and computer-based environment has shaped and changed every single process in the writing, recording, producing, mixing, mastering and publishing of music. But at the same time, and this may sound like a paradox, the very fundamental basic principles of creating music haven't changed that much at all. Still you need to have a great musical idea to write a song, you still need a certain musical sensitivity and sonic confidence to know "where you want to go" and how your song idea should sound. You still need some very basic musical skills and most importantly a creative inspiration to create something from nothing…even more with all those endless possibilities of the virtual production environment at hand. This is where we see the need for the products of our EZ product-lines, giving the musician instruments and tools that support him in this exciting task.

Since 1983, MIDI is still one of the most important „ingredients” to music production. What is your opinion about MIDI being the “never-dying dinosaur” in music production?

MIDI was, still is and will be the unrivaled standard for the communication between various digital/virtual instruments and devices in a studio environment, at least as far as we know now. Although we see some interesting and exciting developments when we look at transmitting MIDI data via IP-networks or especially the mLan standard, MIDI as such will definitely still play a prominent role as a standard protocol for quite a few years.

Which of your products are you currently most proud of?

Of course our just released brand-new EZdrummer 2, this definitely is our "baby" and we're very proud of it and what we've achieved here to create a product for our users that makes writing songs and producing professional drumtracks so much easier, even compared to the already very easy-to-use original EZdrummer. But also our multi-effect mixing tool EZmix 2 and its many different expansion packs is a product we're very proud of because we think it's a perfect combination of exceptional great sounds and a more than self explanatory ease-of-use – a true EZ product-line!

What are your plans for the future?

Oh, we have so many ideas for the future; it would be not hard at all to present a list that fills many pages ;-). But to be honest we're still a fairly small team of about 22 people working mostly in our office in Sweden but also in the US, UK and Germany, so actually the team's resources pretty much determine which product ideas we will pick up next. Of course, now that EZdrummer 2 is released everybody is expecting a new version of Superior Drummer as well soon and we're definitely working in that direction. But we also will continuously work on, develop and expand our other EZ product-lines with new instruments and innovative ideas. We feel that we're just beginning to explore all the possible ideas we have with the EZ products and there's so much we want to realize to make the process of writing and producing music even much more intuitive and easy for our users. We all feel very grateful, privileged and humbled to have the chance to do that – because this is what we love to do!


Thank your for this interview!





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