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Seminarreihe "Orchestrierung mit Cubase"

Music Media Seminars

Orchestrierung mit Cubase

– Arbeiten mit aktuellen Orchester Libraries –

Referent: Musikproduzent und Dozent Wolfgang Benke und Wolfgang Küllenberg

Ab Mitte Mai 2014 startet music-seminars, autorisiertes Steinberg Training Center, zu einer thematisch neuen Seminar Tour durch Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Themenbeispiele aus dem praxisorientierten Kurs: Die Sounds der HALion Symphonic Orchestra Library, Sounddesign mit HALion 5 (z. B. Für Filmmusik und Werbung), VST-Expressions in Cubase und Nuendo – eine innovative Idee und Arbeitserleichterung, Erstellen einer geeigneten Vorlage für Orchester und verschiedene kleinere Besetzungen in Cubase. Wir würden uns freuen, Sie bei einem der Seminare begrüßen zu dürfen.

14. Mai 14 - Hamburg Mi, 17.00-22.00 h
15. Mai 14 - Hannover Do, 17.00-22.00 h
17. Mai 14 - Köln/Brühl Sa, 10.00-16.00 h
18. Mai 14 - Frankfurt am Main So, 10.00-16.00 h
19. Mai 14 - Stuttgart Mo, 17.00-22.00 h 
20. Mai 14 – Zürich Di, 17.00-22.00 h  
21. Mai 14 – München Mi, 17.00-22.00 h
22. Mai 14 – Wien Do, 17.00-22.00 h
24. Mai 14 - Berlin Sa, 10.00-16.00 h

Sie können sich ab sofort anmelden unter: www.music-seminars.de


Addictive Drums 2

coming soon: addicitive drums 2

Within the next days,  XLN Audio will present  Addicitive Drums 2.

The release is planned for May 13. More details coming soon.

Custumers who have bought Addictive Drums 1 from March 1st 2014 will automatically get a free upgrade for version 2 as soon as it is released


6 (!) Awards for Eduardo Tarilonte

Congrats "Tari"!

  • Sample developer of the year: Eduardo Tarilonte
  • Sample library of the year: Cantus (Eduardo Tarilonte)
  • The most innovative sample developer: Eduardo Tarilonte
  • Best bang for the buck: Eduardo Tarilonte
  • Best user interface: Eduardo Tarilonte
  • Best Solo instrument library: Shevannai (Eduardo Tarilonte)

TAS awards 2014


VSL MIRx can now be integrated in Vienna Instruments

Last year, the Vienna team released the MIRx Convolution Reverb Extensions, providing an easy and affordable way to experience the power of their innovative Vienna MIR PRO mixing solution directly in Vienna Instruments PRO.
Now, theyve gone one step further and updated the free Vienna Instruments player to run the MIRx Extensions as well!

To mark the occasion, weve created this special offer only in April 2014!

VSL MIRx now in Vienna Instruments

The MIRx Reverb Mixing Extensions integrate the stunning acoustics of splendid concert halls and sound stages directly into the Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments PRO players. Based on Viennas revolutionary MIR (Multi Impulse Response) convolution technology, MIRx provides the same sonic quality as their highly acclaimed Vienna MIR PRO and its RoomPacks.

Each MIRx venue comes with hundreds of instrument profiles and placements that guarantee a perfectly balanced orchestral sound every time. You may choose your venue from three MIRx Reverb Mixing Extensions:


New Audio Player on our Website

You asked for it and we did it! We updated our Audio Player to suit your expectations even better.

  1. On the detailed product page the player will no longer cover text and pictures. You can now listen to the audio demos while you read through the product details and descriptions.

    audio player product page
  2. the products list or gallery view allows you to start and stop audio demos for every product on this page with a simple click on the speaker symbol. 

    audio player product list
  3. the audio quality has also been improved

We are looking forward to your feedback!



Toontrack announces EZDRUMMER 2

Toontrack changes the game

On May 6, 2014, EZdrummer will no longer be available for purchase. It will be replaced by EZDRUMMER 2.

EZdrummer owner?EZDRUMMER 2 is a completely new program including a host of groundbreaking songwriting tools, new drum and percussion sounds, a much improved audio engine and much, much more.

If you purchase EZdrummer now you will automatically receive a free upgrade to EZDRUMMER 2 (available on release). This offer expires on May 6 2014.

All audio and MIDI content from the currently available version of EZdrummer will be converted into a regular EZX expansion (available May 6, 2014). This as well as all other available EZX expansions will be modernized with new graphics and effect chain presets optimized for EZDRUMMER 2 (available May 6, 2014)

Save big: Customers who act now and have the Upgrade to EZDRUMMER 2 included in their copy of the original EZdrummer also benefit from the extensive core content of the original EZdrummer:

  • the core Pop/Rock sound-library
  • the core Cocktail Kit sound-library
  • the huge core MIDI-library (over 8000 MIDI grooves and fill-ins)

These three libraries will only be available as new additional purchased products (EZXs and MIDI-pack) after the release of EZDRUMMER 2 on May 6. This means that customers who purchase the original EZdrummer now will own and keep all three libraries also after the EZDRUMMER 2 release – a smart way to get 2 sound-libraries and 1 midi-library for free


ProjectSAM 2014 User Demo Contest

ProjectSAM Contest 2014

Get your music heard and win one of the great prizes, including a chance to win the complete Symphobia series!

  • 1st Prize: The complete Symphobia Series: Symphobia 1, 2 and 3, worth €2249 / $2949!
  •  2nd Prize: Symphobia 3: Lumina (or Symphobia volume of choice)
  •  3rd Prize: Symphobia Colours Pack
  •  Exposure! During the contest, we will periodically post contending tracks on our social media pages

= Contest Entry (all tracks submitted after March 11th)

Want to add your ProjectSAM tracks to the demo community?
Log in at ProjectSAM



Orchestral Essentials Update 1.1 available now!

ProjectSAM is excited to release a major free update to Orchestral Essentials. Orchestral Essentials 1.1 adds 2.5 GB (1.2 GB in Kontakt's compressed NCW format!) of new content for all registered Orchestral Essentials users.

Orchestral Essentials 1.1. Video


  • Celli + Basses real legato in octaves (stage mic, 2 layers)
  • Full Choir Aahs (stage mic, 2 layers)
  • Brass Staccato Mutes (stage mic)
  • Flute and Piccolo Octave Runs (close mic, major/mior, up/down)
  • New World Percussion drums kit (previously unreleased percussion samples!)
  • Tubular Bells (close mic)
  • 8 New Multis
  • New Full Orchestra instrument
  • Various programming fixes
  • Graphical interface tweaks

AttentionIMPORTANT: This update requires version 5.3 of Kontakt or Kontakt Player! You cannot load Orchestral Essentials 1.1 in earlier versions of Kontakt.

To download this free update, visit your ProjectSAM account to verify that your copy of Orchestral Essentials is registered. If it is, then you will find the update package waiting for you in the latest version of the ProjectSAM Downloader (Mac | Win).


Michael Cretu endorses CANTUS!

Michael Cretu endorses CAntus


MICHAEL CRETU, One of the worlds famous composers and producers, number one in 24 countries with his ENIGMA project, 17 platinum, 25 gold records and more than 100 million sold records about Cantus:



"For me Cantus is the best Plug-In for Gregorian Choirs ever. The recording quality is superb! I certainly will use Cantus in one of my future productions."

Eduardo Tarilonte

Eduardo Tarilonte:
I am speechless...Michael Cretu has been, and still is, an amazing inspiration for a lot of us. I grew up dreaming of his music, and of course, Cantus, in some way is a tribute to Enigma.


Sample Developer Awards 2014

Sample Developer Awards 2014

This year The Audio Spotlight  was expanding the Sample developer Awards sections. There are 8 main categories and 6 sub categories. If your favourite developer isn`t on the list, you can add it yourself and it will count as a vote. Once added you will no longer be able to vote. Vote for your favourite. Sample developer Awards will end on April 3rd.

Main Categories:

  1. Sample library of the year

  2. Sample developer of the year

  3. SFX library of the year – NEW

  4. SFX developer of the year – NEW

  5. The most innovative sample developer

  6.  Best upcoming sample developer

  7.  Best user interface

  8.  Best customer support

  9.  Best bang for the buck

Sub categories:

  1.  Best String library – NEW

  2.  Best Brass library – NEW

  3.  Best Woodwinds library – NEW

  4.  Best Drums and Percussion library – NEW

  5.  Best Hybrid library – NEW

  6.  Best Solo instrument library- NEW


VOTE HERE for the Audio SpotlightSample Developer Award 2014


First review for CANTUS Gregorian Chants

TAS 5 starsCantus cover


Price/Value: Cantus will set you back for around 200 Euros and frankly this isnt that much when you consider the value you are getting. Perhaps I forgot to mention that Cantus will work with the free version of Kontakt (Kontakt player) and that for the same price you can get either boxed or download version of the library.

Conclusion:Cantus offers a lot of enjoyment and for the price it brings true Gregorian monks to your studio. The sound is amazing and there are a couple of flaws but all in all this a magnificent library.

full review Cantus Audio Spotlight


First reviews for Poetic Guitars II


Sound Bytes Magazine



The whole library offers a great number of controllers, for my taste even too many, but if you take some extra time, you could easily get some realistic results. Just dont try to overdo it. Poetic Guitar II has its drawbacks, but at the same time it offers a few such almost unmissable additions to your arrangement that it is worth every penny you pay for it, especially if you are not a guitar player. So far, no matter how much I complained at the beginning, it is one of the best libraries for arpeggiated guitar intros or backgrounds, and the same for strumming chords, that can be heard in many choruses in numerous Top-40 songs.

full review


Amazona 2 Stars


Mit Poetic Guitars 2 bringt der deutsche Sample Spezialist Best Service eine Neuauflage des ersten poetischen virtuellen Gitarristen auf den Markt. Die Weiterentwicklung hat sich auf alle Fälle gelohnt und ist für registrierte Besitzer von PG 1 sogar kostenlos. Insgesamt drei unterschiedliche Gitarren hat man nach Kauf von PG 2 unter seinen Fingern liegen und dank der sehr detaillierten Programmiermöglichkeit klingt PG 2 erstaunlich gut. Egal ob vorgefertigte Strummings, selbst kreierte Rhythmen oder solistische Einlagen, PG 2 beherrscht das alles nach entsprechender Programmierung mit sehr großer Authentizität. Für alle Nicht-Gitarristen eine sehr gute Möglichkeit, Gitarren in bestehende oder neue Produktionen mit einzubauen. Der Preis von 149,- Euro geht dabei vollkommen in Ordnung.

ganzer Test


First Reviews for Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica

Sound Bytes

Review Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica


Time to say goScreenodnight

So, if you are in the music business, making cinematic music in search of some old-fashion memorable melodies, then this is definitely the right thing for you. You cant get better virtual chromatic harmonica than this library. If you want to hear dirty licks, then you should hire a real player, but for everything else, you will get your boxed player for the price of an average virtual synth. You cant miss with Chris Heins libraries; the only question is: Do you need a chromatic harmonica? If you do, then this is the real solution. Ive tried to play a real one, after all a good friend of mine is one of the most cherished harmonica players in Slovenia, but I would rather stick with this one. So dont stare too much in all those controllers, buttons and menus; they are there just to frighten you. It is much easier to get solid results than it looks. Just put your hands on the keyboard and blow.

full review



ASK Audio


...Chris has given us an instrument that is simply a joy to play. ...

...I have never found a sample library that even scratched the surface of what a chromatic harmonica is capable of in the hands of a great player, like LAs treasured musician, Tommy Morgan. Until now!...

This is one of those rare examples of a library that really has no competition and that many of us have wanted for a long time. If you do not play chromatic harmonica and you do not live in LA, or you do but cannot afford Tommy Morgan, then this is a library for you.

full review


Vienna Dimension Strings - Violas now available!

Don't miss the early bird offer!

VSL Dimension Strings Banner

As the Vienna team has just put the finishing touches on Dimension Strings Violins, Violas & Cellos, they cant wait to share this breathtaking library with you. Take advantage of Viennas Early Bird Offer to buy the Violins, Violas and Cellos now, and get the rest at a later date as a free download – at huge savings!

Purchase the Vienna Dimension Strings Full Library (= Standard + Extended Library) now and save more than 35%! (Regular price is €1,190!)

On March 1, 2014 the essential patches of Vienna Dimension Strings Double Bass Section will be released. On this day, the early bird pricing will expire and the price of Vienna Dimension Strings will go up to €1,190. Bass staccatos, sustains, pizzicatos and tremolos will be available right away, and youll receive the rest of the double bass sections articulations at a later date.


NAMM Show Impressions

Beside showcasing his latest products Chris Hein was also collecting great video impressions at NAMM show. Absolutely worth watching!

Best Service NAMM Team: Eduardo Tarilonte, Chris Hein, Lupo Greil, Robert Leuthner:

NAMM 2014 all together

Tari is getting ready to showcase Cantus and Altus :

NAMM 2014 Tari

Chris demos his new Chris Hein Winds:

NAMM 2014 Chris Hein

Sorry, but we have no clue what they show here:

NAMM 2014 Booth Babes


AEON Collection wins Choice Award

Choice Award

Excerpt (Electronic Musician)

"...AEON's expressive sound library breaks down to a rhythmic and a melodic library, with plenty of overlap, as both have useful and complementary rhythmic engines. Instead of industrial, clangorous tones, the collection leans heavily on organic-sounding samples, ranging from guitars, dobro, and banjo, to add , convolved combinations of synthesizer tones; cello and bass drum; upright bass, oil can, and guitar - with inspiringly musical results. Add a killer arpeggiator, triggered effects, and the ability to alter loops on the fly, and you have a sound library for the ages."


First comments to the new Best Service website

It looks great :-) Congratulations.

Die neue Webseite gefällt mir sehr gut!

Definitely an improvement!

Der Umbau Ihrer Website ist aus meiner Sicht wirklich gelungen. Das alte Design, bzw. Handling war für mich recht umständlich/eingeschränkt.

Wow cool!!!

Dickes Kompliment zu eurer neuen Homepage - wirklich ein Quantensprung zum Vorgänger. Ein Ziel habt ihr erreicht, ich hänge jetzt schon seit 20 Minuten auf bestservice fest und höre mich durch - das war bei der "alten" so nicht der Fall.

Tolle neue Internetseite habt Ihr! Die Mühe hat sich gelohnt, klasse! Da bin ich doch gleich auf Produkte aufmerksam geworden

Euer neuer Webauftritt sieht wirklich klasse aus. Sehr Benutzerfreundlich und übersichtlich.
Schön finde ich das direkte Anspielen der Soundbeispiele.

I much prefer your old site to the new. The new site is much less intuitive and less obvious to navigate.

Die neue Best service Website sieht prima aus und alles schnell im Überblick!

Allerdings möchte ich noch etwas über Eure neue Website sagen.... da bin ich etwas unglücklich...., sorry...die alte hat mir persönlich besser gefallen.

Klasse Webseite - sehr übersichtlich und Benutzerfreundlich.

I just visited the new site and have to say it is much better than before. Navigation is a little easier and it it not so busy , which was the worst part of it before. There was too much going on. I like the navigation box on the left which then goes to subcategories with pictures instead of a small list menu list where you could possibly click on the wrong thing. The pictures are big enough to make sure you are clicked on the right one.

I think the site reflects a lot of hard work, thought and careful design.  Much appreciated!



Review for Hatsune Miku English

Product review in German language

Das Musikerportal Bonedo hat einen sehr aussagekräftigen und fundierten Testbericht über "Hatsune Miku English" veröffentlicht:

Bonedo AutorHatsune Miku English Test

Vocaloid 3 Library
I sing a Liad für Di!

Vocaloid nennt sich die von Yamaha seit 2003 entwickelte Technologie, die Sprache und Gesang synthetisch zu erzeugen vermag. Mittlerweile schreiben wir das Jahr 2013 und Vocaloid gibt es bereits in der Versionsnummer 3, dennoch fristet diese technische Errungenschaft hierzulande ein noch recht exotisches Dasein. Dafür mag es unterschiedliche Gründe geben, der Hauptgrund allerdings ist, dass der Großteil der Anwendungen oder besser gesagt der „Sänger“ ausschließlich auf japanisch singen - italienische Polizisten sprechen schließlich auch nur italienisch. Das soll sich aber mit der englischen Version von Hatsune Miku ändern.


Best Service Gift Voucher

The Best Service Gift Voucher, the easy way to give musical pleasure!

Gift Voucher

Make your friends and beloved ones happy by ordering a Best Service Gift Voucher for them right now.

Gift Voucher box


The Gift Voucher will be sent to you as Best Service product box or if you wish, as a digital Gift Certificate to print out or forward in an e-mail.

You can also tell us the name of the presentee and we will send him the Gift Voucher along with your best wishes. You can redeem the Best Service Gift Voucher in the Best Service Online Shop or when ordering via our sales line.

 The gift vouchers are available for 50.-, 100.-, 150.-, 200.-, 250.- or € 500.-


The voucher is valid for your purchase at www.bestservice.de.The value of this voucher includes 19% German VAT. When shopping from outside the European Community only the net value of the voucher can be redeemed.


First reviews for "Shevannai"

See the first reviews for Eduardo Tarilonte's  Shevannai :


The Finale

All in all, this library costs as much as any average virtual instrument, but for that money you get your personal live vocalist. To me, this is priceless. Shevannai brings a real human voice in your production, it is not one of those “sounds almost like” or “pretty damn close” sort of libraries. It is as real as a recorded real vocalist could be real. It sounds as if your work was done by one of the best worlds recording magicians. So, it is just a matter of question whether you need such thing or not. I definitively need it. I even plan to use it along with my vocalists. Human voice was and will ever be the most impressive instrument known to the human race.

full review

Audio Spotlight


....Shevannai works really well with other libraries too, giving a nice amount of flare or better yet soul to the whole track. I think that this library, or should I say this voice, wants to be heard. Mixing Shevannai with some low end sine wave with a couple of few additions will give amazing results. It is definitely a great addition to the composers arsenal. Although Shevannai would probably best suit film composers, it handles itself well in other genres. ...

...The real value with Shevannai is in the performance by Lara Ausensi. I believe that due to her performance this library has a “soul”. You can feel and hear that Shevannai was made with passion. ...

...At 149 EUROS I would say that Shevannai justifies its price. It is perhaps one of the best sounding solo vocal sample libraries out there. In addition you will get separate phrase and soundcape patches. Oh and did I mention that Shevannai works with Kontakt player? If not well here it is. ...

full review

S&G 4,5 subs

So whats the bottom line?

If you go any sort of film, media, epic play your own adventure experiences, or you just want a really cool sounding vocal library…check this out

4andhalfsubsI give Shevannai 4.5 out of 5 subs, I think it sounds great, its fun to play, and it sounds great…oh…I said that already, well…it SOUNDS GREAT!

Ok, Im biased a little bit, Eduardo really makes some cool libraries and Im a huge fan, but…I think you can listen and judge for yourself that its a pretty cool product.

full (video)  review


Bonedo 4,5


Best Service Shevannai ist eine tolle Inspirationsquelle und Werkzeug zur atmosphärischen Aufwertung von Musikproduktionen – vor allem auch nicht-esoterischer Genres!

ganzer Test

Buenas Ideas Redaktionstipp




Shevannai ist eine sehr spezialisierte Library und bietet für die Liebhaber von Fantasy und Mittelalter eine beeindruckende Vielfalt an Klängen. Aber auch für Dance Produktionen kann ein gesprochener Satz auf elbisch interessant sein, immerhin kann man sich so von Masse der anderen Produktionen abheben und seit dem Herrn der Ringe ist das elbische ja so ziemlich allen Musikhörern bekannt.

Der Gesang der mit Shevannai auf der Tastatur gespielt werden kann ist sehr authentisch und „gefühlsecht“ wer sich hier richtig dahinter klemmt bekommt beeindruckende Ergebnisse.

ganzer Test



Engine 2.2 Release Candidate

Engine 2.2 Release Banner

We have been working hard to steadily improve Engine and are now ready to share our latest version with you.
Engine 2.2 has been greatly optimized on both platforms, Mac OS and Windows. You will experience massive improvements in terms of performance when using complex instruments.

Give Engine 2.2 a try and let us know what you think.