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Rate and Win November 2015

Each month we raffle off great products among all customers who rated their shopped products!


This month you may be the winner from one of three Classic Libraries "Complete Orchestral Collection" worth € 189.- each!

Complete Orchestral Collection en

This is how it works:

  • either:
    Products you purchased recently, can be easily rated from your Best Service User Account. Simply sign in to your account, click on My Orders and you will see right away which products can still be rated.
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Leaving a review at eKomi, Europe's biggest, independent rating company, is very easy, fast and does not require additional registration.
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And this is the lucky winner of "Emotional Cello" in October 2015:

Gary  s. from Carlisle USA

His voting for Spitfire Albion Legacy to Albion One Crossgrade:

Albion Crossgrade Voting


ERA II nominated

ERA II box



Eduardo Tarilonte's ERA II Medieval Legends has been nominated for MusikTech Magazin's  annual  "Gear Of The Year" in the catagory  "Best Software Instrument/Libraries"









If you want to vote, klick here or here when using mobile devices


Best Service Engine loves El Capitan

Best Service Engine and OSX El Capitan play nicely together!


Our tests have show no issues, neither with installation, activation or validation in Logic Pro X.

Enjoy your Best Service Engine instruments and El Capitan!

Download the latest Best Service Engine here!





Mid to end of October, Spitfire will release the follow up product ALBION ONE. "It is a much much much! improved and very fresh feeling product with a much greater amount of content and features. It not only sounds better it feels better."

Video teaser

A crossgrade will be available for owners of Albion (Vol1). The price of the crossgrade (in October) added up with the fire sale price for Albion (Vol1) will be less than the price for the new ALBION ONE. So hurry up, the fire sale for ALBION (1) ends October 1st!

a new beginning



Umfangreicher Reverb plug-ins Test von Releasetime

Review in German language only, sorry


Test: 14 Reverb Plug-ins im Vergleich

releasetime Logo

6. September 2015
Holger Obst für

"In diesem Test haben wir 14 native Raumsimulatoren gegenübergestellt, algorithmische Reverbs und Faltungshalls.  Rund 100 Audiodemos sind dabei entstanden. Mehr als 15 Jahre nach Erscheinen des ersten Hall als Plug-in kann sich die Qualität der Spezialsoftware sehen und hören lassen. Aber welcher Hall ist für welche Anwendung am besten geeignet? Und wie tief muss man in die Tasche greifen, um gut ausgerüstet zu sein? Im direkten Vergleich und bei verschiedenen Anwendungszwecken gab es manche Überraschung."

Hier finden Sie den kompletten Vergleichstest bei


Diese getesteten Reverb PlugIns sind bei Best Service erhältlich:


East West: to iLok or not to iLok



Your Choice!

Until recently East West required the PACE iLok Security Key for all product licensing.

However, from now on, you have the choice of activating your East West Products

  • using an iLok USB Security Key (purchased separately)


  • an iLok machine license (electronic) placed on your computer. 

The advantage of putting the license on an iLok USB Security Key is portability. While you can move a machine license to any computer you like (after deactivating it from the computer it is currently stored on, and reactivating on another) having the option to simply unplug your iLok and plug it into another computer is very convenient.


Rate and Win August

Each month we raffle off great products among all customers who rated their shopped products!


Here is the lucky winner of Heavyocity's "Gravity" Special Edition:

Andrew D. from Bournemouth UK

And this is his review for Soniccouture's Broken Wurli:

boken wurli voting


This month, September 2015 you can win the ERA II Limited Edition Library by Eduardo Tarilonte worth  €399.-  which basically is sold out and therefore a rarity! Seize your once in a lifetime chance!

ERA II ltd

So please spare a few minutes of your time and rate the products you purchased at Best Service

This is how it works:

  • either:
    Products you purchased recently, can be easily rated from your Best Service User Account. Simply sign in to your account, click on My Orders and you will see right away which products can still be rated.
  • or:
    A few days after your purchase you will receive an email* notification, kindly asking you to rate your purchase and products. Please be so kind to only rate our store and your shopping experience on the first page. You can rate all purchased products on the following pages explicitly.

Leaving a review at eKomi, Europe's biggest, independent rating company, is very easy, fast and does not require additional registration.
* You can disable this service in you user account at any time



Reinhold Heil about Emotional Cello

Reinhold Heil about Emotional Cello

Globe-nominated composer Reinhold Heil draws on his eclectic background in classical music, rock, and electronica to challenge the boundaries of contemporary film and television scoring. A multi-instrumentalist with a broad musical range, he first came to prominence as the keyboarder of the legendary German punk band, the Nina Hagen Band, and as a producer of international pop stars. His film and television credits include "Run Lola Run" , "One Hour Photo" "The International" "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer", "Deadwood", "Helix" "Deutschland 83"  for Sundance TV, and the epic adventure-drama "Cloud Atlas". He is currently scoring the second season of "Legends" for TNT. He lives and works in downtown Los Angeles.



Emotional Cello releasetime top product award top product award

Product review in German language

Spitzen-Testergebnis für Emotional Cello auch bei!

Fazit (Auszug)

Best Service und Harmonic Subtones habe nicht zu viel versprochen: Emotional Cello schlägt ein neues Kapitel im Bereich der samplebasierten Streicher auf: Das Cello klingt warm, intim und voll. Die Methode des „Contextual Sampling“ wurde in akribischer Feinarbeit und mit viel musikalischem Einfühlungsvermögen umgesetzt und hat ein einzigartig lebendig klingendes Sample-Cello entstehen lassen.

Holger Obst

Emotional Cello Test bei


Elastique Pitch V 2.0

zplane is proud to announce that version 2 of the real time pitch shifting plugin is available.

The plugin has been completely redesigned offering different views for different tasks in order to put focus on what is needed for a specific job.

Elastique Pitch V2 screen

What´s new?

  • Update to the latest élastiquePRO V3 pitch shifting engine
  • Feedback path with delay for more creative usage
  • InfiniSTRETCH function
  • Three views for different tasks

ELASTIQUE PITCH is a real time pitch shifting plugin for up to 8 audio channels. It offers:

  • Industry standard stretch engine élastiquePRO V3: program independent high quality
  • Independent and intuitive control of pitch and timbre (formant shift)
  • Phase coherence between channels
  • MIDI input for controlling
  • Factory presets for typical film pull-ups/pull-downs

ELASTIQUE PITCH is available as plugin (VST, AU, AAX & RTAS) on OSX and Windows for both 32 and
64 bit platforms for € 149.-


Choice Award for ERA II

ERA II 300

  • MusicTech Choice 9/10Fantastic sounding instruments
  • Some great left-field inclusions
  • All well recorded
  • Additional playing styles and variations very useful
  • It's a sonic museum
  • IT's Eduardo


So it's a thoroughly astonishing collection, a museum of ancient instrumentation and a fantastic resource. At the very least, it's a record of times and instruments gone by, but for today's producer it's wealth of history to tap in to and slightly left-of-centre instrumentation to make your compositions stand out from the rest. And in that sense, it scores higher than other Tarilonte collections simply because you can apply it to so many more genres, as it's less specific.

ERA II could be seen as a great collection for instrument completists, but it's been put together in such a way that we can all discover some amazing new sounds and textures, and apply them to many different styles of production. Hands-on control takes it above most other collections

Andy Jones for MusicTechMag, July 2015


iZotope TRASH 2 price reduction

We are happy to announce that with immediate release our price for the great iZotope tool TRASH 2 has been reduced to € 99 (was SRP € 239).

Additionally every customer receives a free download of both add-on expansion packs after registration: „Classic Textures“ and „Edge“.

Expansion Image


Best Service welcomes SPITFIRE AUDIO


SPITFIRE AUDIO  was set up by a British group of composers, sound smiths, producers, engineers and technologists wanting to revolutionize sampling and bring it back to the center of the music industry. Like any new music technology from radio to synthesizers, sampling was perceived as a threat to music making and music makers. Spitfire is at the vanguard of changing that opinion!

SPITFIRE products

SPITFIRE AUDIO products made their first appearance with the famous "BESPOKE" orchestral library only available to a very small number of A-list composers all over the world. Their decision to go commercial and expand the scope and reach of their tools was highly appreciated by composers and musicians all over the world. Today SPITFIRE AUDIO products cover a wide range of creative instruments with a cinematic focus. Among them the British Modular Library, ALBION and especially noteworthy the signature series, since the first partnership of this type was working with multi decorated Hans Zimmer on his definitive cinematic percussion collection.

Wir starten bei Best Service mit 34 der wichtigsten SPITFIRE AUDIO Titel, weitere folgen in Kürze!




EO 2 now in 1.1.

ProjectSAM just released an exciting update for Orchestral Essentials 2, adding 1.3 GB of new content to an already acclaimed library.

What's new in 1.1?

- 3 Violins + 3 Violas ensemble

  • Long notes
  • Marcato
  • Staccato
  • Staccatissimo
  • Pizzicato

- 4 New Multis using the new ensemble
- Various programming improvements

The new ensemble is awesome on its own, and great to layer with Orchestral Essentials 2's large string section as well.


Interview with Heavyocity

Heavyocity Team

Could you please introduce yourselves and your company?

Sure! Heavyocity is a developer of award-winning virtual instruments for professional composers and sound designers.  Were led by our three partners and lead sound designers Neil Goldberg, Dave Fraser and Ari Winters – who have been credited composers for movie trailers, television and video games for more than 15 years now. Weve been producing and developing virtual instruments for about seven years – including several that we believe have become standards in the industry (EVOLVE, DAMAGE, AEON). GRAVITY: Modern Scoring Tools is our most recent, and most ambitious, release to date. Its a groundbreaking hybrid cinematic instrument that delivers over 12GB of production-ready instruments in an inspiring new interface. Its been about 18 months in the making, and we are really happy with how it came out.

When did you realize it was time to go back to your (evolve) roots and why did it take you so long

Since the release of Evolve, weve been known for an aggressive, unique cinematic sound. And as working composers and sound designers, we love that sound, but were always looking to push the envelope forward and break new ground. We feel like we were really about to do that for our last percussion releases (DM-307 and the Master Sessions series), but following those two we thought the time was right to circle back to what started it all. We feel GRAVITY answers the call for the composers and sound designers who love what weve done in the past, but wanted more. We didnt want to release “more of the same”, so the challenge was to reinvent our sound to be exciting and new, something that echoes the trends of todays modern scores, but does it in a way that is uniquely Heavyocity. GRAVITY is the product of that challenge.

What makes gravity shine compared to your competitors

Well for starters, we feel that its the quality of the sounds and samples we captured for the instrument. While we always pay great attention to detail when capturing the sound sources, its the manipulation, layering, tweaking, mangling and mastering that distinguishes the Heavyocity “secret sauce” from other virtual instrument developers. Weve pushed the boundaries of our previous releases and re-defined our approach for GRAVITY.

Theres also some of our new features that make GRAVITY really shine! Our big new addition in this release is our MOTION feature, which takes the already unique sounds of the instrument and makes them even more dynamic. From smooth, tempo-synced swells and rhythmic pulsing motifs, to complex stutters and glitch effects, MOTION delivers fully customizable control of volume, pan, and pitch modulation…and it all can be triggered on the fly. GRAVITY also features customizable Risers, something were including for the first time in a Heavyocity instrument. We presented them in three layers; Organic, Synth, and FX and each can be stacked simultaneously with length/timing and tempo-sync options. GRAVITY is definitely the most dynamic instrument weve ever released, so we think it shines pretty bright compared to other virtual instruments out there.

Gravity offers a plethora of sounds and features. how hard is it for the user to be creative?

GRAVITY screen and packNot hard at all! We developed GRAVITY to accommodate a variety of workflows. Artists under tight deadlines who really just need a workhorse can simply load presets and start composing. Theyll find a wealth of finely crafted instruments to inspire their creativity. For those into tweaking and customizing the sound, GRAVITY offers an array of controls, including per channel (and sound) ADSR, advanced filtering with LFO controls, per channel (and sound) EQ, and a Master FX section. The Master FX contains choice Convolution reverbs, synced stereo delay, distortion and chorus to get you started, then theres the signature Punish and Twist knobs to add more character and aggression to the sound. But were super excited about the all-new MOTION feature, which takes the already unique sounds and makes them even more dynamic. From smooth, tempo-synced swells and rhythmic pulsing motifs, to complex stutters and glitch effects, MOTION delivers fully customizable control of volume, pan, and pitch modulation…and it all can be triggered on the fly. Needless to say, its a new feature that were really happy with.

Want to tell us little bit about your next big thing?

Nope. Haha. Were not saying anything.

Thanks a lot for this interview

  • for Heavyocity: Ari Winters
  • for Best Service: Wolfgang Wanko

Emotional Cello first review sehr gut

Emotional Cello


The many years of development have absolutely paid off for Harmonic Subtones Emotional Cello. The sound is really extraordinary. It simply is the best Cello Software I tested played now. Although it has a plethora of articulations the GUI is easy to understand and use. Awesome!

Martin Beurskens

Read the full Test in German language at


Releasetime, new Magazin for iPad


Homerecording und Studiotechnik. Testberichte über Produkte von Softube, Hollow Sun, Soundiron, Waves, Eventide, Spectrasonics, 2CAudio und Audified


In jedem verfügbaren iBookstore. Weltweit.


Nein, es wird nicht überall Deutsch gesprochen, aber eben doch von vielen Menschen in unzähligen Ländern.

Alle Artikel stammen von Holger Obst. Interview und Vorwort kommen von Jörn Daberkow




Hier ein Auszug

Dunkelheit. Irgendwo. Der Rauch zahlloser Zigaretten taucht ein mir unbekanntes Zimmer in eine seltsam unwirkliche Stimmung. Nackte, schmutzige Wände. Holzfußboden. Durch einen schmalen Türspalt sehe ich zwei Männer und eine Frau. Eine hitzige Diskussion. Laut und leise. Lachen und Ärger. All das mischt sich mit dem Lärm der vollen Taverne im Erdgeschoss. Inhalt des Gesprächs? Irgendwas mit Marketing. Langweilig. Aus unerfindlichen Gründen bleibe ich trotzdem stehen. Die Stimmen sind zu leise. Gegenüber dem Lärm von unten können sie sich nicht durchsetzen.

Unten tritt plötzlich etwas Ruhe ein. Aus dem Nebenzimmer dringen nun Worte, die sich mit ein wenig Voodoo zu ganzen Sätzen formen lassen. „Lass uns die Dinge wie damals machen! Alle lieben das. Es erinnert jeden an die gute alte Zeit!“ Die Frau fährt dazwischen. Wütend. „Mensch Henry, wann wirst du endlich erwachsen?!“ Ich fühle seinen ärgerlichen Blick. Beinahe. Begleitet von einem kurzem Schweigen. Wer immer Henry ist - er ignoriert den Einwand.

„Glaub mir, das wird ein Trend! Das lässt sich in nahezu jeder Branche umsetzen. Die Leute werden begeistert sein!“

Der zweite Mann scheint mehr als nur ein Zuhörer zu sein. Er ist derjenige, der überzeugt werden muss. Warum und wofür auch immer. Vor meinem inneren Auge sehe ich seinen nachdenklichen Blick. Gerade setzt er mit einem tiefen Atemzug zu einer Entgegnung an, da macht der Boden unter meinen Füßen ein knarzendes Geräusch. Im Zimmer herrscht schlagartig Stille. So schnell es geht, nehme ich die Treppe nach unten und mische mich unter die Menschen. Der Abend hat gerade erst begonnen ...

Mehr im Heft ...

Passend zum Thema haben wir ein wirklich sehr schönes 6-Seiten-Interview im Magazin. Mit jemandem, der es wissen muss. Kompetenz pur. Ein Profi im Bereich Audio. In der Musikelektronik tätig seit den späten 80er Jahren. Sein Code findet sich fast überall, wenn es um Audio geht. Darunter Apple Logic, Steinberg WaveLab und Nuendo, die Vienna Symphonic Library und Produkte von FXPansion, Focusrite, Cycling74 (Max/MSP), Sony (Playstation) oder High-End Workstations von Quantel, Autodesk oder Merging. 

Ein  Highlight der 1. Ausgabe ist der vermutlich umfangreichste Omnisphere 2 Test der Welt. Nein, das ist keine Übertreibung. Du willst mehr wissen? Nimm das:

knapp 100 Soundbeispiele

fast ebenso vieleScreenshots

Für iPad und Mac. Alles sofort da. Keine Ladezeiten. Geniale Hardware mit sehr gutem Sound und hoher Auflösung. Screenshots und Videos mit bis zu 2048 Pixeln in der Breite. Gigantisch. Nur noch ein Kopfhörer und dann in Ruhe ins Magazin!



TITAN 2, first reviews

TITAN 2 box and screen

reviews in German language

digital-notes gut plus


Die Titan 2 Synthesizer Library von Best Service ist die größte Ansammlung von Synths und Presets, die ich kenne. Wer eine gut klingende Synth Sammlung auf dem Rechner haben will, kommt an Titan 2 eigentlich nicht vorbei. Klanglich wird alles abgedeckt, vom 70er Synth Pop, bis zum modernen Dub Step. Die von Best Service versprochene, minimale Ladezeit wird eingehalten. Dank der vielen Einstellungen holt man aus den Synths und Pads mehr heraus, als die Originale zu bieten hatten. Wollte man sich die enthaltenen Synths zulegen, wäre man ganz schnell im 6stelligen Euro Bereich. So gibt es die Software für angenehme 199,- Euro.

ganzer TITAN 2 Test bei



BUenas Ideas Logo



Der Klang von TITAN 2 ist gut und die klanglichen Möglichkeiten sind gigantisch, so ist es möglich schon in nur einem Engine Layer bereits zwei Synthesizer Sounds zu verwenden, welche dann auch noch unabhängig voneinander bearbeitet werden können, in ENGINE können dann wiederum mehrere dieser Einzellayer übereinandergelegt werden.

Meiner Ansicht nach ist TITAN 2 für den geforderten Preis von 199,- Euro extrem preiswert, wer einmal nachrechnet was alleine die Synthesizer Plugins aus TITAN 2 in der Summe kosten würden, von den Hardware Synths will ich hier gar nicht erst anfangen, der weiß, was ich mit extrem preiswert meine.

Ganzer Titan 2 Testbericht bei Buenas Ideas


Whats Up Speedy -----

That's UpSpeedy

Emotional Cello Box and Screen



Heavyocity - get pulled in

get pulled in


Product ratings

Many products on our website are now rated by customers who bought the very same product from us. Find out now what people like and think!


After each purchase at Best Service you will receive an email from eKomi, Europe's biggest, independent rating company, inviting you to anonymously leave a review for your shopping experience and the products you bought. 

With your review you won't only help us to improve our service but you can also help other customers to find a trustworthy retailer and great products. We are looking forward to your review!



ERA II Limited Edition is sold out!

ERA II ltd sampler

But of course, the regular version of  ERA II Medieval Legends is still available!

ERA II banner


ERA II Limited Edition review at TAS

ERA II Medieval Legends is simply an Awesome library.


TAS awesome


ERA II Medieval Legends is full with content that will keep you busy for a long time. There are some sounds that I particularly could do without but I have to say that the sound quality of the whole library is simply staggering. The price is a bit steep but the content, quality and ease of use surely make up for it. ERA II Medieval Legends is simply an Awesome library.

Zdravko Djordjevic
The Audio Spotlight

Full ERA II ltd review at TAS


First Review for ERA II Limited Edition

SoundBytes logo


What has Tropical House got to do with ERA II?

ERA II ltd coverThis is a sample library containing sampled medieval instruments aimed mainly at media composers. But as many of you are not media producers, we will try and find out how ERA II could also be useful for producers of pop, dance EDM and rock, seeing as all cinema, advertising, game and other media producers will probably buy this library anyway. The reason is pretty simple: in the world of sample libraries Eduardo Tarilonte has a reputation. Hes the one who killed the spirit of sample pack competitions. In the sound library field, Eduardo is something of a legend, like Tomba was for ski sports, or Schumacher was for Formula 1… Why bother competing when you know who will win? While all other competitors put goggles on at the start of a race, he never takes them off. He wears the goggles all the time – obviously he is some sort of natural born winner.

OK, jokes aside, as soon as I had heard some demo clips of this library I knew this could be a real gem for my new Tropical House songs. Everybody talks about this upcoming genre and most producers jumping on this wagon use a standard set of sounds compiled from the few packs out there for this relatively new scene. But as far as I know, it still counts if your music sounds unique, no matter which genre you are in. This library could be your ticket to originality. A wild bunch of exotic flutes, one of the best atmospheric voices that can be found in the virtual world, and a huge number of bowed and plucked stringed instruments. At first glance it really looks like the perfect tool for all sorts of media compositions – after all, this is the main purpose of this library. But doesnt all this ring a bell? Flutes, voices, eternal strings? It is somehow destined to be used in Chill-Trop House, other indie pop genres, and especially ballads.

Aleksander Arsov

era II ltd banner

full ERA II ltd review at SounBytes Magazine




Musikmesse Impressions

A busy first day in Frankfurt!

Messestand 2015

Eduardo Tarilonte signing posters for ERA II

TArilonte signing posters

Best Service, meeeting point for Soundlibrary Developer

Best Service, meeeting point for Soundlibrary Developer

Jonathan Churchill, Jan Haak, Hinnerk Ha, Cinematique Instruments, George Strezov, Lukas Ruschitzka, Robin Birner, Lupo Greil, Eduardo Tarilonte, Alex Davis, Robert Leuthner und Chris Hein and more


Best Service at Musikmesse 2015

Musikmesse 2014

You will find Best Service in Hall 5.1. booth E57 from Wednesday April 14th until  Saturday 18th. 2015.

Beside the Best Service crew,  also some of our sample-library developers like Eduardo Tarilonte  & Chris Hein will be happy to answer your questions about their libraries at our booth


Musikmesse is the worlds most important meeting place for the musical sector. Here you will find a complete range of products with everything required for making music, not to mention innumerable workshops, concerts, product demonstrations and discussion events.

 Additional public visitor day:
Trade visitor days: 15.4. - 18.4. 2015 (9 a.m. - 6 p.m.)

Public visitor days: 17.4. - 18.4. 2015 (9 a.m. - 6 p.m.)



  • have you found an interesting instrument or plug-in on our website and want to keep track of it?
  • you don't want to miss out on a promotion for a certain product?
  • you want to create a list of all the products you desperately need, but cant afford to buy right now?

No problem, we got your covered! From now on you can create your very own wish list in your user account. This is your place to keep track of all the things you wish to own some day in the future and yes, you can also move these products from your wish list to you shopping cart and vice versa.

If you allow us we will send you an e-mail notification as soon as a product on your wish list is part of a promotion.

Heart icon
All this works absolutely easy by following your heart (icon).


And since our webmaster was totally and completely "in the flow", he also reworked the shopping cart, making it faster, clearer, easier and also CHEAPER! But only if you make use of it within the next days.
Using the promo code   wish-list   upon checkout you will get a € 20 discount on each order worth more than € 100. Only three days, until March 27th midnight!



Studiobox III reviewed in Soundbytes Magazine

Sounbytes review Studiobox III

Full review for Studiobox III in Soundbytes Magazine


ProjectSAM "teases" an upcoming new library

ProjectSAM Swing teaser


Releastime testet Ultraverb

Product review in German language!



Das Online Magazin hat einen sehr detailreichen und tiefgründigen Testbericht für Eventides UltraReverb veröffentlicht.

Der Verfasser Holger Obst hat dabei gleich 2 Awards für das PlugIn vergeben:

Top product award

best value aeard

Fazit (Auszug)

Eventides UltraReverb ist ein Multi-Ambience-Generator der Extraklasse. Dafür sorgen nicht weniger als neun verschiedene Hallalgorithmen, die alle ein eigenes Klangspektrum aufweisen.

Die Palette reicht von kleinsten bis zu überdimensionalen Räumen, von Blechkisten bis zum extraterrestrischen Endlos-Hall, welcher dank Modulation in beständiger Transformation gehalten werden kann. Zahlreiche Presets setzen das enorme Leistungsspektrum dieses Ausnahme-Reverbs gekonnt in Szene. Die Audioqualität ist erlesen.

Mit drei interagierenden Reflexionsmodulen, nämlich Diffusion, Early Reflexions und Tail, variabler Raumgröße und einem zusätzlichen temposynchronen Delay, bleibt bei der Gestaltung der Raumakustik kein Wunsch offen. Vier Equalizer erlauben das Modellieren aller denkbaren Materialeigenschaften – vom Öltank über einen gut gedämmten Aufnahmeraum bis zum obligatorischen Dom oder einem verschlungenen Höhlenlabyrinth.

Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist hervorragend.

Holger Obst

kompletter, sehr ausführlicher Test für UltraReverb bei


New best service catalog 01/2015

Available now! Our latest printed Pocket-Guide 1/2015, giving you an overview on our most important products as well as the latest additions to the Best Service product range.

28 pages of pure inspiration!

Katalog 1/2015


The PDF version for instant download is available here.


Spectrasonics announces Omnisphere 2!

Omnisphere 2 header

Omnisphere 2.0 - Time to Make Some Noise!

After many years of development, we are thrilled to announce that Omnisphere 2 is coming in 2015. This is the first v2.0 of any Spectrasonics instrument and it's truly a gigantic one! Check out the new feature list and the video introduction by Spectrasonics Founder and Creative Director, Eric Persing.

Details and Video

Omnisphere 2 will be availabe April 30th 2015

Omnisphere Upgrade


Omnisphere 2 Upgrade

Standard Upgrade: $249
For all Omnisphere 1 customers

Grace Period Upgrade: FREE
For all customer which registered Omnisphere
from October 1st, 2014 thru May 2015


Upgrades (download license ~ 13GB) will be availabel April 30th and may be preordered already!


NAMM 2015-2

NAMM Pre Announcement

NAMM 2015 new products

At NAMM 2015, Best Service announces 5 new Libraries!

  • Voyager Drums
    Power-Drums by the maker of "Artist-Drums"
    release: Miod of February 2015
    preorder now with preorder discount
  • TITAN 2
    266 Synthesizers in one
    release: end of February 2015
  • Klanghaus 2
    Collection of unique instruments, Grooves and Loops
    release: Mid of February 2015
  • ERA II
    ERA II Huge Set of historical instruments
    release end of March 2015
  • Emotional Cello
    Virtual Cello for classic and cinematic use
    release: Mid of March 2015

NAMM 2015-1

NAMM Show 2015

Eduardo Tarilonte and Wolfgang Wanko are presenting new Best Service Products at BFA booth Nr. 6514


Shevannai wins Gold Award

MusicTechMag Gold Award for Shevannai

Congrats to Eduardo Tarilonte for the MusicTech Gold Award for Shevannai, the voice of elves!


Now how could we not fall in love with this? Shevannai was a talking point for us here in the MusicTech office, as was Eduardo Tarilontes other remarkably niche (but still awesome!) libraries. Read our interview with Eduardo here and the review of Shevannai here.



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eKomi en

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Cubase Pro 8 released


One year after releasing the point update, Cubase is back with major updates to version 8 boasting a vast range of studio-grade audio and MIDI tools for composing, recording, editing and mixing.

Cubase becomes Cubase Pro. The name change reflects the 25-year evolution of Steinbergs advanced music production system and spearheads the Cubase range of DAWs.

Both Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8 witness a massive engine rebuild, which lets you run more instruments and more tracks. ASIO-Guard 2 is the magic word, improving the audio processing performance for instrument tracks and channels. Automation enhancements are key to Cubase Pro 8, giving you VCA faders and virgin territories. Yes, and weve added render in-place to both versions for bouncing MIDI and audio parts in a really easy way. Chord pads, Chord Assistant modes and MIDI tempo detection are introduced to the creative feature set of both Pro and Artist, while the new Rack Zone provides a dedicated area for the MediaBay sound browser and VST Instrument Rack. The redesigned Track List and Inspector, the new plug-in manager, global workspaces plus improved windows handling on PCs make the lives of Cubase users that bit easier. Then theres the rejuvenated Quadrafuzz multiband distortion plug-in, the new Virtual Bass Amp, Multiband Expander, Multiband Envelope Shaper and many other effects. Groove Agent SE 4 now includes an acoustic drum kit, the Acoustic Agent, with 20 drum style patterns. The MixConsole has also witnessed feature additions and theres a new version of VST Connect for remote recording over the Web.


Vienna Symphonic Library - New Complimentary Discounts

Upgrade Discounts

Vienna Instruments give you a wealth of possibilities for upgrades and expansions. You may start with individual Special Edition Sections (Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion & More, Guitars & Keyboards), which when added together create the full Special Edition Volumes. You may also add Single Instruments at favorable upgrade prices, or upgrade to the large Vienna Instruments Collections and Bundles.

Complimentary Dsicounts

Complete Your Libraries at Complementary Discounts!

Whether you have several Single Instruments of a Collection, or several Collections of a Bundle, its easy and affordable to complete them!

Bundle prices have always been generously discounted from the total price of the included products. Now, if you have registered at least one Collection in a Bundle and wish to complete the Bundle, you can do so at the discounted rate. The price difference between the total price of all included individual products when purchased separately and the reduced bundle price will be now applied to your missing products when you complete your Bundle.

Please note that in order to take advantage of the new complementary discounts, you need to purchase the Bundle at the discounted price, not the individual Collections youre missing (or the Collection, not the individual Single Instruments).

Lets say you have registered the Standard Libraries of Brass I and Brass II and you wish to purchase the entire Brass Bundle Standard Library. Your bundle price is the already discounted price of the Bundle less the bundle-adjusted value of the two libraries you have registered. By purchasing the Brass Bundle Standard Library you get licenses of the Standard Libraries of Special Brass and Vienna Dimension Brass at tremendous complementary discounts!

The same principle also works for Collections that include separately available Single Instruments, the Vienna Special Editions and the Software Bundles, such as the MIRx Bundle, the MIR RoomPack Bundle, and the complete Vienna Software Package.





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