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Poetic Guitar II
release date: 14.11.2013

Poetic Guitar II

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Poetic Guitars II BannerPoetic Guitar II is an easy-to-use, virtual guitar plug-in for Mac and PC, which consists of an acoustic guitar and a classical guitar, played picked, fingered and with fingernails. Poetic Guitar II is ideally suited for both, users with no guitar experience as well as professional producer. Thanks to the sophisticated solo playing modes as well as the rhythmic chording it delivers extremely realistic results!
Registered owners of "Poetic Acoustic Guitars" are entitled to a free download version of Poetic Guitars II here.


Key Features

  • Three Guitars  

AGP - Acoustic Guitar played with a pick
AFR - Acoustic Guitar played with fingers
CNJ - Classical Guitar played with fingernails

  • Real Instrument GUI

The perfect combination of a real guitar GUI with a keyboard GUI ensures everyone can play the instrument simply and easily.

  • Rhombic Sampling Design

Each instrument applies varying sample density according to frequency of use. In this way, our rhombic sampling design ensures that the system resources (RAM, HDD, CPU) are used most effectively.

  • 100% Green Sampling

After recording and conversion, no subsequent processing has been applied to the samples; even the most basic functions like low frequency cutting and noise reduction have been avoided to guarantee a purely natural sound.

  • Sample Circulation Technique

Each note has multiple sample layers which are alternated in a natural way to ensure a genuine performance.

  • Sample Start Time Control

You can set the Sample Start Time to adapt the guitar performance to suit your particular requirements.

  • Guitar Playing Techniques

The Guitar supports many playing techniques: Harmonics, Hammer On, Pull Off, Slide Up, Slide Down, Slide In, Slide Out, Chord, Muting, Bending and Strum etc.

  • Custom-made Vibrato System for Acoustic Guitar

The Modwheel function is custom designed to emulate acoustic guitar finger-vibrato, which makes the instrument more user-friendly and natural to play.

  • Chord

The Chords function allows you to select chords and play them in many different styles including individual note plucking.

  • Strum SEQ

The Strum Sequence function (in conjunction with Chord mode) allows you to create up to 8 rhythm patterns for chord and/or note plucking.



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Flag DEspaceAmazona.de 02/2014

Amazona.de Gut


Mit Poetic Guitars 2 bringt der deutsche Sample Spezialist Best Service eine Neuauflage des ersten poetischen virtuellen Gitarristen auf den Markt. Die Weiterentwicklung hat sich auf alle Fälle gelohnt und ist für registrierte Besitzer von PG 1 sogar kostenlos. Insgesamt drei unterschiedliche Gitarren hat man nach Kauf von PG 2 unter seinen Fingern liegen und dank der sehr detaillierten Programmiermöglichkeit klingt PG 2 erstaunlich gut. Egal ob vorgefertigte Strummings, selbst kreierte Rhythmen oder solistische Einlagen, PG 2 beherrscht das alles nach entsprechender Programmierung mit sehr großer Authentizität. Für alle Nicht-Gitarristen eine sehr gute Möglichkeit, Gitarren in bestehende oder neue Produktionen mit einzubauen. Der Preis von 149,- Euro geht dabei vollkommen in Ordnung.

Amazona Testbericht PoeticGuitar2

Flag ENspaceSound Bytes Magazine, 02/2014

Sound Bytes Magazine



The whole library offers a great number of controllers, for my taste even too many, but if you take some extra time, you could easily get some realistic results. Just dont try to overdo it. Poetic Guitar II has its drawbacks, but at the same time it offers a few such almost unmissable additions to your arrangement that it is worth every penny you pay for it, especially if you are not a guitar player. So far, no matter how much I complained at the beginning, it is one of the best libraries for arpeggiated guitar intros or backgrounds, and the same for strumming chords, that can be heard in many choruses in numerous Top-40 songs.

SoundBytes review PoeticGuitar2

Flag DEspaceBEAT, 04/2014

Beat Logo

Beat Gut 5 Punkte


Fazit: Poetic Guitar II klingt gut, ist recht einfach zu bedienen und bietet Funktionen mit denen auch Nicht-Gitarristen ziemlich schnell zu guten Ergebnissen kommen. Enfache Parts kann man recht easy einspielen, kompexere sollten dann aber doch eher programmiert werden. Wer das eh immer so handhabt, macht mit der Trilogie sicherlich ein Schnäppchen


requirements Requirements

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  • Minimal: 2GHz GHz Intel CPU, 2 GB RAM, 25GB hard disk space, Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
  • Supported Plug-in Formats: Audio Units, VST. (32 and 64 bit)


  • Minimal: Intel® Core™ Duo 2GHz, 2 GB RAM, 25GB hard disk space,Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 oder Windows® 8.
  • Supported Plug-in Formats: VST (32 and 64 bit)


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