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Production Tools Vol. 5
release date: 18.10.2011

Production Tools Vol. 5

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Apple Loops, Kontakt, REX, WAV
ca. 3,02 GB
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Soundorder is well known for professional sounddesign (soundsets & samples) and does concentrate on „up-to-date“ sounds which are used in these days top productions. Their soundsets and samples are fresh and very inspiring. The new “Production Tools” series they created is an innovative highlight that focuses a totally new concept of the working process.

35 brand new construction kits for Progressive / Trance / Tech Trance. Covering bangin drums, cutting edge leads, fat basses, wide pads, synths and sound effects.
Every tool kit is split up into loops and single samples. For full creative access the producers have also included synth- & sampler presets as well as midi files for every single track! Feel free to change the tool kit to something completely different according to your taste!
To adjust the tempo quickly to your needs, all Wav loops are available in Apple Loops and REX format. Full access to every sound and the possibility to freely modify kits, makes this collection something really special and outstanding on the market - Get your own hands on the sound of tomorrow! 


  •  Over 4,7 GB
  • 24-Bit pristine audio quality
  • Synthesizer presets
  • Single samples (drums/ instruments)
  • Loops (drums/ instruments) Wav + Apple Loops
  • Midi Files
  • All instruments also in Kontakt format
  • Pre-arranged song ideas for previewing included



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Flag DEspaceBEAT 01-2012

Beat Empfehlung der Redaktion


Auch der 5. Teil steht seinen Vorgängern in nichts nach. Hier erwarten Sie 35 Construction-Kits für Techno, Trance und House inklusiver facettenreicher Basslines und Synthesitzer Loops. Was diese Sammlung von anderen abhebt, ist, dass jedes Kit die einzelnen Drumsounds sowie Multi-Sample Instrumente im Kontakt Format und MIDI Files beinhaltet. So können Sie nicht nur auf einfache Weise Variationen vorhandener Loops erzeugen, sondern auch eigene kreative Ideen umsetzten Klasse!

Flag ENspaceNushockmusic


Flag ENspaceMusic Tech Magazine 02/2012

Review in Music Tech Magazine

MTM Verdict

Flag ENspaceWUSIK Soundmagazine Feb 2012

Wusik logo...You'll find 'up-to-date' elements such as punchy drums, edgy synths, powerful basses, lush pads, etc. as well as fully mixed cue to get an idea what the samples are capable of. With over 4.5 GB of materials, there are lots of useable sounds here, especially the drum hits - if you're looking to build your own drum kit. Having quality drum hits in the first place eliminates the hunting of good samples, and this has it!
Soundorder and Best Service continue to deliver a nicely produced pack.

Wusik review ProductionTools5



requirements Requirements

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This Multi Format Library (included formats listed on top) does not include any software to play the sounds on your computer. Any compatible software is required to load and play the sounds of this library.

DWM ProtectionFor your own protection this library is provided as individual personalized files including a
Digital Water Mark - DWM!