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TITAN - 200 Synthesizers in One

TITAN - 200 Synthesizers in One

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The biggest and most extensive Synthesizer Sound Collection of all time!

TITAN Grafik

The development and the sampling of this library was 10 years in the making.
TITAN offers 5500 multisamples of the best sounds from 200 (!!) classic Analog Synthesizers and Modular Systems including the biggest & most famous Digital Synths & Workstations of the 80s and 90s but also the newest Virtual Instruments and current synths all in one massive plug-in.

That means 40 years of Synth-history and sound variety, the biggest sound and Style collection ever.

We put a great emphasis on preserving the unique sound charachter of each instrument. Thats why the instruments were partially sampled with their original effects and filters because they can hardly be reproduced in the virtual domain.

All instruments were sampled and looped perfectly and inserted into the best service ENGINE.

TITAN Main Screen

ENGINE – more than your regular Sample-Player

ENGINE was developed by Best Service in cooperation with Yellow Tools.
ENGINE is based on the high-end sampler Independence Pro and offers all performance-features of a contemporary sample engine. For the first time ever in a Sample Player, ENGINE offers the possibility of importing external audio files for creating your own layers within TITAN!

TITAN 2 Screens

Top Features

  • superfast Sound-Loading – average access and loading of a new sound with all its parameters and effects in less than a second!
  • direct stepping through the Soundpool
  • Analog Modelling for realistic reproduction of analog synth-sounds.
  • Solo-Mode, Legato-Mode, Glide and samplestart shifting.
  • a vast array of parameters, giving unprecedented sound diversity
  • QuickEdit Page: an inspiring interface with instant access to all important parameters
  • ProEdit Page: offers every possible parameter, an FX-Rack with 46 effects, convolution reverb and more...
  • infinite polyphony
  • flexible MIDI-Routing
  • excellent Arpeggiator inkl. Midifile-Player
  • - Step Sequencer

TITAN BoxLibrary

  • 36 GB Sample Sound Library
  • 5500 unique multisamples
  • 10,000 samples
  • hundreds of additional live recordings


  • 2327 Synth Sounds divided into 35 subgroups (Lead-Synths, Bells, Sequencers, 5th, 7th, Filter, Accordion, Atmospheric, Basic Waves, Brutal, China & Asia, Chords, Dance, Detuned, Digital, DX & FM, Dramatic, Dreaming, Effects, Harp, Electronica, Gliding, Kraftwerk-Style, Melody, Metallic, Allround, Organic, Phasing, Power, Ringmodulation, Space & Cosmos, Synthpop, Techno, Unisono, Wavetable)
  • 1200 Pads & Atmospheres (divided into 38 subgroups)
  • 778 Basses (divided into 39 subgroups)
  • 250 Synth-Brass & Real Brass Sounds
  • 100 Guitars
  • 200 Organs (divided into 11 subgroups)
  • 161 Choirs & Voices
  • 227 Pianos
  • hundreds of effect-sounds
  • Bonus-Bank: 170 original vintage string synths from over 20 different original instruments



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Flag DEspaceKEYS 10/2009

KEYS 10/2009

Flag DEspaceSound & Recording 11/2009

Sound & Recording 11/2009

Flag ENspaceSound & Recording 11/2009

Sound & Recording 11/2009

Flag ENspaceMusicTech Magazine December 2009

Titan brings together more than 5000 sounds from the last 20 years of synthesis history. Mark Cousins weights it up.
Sampling 200 synthesizers and creating more than 5500 accompanying patches is certainly a gargantuan task by anyone`s standards, so its no surprise that Best Services latest virtual instrument has been given the rather apt title of Titan. As well as offering an impressive amount of patch and sample data (36GB at the last count), Titan is also notable in the fact that it utilizes a sample engine developed in conjunction with Yellow Tools. Not surprisingly, therefore, Best Services “ENGINE” shares many similarities with Yellow Tools Independence Pro, as well as having a series of dedicated controls and features that relate specifically to the Titan library.
Setting up Titan requires installing Best Services ENGINE, followed by the Titan installer for all the various preset files. You then have to manually install Titans Image files into the corresponding Image folder in the ENGINE root folder. Its worth noting that the ENGINE root folder can be installed on any available drive, enabling you to store the 36 GBs of sample data separate from your main system drive. Copy protection is via Yellow Tools E-License system, a challenge-and-response solution.

Combustion engine

Given that this is the first ENGINE-based product from Best Service, we were eager to see how the instrument performed. If youre familiar with independence Pro, ENGINE wont come as a great surprise. New users, though, will be pleased to note how efficient and easy to use it is, with its clear performance layering system accessible to the left of the interface and a large QuickEdit page providing immediate control over elements such as filtering, envelopes and effects. Delving deeper into the architecture, its also possible to use the Pro Edit page to gain more detailed control over each layer.
The organization of Titans patches follows a functional and ordered approach. Patches are listed by instrument type (synths, basses, pads and so on), with futher sub-categories. Given the range of synths used to source many of these sounds, it might have been good to see some indication of their origins, although those who are acquainted with ‘classic synths will recognize many of the sounds.

Sample this

Overall, the quality of the multi-sampling is excellent, with the patches playable over a large range and many of the original details seemingly intact. The additional programming (beyond the basic sounds captured in the samples) seems to be sensitively light – adding small amounts of ENGINEs filters, for example, rather than smothering the samples with multiple layers and effects. The step sequencer and arpeggiator also add to many of the sounds, providing a suitably contemporary twist on the basic patches.
Hard not to be impressed by the range and number of instrument patches on offer. Although there are plenty of great-sounding basses and analogue pads, some of the piano and keyboard sounds have a distinctly 90s feel to them. Still, given the amount of raw material and the features available in ENGINE for modifying the basic samples, theres still plenty of creative potential.
Clash of the Titans
Titan is an impressive first outing for Best Services ENGINE system and an exciting indicator of things to come. If youre new to the world of recording and music production, then an instrument like Titan certainly represents a cost-effective way of acquiring a large number of key synth and keyboard sounds, especially given Omnispheres fondness for ‘unusual sounds and textures rather than conventional pianos, pads, organs and so on. Those of a more creative persuasion, though, may prefer the sonic possibilities of a good contemporary software synth, even if the palette of sounds might be slightly less extensive.


Why buy?
· An exhaustive collection of synth sounds
· Powerful playback engine
· Clear patch organization

Walk on by

· Source instruments arent identified
· Some patches sound dated


Titan represents an impressive collection of sounds for your money, as well as featuring one of the most finely tuned playback engines to date. Some of the sounds are slightly dated, but theres still plenty to explore.

Flag DEspaceTastenwelt Ausgabe 01/2010

Der Name Titan ist Programm: Ganze 35 Gigabyte an Samples liefert der Software-Synthesizer mit. Nach der Installation des Players, dem Kopieren der Samples auf die Festplatte und der Online-Autorisation ist der All-inclusive-Synthesizer anspielbereit. Der Sample-Player Engine erlaubt eine intuitive Soundbearbeitung von schnell (QuickEdit) bis detailreich (ProEdit). Mit Pro Layer kann der Anwender 24 eigene Samples integrieren.

Rund 5000 Instrumente bieten nicht nur Synthesizerklänge, sondern auch einfachere Pianos, Orgeln, Gitarren oder Chöre. Tipp: Beim ersten Probieren sollte man die besonders gelungenen Patches sofort unter Favoriten ablegen, um nicht von der enormen Fülle an Presets erschlagen zu werden. Das Probieren verläuft kurzweilig, denn alle Patches lassen sich wirklich innerhalb von maximal zwei Sekunden wechseln. Umfangreiche Layer oder Splits gibt es nicht; die Sounds von Holger Felden (abcSounds) integrieren sich umso besser in Studio-Arrangements. Arpeggiator und Step-Sequencer kommen sporadisch zum Einsatz. Sehr angenehm werden die einzelnen Sounds durch die Effektsektion, vor allem dank des Faltungshalls Origami, abgerundet.

Auch wenn viele gute Synthesizer ohne Samples auskommen: Titan besticht durch eine enorm vielseitige Library, die vor allem beim rechnerbasierten Arrangieren in den Sparten Pop, Dance und Elektronik hilft. Für Live-Musiker ist das All-in-One-Paket weniger praktisch, vielleicht aber folgt eine live-tauglichere Kollektion, denn weitere Instrumente für den neuen Engine-Player sind bereits geplant.

Flag DEspaceBeat Ausgabe 05-2010

Mit seiner Samplebibliothek Titan verspricht Best Service die schier größte und umfangreichste Synthesizer-Soundsammlung aller Zeiten. Dabei wurde der Versuch unternommen, nicht weniger als vierzig Jahre Synthgeschichte in einer 36 GB großen Bibliothek einzufangen. In der Tat können sich die Eckdaten sehen lassen: Titan beinhaltet 5500 Multisamples klassischer analoger Synthesizer und Modularsysteme, beliebter digitaler Klangerzeuger und Workstations sowie neuer virtueller und aktueller Instrumente. Das Klangspektrum der Bibliothek ist dabei enorm: Neben Flächen- und Atmosounds sind auch Bässe, Blechbläser, Gitarren, Orgeln, Chor-, Piano- sowie Effektklänge mit an Bord. Multiprogramme werden hingegen leider nicht angeboten. Um den Klangcharakter jedes Instruments beizubehalten, wurden die einzelnen Sounds mit Filtern und Effekten aufgenommen, wodurch viele davon erfrischend roh klingen. Der Sampleplayer „Engine“ basiert auf der Architektur von Yellow Tools‘ Independence Pro und bietet weitreichende Klangformungsmöglichkeiten sowie eine unbegrenzte Stimmenanzahl. Neben der anpassbaren QuickEdit-Seite für den direkten Zugriff auf wichtige Parameter gibt es auch unzählige Editierparameter, die auf den geneigten Klangfrickler warten. Nicht minder eindrucksvoll fällt das Effektrack aus, in dem 46 Effekte inklusive eines Faltungshalls zur Auswahl stehen. Engine verfügt zudem über einen Mixer, einen leistungsfähigen Arpeggiator sowie einen kreativen Stepsequenzer, die allerdings nur bei wenigen Sounds genutzt werden.

Wer nach spektakulären Klangmonstern sucht, wird bei Titan nicht fündig. Stattdessen konzentriert sich die Bibliothek auf musikalisch sinnvoll einsetzbare Sounds, die sich klanglich auf hohem Niveau bewegen und nicht nur für elektronische Musik einen soliden Grundstock darstellen. Neben der immensen Soundvielfalt verdienen auch die leistungsfähigen Bearbeitungsmöglichkeiten sowie die sehr kurze Ladezeit der Klangprogramme Lob.
Bewertung: fünf von sechs möglichen Punkten

Flag ENspaceCustomer Review from Marc JB (of Bimbo Jones)

Titan is an incredibly useful tool to have in your sonic pallet, in fact it is amazing to have every decent patch from 200 famous, analogue synths recorded beautifully and at your fingertips for instant recall. The strings are really lush and edgy, there are some great bass sounds and the synths are very usable, it sounds great in the mix. It brings a smile to flick through the patches and hear the sounds from all the classic 70s and 80s electro records like Depeche Mode and Gary Numan! If you are looking for a comprehensive library of analogue sounds and inspiring patches, Titan is the synth plugin of choice.

Marc JB (of Bimbo Jones)


Flag DEspaceDelamar Online Magazin Oktober 2010

Delamar Logo

Best Service Titan Testbericht

Der Titan unter den virtuellen Workstations?


Auszug: Fazit im Best Service Titan Testbericht
Jedem, der keinen Nerv auf extensive Soundschraubereien hat oder der auf die Schnelle einen passenden Synthsound braucht, sei der Titan wärmstens ans Herz gelegt. Dank der vielen Effekte und Hüllkurven sowie den Filtern ist auch eine Anpassung an die eigenen Vorstellungen und ein Sounddesign im weitesten Sinne möglich. Durch die Multitimbralität wird auch das Layern der Klänge im Best Service Titan zum Kinderspiel!

Topaktuelle Sounds sind hier nicht zu erwarten. Dafür aber eine Menge zeitlose und immer wiederkehrende Klänge. Der Titan ist die eierlegende Wollmilchsau unter den Synth-Romplern. Hier gibt es alles was das Herz begehrt!

Delamar Testbericht Titan

Flag DEspaceTestbericht auf

Macwelt Testbericht Titan hier lesen!

Flag DEspaceTestbericht auf

Amazona Testbericht Titan  hier lesen!

Flag January 2011 January 2011

Flag ENspaceComputer Music (05/2010)

.....Titan wont dazzle you with reverb-laden one-finger wonders, and it can sound reserved when compared to some ROMplers. However, as thomann a high-quality source of bread-and-butter patches, it fulfils its role admirably, and the Engine interface offers plenty of potential for layering and effecting the sounds yourself.

Flag ENspaceReview by (French)

Review by (French)

Flag DEspaceOkey 07/08 2012

oKey Logo


Wer eine umfassende Library an Synthe-Klängen sucht, aber selbst nicht zuviel daran herumschrauben möchte, der wird mit TITAN glücklich. Und Freiheiten für die eigene Klanggestaltung gibts dennoch genug.



requirements Requirements

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Engine poweredBest Service ENGINE 2 Sample Player is included in this product!

Mac OS

  • Mac OS 10.9, 10.10
  • Min. recommended: Intel Mac 2GHz, 2GB Ram
  • Interfaces: Standalone, AU, VST (64bit) 
  • Currently no RTAS and AAX support
    Workarounds to use AU and VST plugins in ProTools are available HERE


  • Windows Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, 32bit & 64bit
  • Min. recommended: Pentium/Athlon XP 3.0GHz, 2GB Ram
  • Interfaces: Standalone, VST (32bit and 64bit)
  • Currently no RTAS and AAX support
    Workarounds to use AU and VST plugins in ProTools are available HERE

for all systems

  • Internet connection for product activation required (on any computer)
  • Additional hard disc space according to the library size

The latest Engine 2 and a tutorial video can be downloaded here:

Best Service Downloads

System FAQs
System FAQs - TITAN - 200 Synthesizers in One

Q: How can I add a new library to Engine and activate the sounds?
A: That´s pretty easy. Have a look at our step by step tutorial video on YouTube


Q: I cannot find my library´s title in ProTools instruments?
A: First you have to open "Engine" in ProTools, then you can load the library.
Watch this short tutorial


Q: My 64 Bit Logic does not show Engine as a Plug-In after installation?
A: Engine or later is required for OSX 64 Bit support - Download HERE


online activationProduct activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).





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