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North 7 Keys
Erstveröffentlichung: 18.08.2016

North 7 Keys

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€ 282,-$ 258.94£ 237.00

North 7 Key Header

4 Vintage Klassiker im Spitfire Style

Für North 7 Keys haben Spitfire Audio 4 Klassiker der 60er und 70er gesampelt. Eingespielt wurden diese elektrischen Legenden von einigen der besten Session-Musiker Londons unter Leitung von Top Tontechnikern. Anschließend wurden die Keys ausgiebig getestet, um so einen authentischen Sound und ein realistisches Spielgefühl zu garantieren. Das Ganze wurde dann für Spitfire´s eDNA Engine angepasst, um das volle Potential, die diese Pianos in sich bieten, auszuschöpfen zu können.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

Features Overview

  • 4 Vintage titans sampled "the Spitfire way".
  • Rare but pristinely maintained instruments.
  • Sumptuous vintage and hi-end signal paths.
  • Performed by session giant - Sean Hargreaves.
  • Recorded by in-demand engineer - Simon Changer
  • Deep sampled for ultimate character and realism with multiple round robins and dynamic layers.
  • Tested exhaustively with session players for realistic response.
  • Presented in Spitfire's eDNA interface, instantly tweakable.
  • Over (100) presets designed by Christian Henson
  • Bass keyboard section "alone worth price of entry".

North Keys Piano Image

  • SPITFIRE ELECTRIC PIANO or "EP" - Arguably the most successful work-horse electric piano of the 1960s and 70s. This 73 note instrument generates sound using keys and hammers in the same manner as an acoustic piano, but instead of strings, the hammers strike thin metal tines, which are then amplified via an electromagnetic pickup.

  • ELECTRIC CLAVINET or "CLAV" - The sound is produced by a harp of 60 tensioned steel strings oriented diagonally below the key surface. Each key of the simple keyboard action is a single lever element that pivots on a fulcrum point at the rear. A spring returns the key to the rest position. The unique playing feel of this instrument comes from this abrupt impact of the pad striking its anvil point against the string. The Clavichord responds well to guitar effects, especially the wah wah pedal as expertly demonstrated on the seminal "Head Hunters" recordings by Herbie Hancock.

  • STAGE PIANO aka "THE WURLI" - The 64 note Stage Piano comprises of a single steel reed for each key, activated by a miniature version of a conventional grand piano action and forming part of an electrostatic pickup system. We love it for its soft mellow tones at the bottom and its biting totally transformed angry mid-tones when played harder and louder.

North Key Wurli

  • ELECTRIC PIANO BASS aka "FINGER BASS" - A much rarer, but no less pristinely kept instrument from 1962. The world's first dedicated keyboard bass instrument made uniquely famous by Ray Mazarek of The Doors. This set of samples are a rare chance to create the most amazing dub bass style sub harmonic rich Hip Hop style bass lines. Using the same technology as the "EP" the Finger Bass is an instrument finely tuned to provide the richest low end, while having the pump and attack you can only get with a piano style instrument. The bass presets designed by Christian Henson offer a mere starting point of how far you could take this bad boy.


North Keys GUIeDNA Engine

Over the last seven years Spitfire - in partnership with Blake Robinson - have been creating some of the most intuitive and ingenious scripts, simple to use GUIs and attractive front ends. A year ago, we wiped the script clean and set about creating a monster of a new script engine. This we call eDNA. Two sets of sounds can be used in conjunction with the eDNA engine to quickly, dramatically and awesomely create a new audio experience for the next generation of music makers.

Motorised FX

We have prepared two awesome effects that are suitable for "motorisation" either for Sound Bay A or B or both. These are dual motors that oscillate the selected effect parameter AND then oscillate the oscillator!

For a detailed List of Presets / Articulations / Mics / Mixes please go to more Infos!


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System FAQs
System FAQs - North 7 Keys

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