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100% Unfiltered Bundle
Erstveröffentlichung: 12.09.2016

100% Unfiltered Bundle

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$ 234.27
£ 217.10
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€ 249,-$ 234.27£ 217.10

Unfiltered Audio Bundle Header

Set an Effekten von Unfiltered Audio

Das 100% Unfiltered Audio Bundle bietet gleich ein ganzes Set an Effekten. Inbegriffen sind das Sandman Delay, Sandman Pro, Fault-Shifter, G8 Noise Gate, Dent - Destortion Tool sowie Indent - ein Saturation Effekt.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

The 100% Unfiltered Audio Bundle includes six amazing plugins from this innovative company that excel at turning any ordinary piece of material into a unique and tasty piece of ear candy. From delays, to shifters, to sound destroyers, this bundle gives you a chain of infinite sonic possibilities that can turn any unsuspecting sample into an aural flourish of amazing sounds.
Included Products:

  • G8 - A high-quality noise gate with many tricks up its sleeve.
  • Sandman - A delay and loop-mangler capable of creating beautiful, dreamlike ambient textures or busy, hyper-stuttered glitch beats.
  • Sandman Pro - can handle any delay duty at hand or take you down a rabbit hole of uncharted sonic dimensions.
  • Fault - Stereo frequency shifter and delay unit with comprehensive modular patching system.
  • Indent - Intuitive and sleek saturation/tone box with a powerful modulation system.
  • Dent - A distortion toolkit that can expertly soothe, saturate, or strangle your sounds beyond recognition.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Mac OS X 10.6 through 10.11, Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended)
  • Windows 7 through 10, Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 instruction set (Pentium 4 compatible or higher; minimum 2 GHz recommended)

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