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AIR Music Technology

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Vacuum Classic
Monophoner Vintage-Synthesizer mit Vacuum Tube Synthesis
Air Expansion Pack 3
Drei legendäre Synths in einem Bundle
Multitimbrale All-in-One-Workstation
Mini Grand
Leistungsstarkes virtuelles Piano Instrument
Loom 2
Modularer Additiv-Synthesizer
Hybrid 3
High-Definition Analog Synthesizer
1.0 of 5
Die ultimative Drum Machine
The Riser
Synth-basierter Transition Designer
Transfuser 2
Melodic & Rhythmic Groove-Creation Instrument
Vacuum Pro
Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer
Expansion Pack 3 Complete Upgrade
Sammlung von virtuellen Instrumenten und Sound Design Tools
Expansion Pack 3 Select Upgrade
12 virtuelle Instrumente und Sound Design Tools
Virtuelle Tonewheel-Orgel
Velvet 2
Virtuelles elektrisches Piano
Creative FX Collection PLUS
Drum Synth 500
Live- und Studio-Performance Drum Software
Strike 2
Drum- und Arrangement-Instrument
Structure 2
Multi-timbrales Sampler Instrument
Loom Classic
Modularer Additiv-Synthesizer