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Albion V Tundra
Erstveröffentlichung: 20.10.2016

Albion V Tundra

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€ 459,-$ 449.00£ 399.00

Albion V Final Header

Recorded At the Edge of Silence

Inspiriert durch den zeitgenössischen Klang skandinavischer Komponisten wie z.B. Arvo Pärt brach das Team von Spitfire Audio auf eine klangliche Odyssee in Richtung nordischer Gefilde auf, um so den für seine Einfachheit und Ehrlichkeit bekannten Sound in sich aufzusaugen. Zurück in den Air Hall Studios wurde ein 100-köpfiges Orchester angeheuert, das nach Anweisung möglichst am Rande der Stille spielen sollte. In Zusammenarbeit mit Orchestrator und Komponist Ben Foskett wurde ein dynamisches Set an Samples aufgezeichnet, bei dem die Spielweise Mezzo Piano als Maßstab für alle beteiligten Musiker gesetzt wurde.

Library Overview

Albion V Tundra bietet ein auf Band aufgenommenes Orchester mit insgesamt 133 dynamischen Artikulationen aufgeteilt in Streicher, Blechbläser und Holzbläser Ensembles. Dazu gehören: 38 Violinen mit 19 langen, 11 kurzen und 2 Legato-Artikulationen sowie 12 Celli & 6 Bässe mit 17 langen, 11 kurzen und 2 Legato-Artikulationen. Das Blechbläser-Ensemble bietet 17 einzigartige Artikulationen für Mid und Low Ensembles, mit insgesamt 18 Artikulationen für High und Mid Ensembles wird das Tundra Orchestra durch Holzbläser abgerundet.

32 handgemachte Drohnen stehen im „Vral“ Grid zur Verfügung, integriert im eDNA Interface bietet Stephenson´s Steam Band insgesamt 138 Pads sowie 198 Original-Sounds für die Weiterverarbeitung für alle, die noch mehr rausholen möchten. Brunel Loops ist ausgestattet mit 22 inspirierenden Instrumenten und insgesamt 52 Presets, eingespielt von Paul Clarvis. 20 perkussive Elemente aufgeteilt in Single Patches bietet dagegen die Darwin Percussion Section der Library.

Eine detaillierte Auflistung sämtlicher Artikulationen, Mikrofonpositionen sowie Mixes finden Sie unter "Mehr Infos"!

The Albion Orchestra

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

Icy Strings

Spitfire took the bold decision of excluding violas from the orchestra and instead supporting a rich cello and bass offering of 12 & 6 players sat in the middle of the room with two massively enhanced violin sections of 20 and 18 players sat in 'Antiphon' (opposite sides of the room). The huge selection of articulations created ranged from pimped classics such as their ever popular flautando, but with mutes added, and sections playing poly-divisi so that even with a band of this size, every player can be heard.

Right through to unorthodox approaches; requesting that players attend the session with practise bows with NO rosin on the hair so traction was very limited, to actually BOWING the strings with the back of the bow. Jake Jackson's real challenge, with the roof fully elevated so that the signal contains as much early reflection as possible, was trying to get the musicians louder than the ambient room tone.

The Spitfire team recorded the strings in two (high & low) sections with (where possible) matching articulations. Highlights alongside these cascading longs articulations are flautando legatos, brushed shorts and some extraordinary loose pizzicatos where only the principals were in possession of the click track!

Whispering Chorusses Of Brass & Wind

Spitfire has got four different bands (high winds, mid winds, mid brass, low brass) all booked with a choral mode in mind. Taking experience gained with their fantastically popular Trumpet Fields giveaway instrument, their instructions to all bands were to be naked, honest, and non-conservatoire, but also with very specific textural approaches that liven the hall to create a very natural mossy patina.

Whilst the entire "Tundra" orchestra is playing from quiet markings all the way down to 'oblivion', where the orchestral tones are slowly deafened by silence, the end result is a deeply dynamic and timbral set of expressive instruments that quite happily act as a stand alone orchestral tool-set, albeit of a quite unique quality.

The Vral Grid

In what is always a fascinating creative process, Spitifre set about accompanying the Tundra band with a selection of Harmoniums and Shruti Boxes (bellowed single chord Indian drone makers). But it didn't quite match up to the "Tundra" magic, so it was abandoned. Well, everything save a throw away portion of the recordings where Christian had requested for the players to perform on the knife edge between the bellow hissing, and the reeds actually sounding. This produced an extraordinary selection of stuttering granular folk beds which Spitfire has slammed through processing and have warped and cajoled into a very special Nordic style Evo Grid. With 32 evolutions spread over 12 regions and the all important dice function to immediately randomise your preset into a near infinite number of possible outcomes.

Stephenson Steam Band

Following from their hugely successful warped orchestral content in Albions 1 through 3 the Spitfire Team decided to approach this set differently. Instead of using their 'in-the-box' pristine set of digital processing and mangling tools, they decided to go wholly out-of-the-box, employing whirring Roland Space Chorus Echoes with classic Eventides and Axe FX Pros into the mangle chain - the brief: "imagine you had put together a studio entirely made up from an abandoned 1960s American early warning system". Not only does this collection feature orchestral material, but also the aforementioned Harmoniums and Shruti boxes which offer up a particularly unique and northern feel.

The end result of this component is as inspiring, mossy, and earthy as the rest of the library. Presented in our ever popular 'eDNA' engine so you can instantly make these presets your own.

Darwin Percussion

Never to shy away from epic, Spitfire also felt it important to create some brooding epic drum combos designed for intermittent use to mark time or punctuate.Think Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten by Arvo Pärt. Featuring unique combinations of very small drums played against massive Verdi bass drums and taikos. These drums speak of distant pagan rituals!

Brunnel Loops

Spitfire has invited the legend Paul Clarvis back on to their dry stage with his infamous car full of "percussion that doesn't sound like percussion instruments" to record some intimate and honest rhythmic passages to add frosty momentum to your scores. Again presented on the eDNA platform for instant tweakability, but also with a series of spring-out-of-the-box presets designed by Spitfire's team of award winning composers and producers.


GUI - Overview PanelThe Overview Panel - Gives you a quick and easy way to access, view and load the different articulations, mic mixes and essential controller functions which you can then re-assign to suit your workflow.



GUI General Controls PanelGeneral Controls Panel

A deeper but still simple UI panel that allows you to tweak the general settings. How many round robins you would like and how you would like them to behave. How would you like memory to be organised alongside pitch options and how velocity works.

GUI  - The OstinatumThe Ostinatum

Quite simply a little inspiration machine. Not quite an arpeggiator, not quite a sequencer. This intuitive device allows you to build up complex patterns that react to your playing to achieve wild systems results tantalising Zimmeresque tension beds or cheeky multi-tonguing effects!

GUI - The Evo GridThe Evo Grid - Based on the EMS VCS3 synth, this extraordinary and unique interface allows for instant gratification, customisation. With 1 or 2 clicks you will be armed with something totally unique and inspiring. Scroll the Evo Grid to discover and activate all 48 Evos. Pan and tweak each Evo for perfect blending punch in or out 3 useful modulators and effects, mix your mic positions all from the front panel.


GUI - eDNA EngineeDNA Engine

Over the last seven years Spitfire - in partnership with Blake Robinson - have been creating some of the most intuitive and ingenious scripts, simple to use GUIs and attractive front ends. A year ago, we wiped the script clean and set about creating a monster of a new script engine. This we call eDNA. Two sets of sounds can be used in conjunction with the eDNA engine to quickly, dramatically and awesomely create a new audio experience for the next generation of music makers.


For a detailed List of Presets / Articulations / Mics / Mixes please go to more Infos!


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Flag 11/2016

digital notes sehr gut

Mit Albion V Tundra lassen sich sehr komplexe Kompositionen verwirklichen, welche nicht nur zur Untermalung nordischer Bildfolgen taugen. Die Library stellt teilweise noch nicht gehörte Klänge von Streichern, Bläsern und Perkussion zur Verfügung. Und die synthetischen, misch- und veränderbaren Sounds eignen sich hervorragend für mytische Klangteppiche. 


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5.0 of 5

Vielseitig, hohe Sound-Qualität. Gut zu bedienen.

Sprache: deutsch
5.0 of 5

You though there were enough Albions, then someone comes along with more fantastic ways to play the same instruments!

Sprache: deutsch
4.0 of 5

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System FAQs - Albion V Tundra

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