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Intuitive Looping DAW für Mac OS X

Mit ALK präsentieren einen linearen Sequenzer für Audio- und MIDI-Dateien inklusive Automationen, VST-Unterstützung und Routing. Der Unterschied zu einer herkömmlichen DAW liegt darin, dass ALK für die Loop-basierte Produktion optimiert ist.

ZenAudio ALK  Lifestyle PhotoPlanung und Performance

In der ersten Phase planen Sie Ihren Song mit Hilfe der Stiftwerkzeuge "Record" - und "Play", um so ein Arrangement für die spätere Liveperformance zu kreieren. Loops, die mit dem „Record“ Stift gezeichnet wurden und einen roten Umriss haben, sind Platzhalter für die Performance auf der Bühne. Play-Loops, die eine grüne Umrandung haben, beziehen sich wiederum auf bestimmte Record-Loops und vervollständigen den Looping-Vorgang.

Sobald Sie ein Arrangement erstellt haben, drücken Sie "Record", wodurch der Performance-Modus aktiviert wird. In diesem Modus übernimmt ALK sowohl das Monitoring als auch die Aufnahme- / Wiedergabefunktion der Looper auf allen Spuren des Arrangements. Sie können sich also ausschließlich auf Ihre Performance konzentrieren.

zenAudio ALK Screen 1

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

Intuitive Interface, Innovative Engineering

ALK has a host of innovative features that give you amazing, granular control of your sound - without distracting you with minutia.

  • Unique arranged live-looping workflow. ALK allows quick and easy arrangement of where you want to perform live, using Record Loops, and where you want it to play back, using Play Loops. Build up your song structures in minutes!

  • ALK’s loop sequence view lets you take in your entire arrangement at a glance. Break away from endlessly layered loops and create structures: verses, choruses, b-sections and soloes.

  • MIDI looping is supported out of the box, giving you the ability to create loops using your entire array of software synths and beat machines. Adjust the tightness of your groove on the fly using ALK’s elastic quantize feature, simply by turning a dial.

  • Symmetric Routing is ALK’s answer to traditional mixer channels and effects sends/returns. Any track (audio or MIDI) can act as a mixer or group, and an effect send simply becomes a regular output!

  • ALK supports VST/AudioUnit effects and instruments allowing you to live loop with all your signature sounds. Plugins can be automated from the arrangement, or controlled with your favorite MIDI controller.

zenAudio ALK Screen 2

  • ALK’s Magnetic Note Repeat automatically smooths out notes triggered off-grid, easing them gradually into lockstep. Perfect for laying out a four-on-the-floor kick drum or eighth-note hi-hat pattern on the fly.

  • Draw accurate automation using intuitive trackpad gestures. Using a combination of mouse position, horizontal and vertical swipe gestures, and rotation gestures, you can control the shape of your curve. Adding control points for more precision is as easy as clicking within the region.

  • ALK's approach to performed automation, like filter or reverb sweeps, is to treat the knob, pad, or pedal as an instrument in its own right: on its own track. Routings are dynamic and can be changed over a song or set, so a single knob could control a filter sweep in one song, and a reverb sweep in the next.

  • With ALK's panic features, you don't need to worry about making the occasional mistake. Through a click of a pedal, you can have a perfectly played reference version of the loop replace it - useful for when you absolutely need the song to progress.

  • With hover auditioning, changing sounds is as easy as hovering the mouse over the track in question. However, it's still possible to leave monitoring on or off by switching to manual auditioning in the track's context menu.

zenAudio ALK BandIt's All About the Song

With traditional loopers, it’s easy to get caught in an endless stack of loops that go nowhere, and eventually collapse under their own sheer weight and tedium. With ALK, you can create dextrous transitions between different chord changes and musical sections, keeping your tracks light, fresh, and engaging throughout.

ALK was made by musicians, for musicians, with one purpose: to remove all distractions and artificial barriers between the performer and audience. Because good music flows.

Mac Requirements:

  • Mac OSX 10.10 and above
  • Intel® Core™2 Duo processor
  • 4 GB RAM (minimum)
  • VST / AU Host
  • Host application compatible with:
  • Audio-Unit plugins
  • VST plugins
  • Up to 5 computers authorization

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