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Blue Cat Axe Pack

Blue Cat Axe Pack


AAX native, AU, Mac, Win

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Axe Pack - Ultimatives Software-Toolkit für Gitarre & Bass

Blue Cat's Axiom, ein Multi-Effektprozessor und Amp-Simulator für Gitarre und Bass, enthält bereits integrierte Versionen von Blue Cat's Destructor, Re-Guitar und Late Replies. Die unabhängigen Vollversionen dieser Plug-Ins sind Teil dieses Pakets, so dass Sie sie außerhalb von Axiom und überall in Ihrer Lieblings-DAW verwenden können.

Und mit PatchWork können Sie die Funktionen von Axiom noch flexibler erweitern: Hosten Sie mehr Plug-Ins und erstellen Sie wiederverwendbare parallele Effektketten auf einfache Weise oder erstellen Sie umfangreiche Synth-Patches für Ihre Backing-Tracks.

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This bundle includes

  • Blue Cat's Axiom - "The next generation: your axe beyond the limits" - Blue Cat's Axiom is a powerful and open multi effects processor and amp simulation software for guitar and bass. Based on the acclaimed Destructor plug-in for amp simulations, Axiom offers an infinite number of exceptional tones for your axe. It includes two amp simulations channels (with pre and post effects) that can be mixed.

  • Blue Cat's Destructor - "The distortion and amp sims factory that actually goes to 11" - Blue Cat's Destructor is a powerful distortion and amp sim modeling tool capable of simulating any kind of distortion: from harsh digital destruction to smooth compression or guitar amp simulation (works for clean tones too!), and most importantly, yours! It is delivered with hundreds of presets and predefined models, either...

  • Blue Cat's Late Replies - "The Creative Delay Workstation" - Blue Cat's Late Replies is a powerful delay and multi effects plug-in that can be indefinitely extended by hosting third party VST, VST3 or AU plug-ins anywhere in the signal path. With its unique topology, the plug-in is a full-featured delay machine with unlimited powers.

  • Blue Cat's PatchWork - "The virtual patchbay for audio plug-ins" - Blue Cat's PatchWork is a universal plug-ins patchbay that can host up to 64 VST, VST3, Audio Unit or built-in plug-ins into any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in one instance. It is possible to chain effects in series or create up to 8 parallel chains that can be activated independently.

  • Blue Cat's Re-Guitar - "One guitar, an infinite number of tones" - Welcome to the world of "Re-Guitaring": enjoy an infinite number of guitar tones out of a single instrument! With Re-Guitar, you can emulate many kinds of guitar tones (electric or acoustic), regardless of the solid body guitar model used for recording: keep playing your own guitar and get all the sounds you want!

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  • macOS 10.7 oder höher
  • Intel Prozessor
  • Standalone: Core Audio-kompatibles Audio-Interface.


  • SSE2-fähiger Prozessor (Pentium 4 oder höher).
  • Windows 8 - 10
  • Standalone: ASIO-, MME- oder WASAPI-kompatibles Audio-Interface (ASIO empfohlen)


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