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Cinekinetik Collection

Cinekinetik Collection


SampleTank 4 Extension

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4 einzigartige Sound Libraries für SampleTank 4

Cinekinetik kombiniert 4 einzigartige SampleTank Sound-Libraries, die zusammen eine erhebliche Ersparnis und eine Quelle der Inspiration bieten. Bereichern Sie Ihre Werke mit innovativen, eindrucksvollen Texturen und Klängen.


  • Enthält Shipwreck Piano, Fractured Piano, Malletopia und Malletension

  • Über 20 GB akribisch gesampelte Originalinstrumente und 250 Presets

  • Shipwreck Piano und Malletopia enthalten Vintage-Hardware-Hall zum Experimentieren

  • Ideal, um jeder Komposition Energie, Spannung, Mystery oder Suspense zu verleihen

  • Funktioniert mit allen Versionen von SampleTank 4, einschließlich des kostenlosen SampleTank 4 CS

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

The story behind the sounds

All Cinekinetik instrument libraries were recorded using experimental techniques with results you won’t find anywhere else. In addition to offering you a collection of unique sound sources, Shipwreck Piano and Malletopia include presets where the original samples were further shaped and transformed using highly sought-after vintage hardware reverbs for even more unique textures, pads and atmospheres. The 4 libraries are as follows:

  • Shipwreck Piano is an audiophile-grade SampleTank instrument collection that puts you behind an antique upright piano. Imagine this haunting remnant somehow still in tune and invitingly playable with a rich, evocative tone. Atmospheric reverb, recorded from several rare and sought-after vintage digital hardware units, adds dramatic space and dimension that’s sure to inspire. Whether you’re scoring films, TV shows, audiobooks or podcasts, Shipwreck Piano delivers the perfect haunting atmosphere to any scene.

  • Fractured Piano is a collection of altered and “prepared piano” keyboard sounds. Designed to stir emotion and build tension, it features sci-fi and cosmic sounds, action-driven percussive sounds and acid keys, along with dystopian harpsichords and other imaginary or futuristic sounds. The library was recorded and produced by Filippo Gaetani and Florian Weixelbaumer in the style of the groundbreaking avant-garde John Cage techniques on a beautiful Bösendorfer grand piano recorded at their studio in Vienna, Austria.

  • Malletopia is a broad collection of chromatic percussion instruments. It includes marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel and orchestra chimes/tubular bells, all played using an expert assortment of mallets (yarn, felt, wood and metals) and then matched with sampled spaces created using the same rare and vintage reverbs as Shipwreck Piano for a massive range of chromatic textures. Deep round-robin sampling ensures the most true-to-life sound for repeated notes, letting this library blend perfectly into any style or genre.

  • Malletension is the dark companion library to the above. Where Malletopia is beautiful, clean and ethereal, the Malletension library has been expertly processed to bring out a more aggressive, twisted and otherworldly character. To do this, Malletension takes the audiophile samples and stretches their natural harmonics, envelope shapes and transient responses to create futuristic chromatic percussion sounds that go far beyond the real world for fresh and inspiring soundscapes.

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Für alle Cinekinetik Libraries wird SampleTank 4.1.4 oder höher benötigt.

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