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Leistungsstarkes Distortion und Amp Modeling Tool

Blue Cat's Destructor ist ein leistungsstarkes Verzerrungs- und Amp Modeling Tool, das jede Art von Verzerrung simulieren kann: von der harten digitalen Zerstörung bis hin zur sanften Kompression oder Gitarrenamp Simulation. Destructor wird mit Hunderten von Presets ausgeliefert, entweder inspiriert von Hardware (Gitarren- und Bassverstärker, Kompressoren, Pedale, Bandmaschinen...) oder von Blue Cat Audio entwickelt.

Aber das Plug-in ist nicht auf die vordefinierten Modelle beschränkt: Alle Parameter der vorhandenen Presets sind vollständig editierbar, so dass Sie Zugriff auf eine unbegrenzte Anzahl von Verzerrungssimulationen haben - Sie müssen keine zusätzlichen Presets oder Verstärkermodelle kaufen, um Ihren individuellen Sound zu erstellen.

Destructor GUI Art

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

Based on a perceptual model rather than on electronic designs or impulse responses, the signal chain is reduced to its bare minimum, simplifying the process of tweaking the tone and making it fit into the mix. You can also load and transform your own impulse responses to add color to your tone.

Thanks to its exclusive adaptive shaper, it is reactive to the playing of instrumentists, providing a very natural feeling, similar to analog gear.

To make the look and feel of the plug-in fit with your favorites tones, it is bundled with more than 1600 visual styles that can be selected separately for each module. It is also possible to import reference curves measured with Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi to quickly match existing tones.

Main Features

  • Powerful distortion and amp modeling tool.

  • Simulate any kind of distortion: analog or digital, guitar and bass amps, saturation, clipping, compression, bit crushing...

  • Works for "clean" sounds too.

  • Get started with several hundreds of fully editable presets, inspired by real gear.

  • More than 1600 visual styles to customize the user experience.

  • Control the dynamics with the input gate and compressor.

  • Control the tone with the pre and post filters.

  • Exclusive shape dynamics control: adapt the tone to the dynamics of the signal.

  • Use the internal or external side chain to trigger the distortion.

  • Load your own cabinet or reverb impulse reponses, transform and mix them with built-in simulations.

  • Protect your ears with the output brickwall limiter.

  • Comprehensive visual feedback: real time spectrum analysis, dynamic distortion curve display with embedded signal histograms.

  • Load reference curves for tone matching.

  • No latency.

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  • macOS 10.7 oder höher
  • Intel Prozessor
  • Standalone: Core Audio-kompatibles Audio-Interface.


  • SSE2-fähiger Prozessor (Pentium 4 oder höher).
  • Windows 8 - 10
  • Standalone: ASIO-, MME- oder WASAPI-kompatibles Audio-Interface (ASIO empfohlen)


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