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Drum Styles

Drum Styles


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Drum Styles ist eine aufregende und flexible Library voller Akustischer Drum Loops & Single Hits, perfekt für jede erdenkliche Musikrichtung, eingespielt von Hollands bestem Drummer, Taco Gorter, bekannt für außerordentliches Timing, Sound, Interpretation und – vor allem – für Spaß an der Sache!

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

A superb new range of immaculate style-based acoustic drum loops and single hits - including western contemporary rhythms such as funk, hip hop, jazzdance, rock, drum & bass, crossover, house etc., together with jazz and many examples of the more exotic equivalents of swing, for instance reggae, baion, highlife, latin, batucada, etc, etc. As a bonus there are lots af percussion loops to add into the mix, and of course the single hit drum sounds, for customizing your own rhythms.

DRUM STYLES was performed and produced by:
Taco Gorter: Drums, production.
Charley Dumerniet: Production, engineering, editing.
Jasper de Boer: Production, engineering.
Erwin Klaassen: Editing & drum track mastering.

Taco Gorter is one of the leading drummers/percussionists in the Netherlands. As a teacher and composer, Gorter has inspired countless musicians. He has played throughout Europe with numerous well-known national and international artists and is highly praised for his timing, sound, interpretation, versatility in styles and - most importantly - fun in playing.

Formate: WAV, REX


Diese Multi Format Library (enthaltene Formate sind in der Produktbeschreibung aufgeführt) enthält keine Wiedergabesoftware. Zum Laden und Abspielen der in diesem Produkt enthaltenen Sounds ist eine geeignete Software erforderlich.