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Albion IV Uist

Albion IV Uist

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Albion IV Header

Carefully crafted Selection of extraordinary playable Articulations

5 Solid Days in the hall at Air Studios, the finest scoring stage of them all. Featuring the seminal talents of Ben Foskett. Featuring leading members of the English Session Orchestra with large strings, winds and brass sections. Spitfire´s  biggest Albion collection by far. With the largest array of orchestral content of any Albion and a new, enormous set of extraordinary Stephensons Steam Band instruments powered by Spitfires new eDNA engine. Designed to take us all to new realms of music making, this is the one weve all been waiting for. Ideal for existing Albion users, a perfect companion for BML users, and an extraordinary standalone product for those with musical ambitions beyond the confined quarters of contemporary musical imagination.

Albion IV is a carefully crafted selection of extraordinary playable articulations, long evolutions, motions, textures, hits, effects, clusters, stabs, stings...the list goes on. Albion IV is not an aleatoric library as our amazing set of players had literally bibles-worth of intricately orchestrated material from the extraordinary mind of Ben Foskett. Combined with the award winning experience of the Spitfire Audio team who have built something with crossfading dynamic layering, these jewels are designed to be playable, to fit in with your composition, to be varied and diverse enough not to dictate to you how to write.

Albion UIST Header

UIST plays true to the Albion range in that it is recorded in large epic cinematic orchestral ensembles; Strings High, Strings Low, Winds High, Winds Low, Brass High and Brass Low all playing these incredible "progressive" techniques. With everything arranged to interlock between sections. As these ensembles are recorded via the finest vintage valve and ribbon mics to tape helmed and mixed by Jake Jackson, Albion IV is designed to integrate seamlessly with both the rest of the Albion range and as a perfect addition to the BML range.

True to the spirit of volumes 1 though 3 we have then taken these extraordinary recordings and have warped them into a staggering selection of totally unique hybrid sounds. These vary from organic orchestras from another place and age to screaming synths and staggering pads. There is only one way we could present this "Stephenson's Steam Band IV" section of UIST and that as a cartridge for our amazing eDNA engine. Which will enable to morph your listener's world from that of orchestral wonder to mind warping electronics.

Albion IV Orchestra Header


A band of over 60 of the finest orchestral session musicians playing the finest, rarest instruments, recorded at Air Studios - Lyndhurst Hall, London, through the finest vintage, valve, and ribbon mics to 2" tape. The only tape based orchestral library in the world. This is all you need to write epic sounding, widescreen cinematic orchestral music straight out of the box. Recorded in large epic cinematic orchestral ensembles; Strings High, Strings Low, Winds High, Winds Low, Brass High and Brass Low. We have captured a staggering 800 unique "progressive" articulations with everything arranged to interlock between sections. As these ensembles are recorded via the finest vintage valve and ribbon mics to tape helmed and mixed by Jake Jackson, Albion IV is designed to integrate seamlessly with both the rest of the Albion range and as a perfect addition to the BML range.

The UIST ensemble:

  • High Strings - 10 1st Violins, 8 2nd Violins, 6 Violas
  • Low Strings - 8 Cellos, 6 Double Basses
  • Hi Woods - 3 Oboes, 3 Clarinets, 3 Flutes
  • Lo Woods - 3 Bass Clarinets, 3 Bassoons (+ doublings)
  • Hi Brass - 3 Trumpets, 4 Horns
  • Lo Brass - 3 Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone, 1 Cimbasso, 1 Tuba

All patches come with 4 mixable/ routable and selectable mic positions C(lose), T(ree), A(mbient) and O(outrigger). Work with one mic "in" on your laptop on the plane, then render down with all four routed to 5.1 on your "big rig" back at your studio.

UIST is also the first volume to introduce 3 x Jake Jackson signature mixes enjoyed by our BML users. These world class mixes offer "Fine, Medium and Broad" perspectives that spring out of the box, save memory and voices/ CPU demand.
Albion IV Steam Band HeaderWith such incredibly original raw material warping this into 187 unique "eDNA" powered "Stephenson's Steam Band" was an amazing journey. One that sustains this successful Albion tradition of turning organic material into wondrous ensembles from another time and place. Engineers often comment that this type of "synth" or "hybrid" content is much easier to work with as it's core essence is born of beautifully recorded amazing musicians playing amazing instruments.

This set of "Stephenson's" is proudly presented powered by eDNA our killer EDM interface. Once you get your hands on it these 187 patches will morph out of control and become yours within seconds!

Please note that the download size of this product is 62.3 GB!


We like instruments that just open and play. So we have worked for many years to create a simple to use and uniform GUI so you learn one, you learn them all. With improvements being made constantly we frequently update the whole range to maintain uniformity in our interfaces across our entire range.

Albion IV GUI PREVIEW MENU PATCHES - AIV's ensembles have 800 instruments that accurately describe what is being instructed. So no "scrapy horror strings" here, just simple "sul pont falls". These sounds are then categorised into a series of subsets. Each subset has a preview menu patch that enables you to browse and quickly identify sounds...

Albion IV GUI 2INDIVIDUAL PATCHES - ...which you can then load up as 'individual' patches to enjoy the wealth of multi-sampling, playable patches, dynamic x-fading and round robins.



Having spent a whole year working on this amazing GUI we are delighted to support our feeling that you'd be hard pressed to get your hands on a better user experience in order to take hybrid material and mangle it in the most musical ways possible to fit your compositions and taste. eDNA works on a simple concept and that is imagine you're using a pair of decks with a sound set in on and another in the second. You then use this relationship to create amazing sounds that move and jar. Whether it via the simple xfader to the 8 FX racks that work independently and in conjunction with one another. Take the warped world of UIST for a ride that is only limited by your imagination!


...and this image displays how you can intuitively load bus and instrument effects parameters onto your main screen to then control or automate.

This library is a free "Kontakt Player" Library and requires NO FURTHER PURCHASES to operate to its full potential.


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5.0 of 5

Holy Cow, this is everything you've been missing from your orchestral palate and more!

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Kontakt poweredThe latest NI Kontakt Player is included in this product!
The minimum Kontakt Player version to use this library is specified in the product description.

Download latest free Kontakt Player Windows (~ 450MB)
Download latest free Kontakt Player Mac INTEL (~ 600MB)

You want more?
This library qualifies for the reduced Crossgrade of full KONTAKT at Native Instruments (€ 249 instead of € 399)

Windows 7, 8 or 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit)
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)

Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11 oder 10.12 (latest update)
Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)

for all

  • 1GB free disc space for player installation
  • additional hard disc space according to the library size
  • internet connection for product activation required (on any computer)


  • Stand-Alone
  • VST
  • Audio Units
  • ASIO
  • CoreAudio
  • AAX Native (Pro Tools 10 or later)

Kontakt Player legacy downloads - please check compatibility with your libraries!

Kontakt Player 5 5.3.1 Win (WIN 7 or higher)
Kontakt Player 5 5.3.1 Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher)

Kontakt Player 5 5.1.0 Win (WIN XP or higher)
Kontakt Player 5 5.1.0 Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher)

Kontakt Player 5 5.0.3 Win (WIN XP or higher)
Kontakt Player 5 5.0.3 Mac (OS X 10.6)

Kontakt Player 4 4.2.2 Win (WIN XP or higher)
Kontakt Player 4 4.2.2 Mac  (OS X 10.5 / 10.6)

System FAQs
System FAQs - Albion IV Uist

Q: Can I use the included Kontakt Player for playing other libraries in Kontakt format (.nki plus .wav files)?
A: No, they only work in a 15 minutes demo mode

Q: When trying to "Add Library" my Kontakt shows a message "No Library found"
A: Then this is not a protected Kontakt library, but an open Kontakt format. You can find additional hints for Kontakt Libraries in that Sounds & Gear Video

online activationProduct activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).





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