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Attack EP88
release date: 28.04.2016

Attack EP88

5.0 of 5
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AAX native, AU, Mac, Standalone, VST, Win
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€ 149,-$ 149.00£ 125.79

Attack EP 88 Header

World's first tacked Electric Piano Library!

Built on a foundation of over 47,000 samples, Attack EP88 is an incredibly rich sounding and deeply customizable instrument, providing numerous discrete signal paths including DI, tube, contact mic, mono mic and stereo pair, unique envelopes and effects for both the electric and acoustic signals, and discrete voicing and tuning controls for all 88 keys. The only library of its kind, Attack EP88 delivers an entirely new take on the much-loved electric piano sound, in the most userfriendly and comprehensive way we could imagine!

Attack EP88 Main GUI Screen

Tack Piano!

A 'tack' piano is a form of prepared piano most commonly seen on acoustic uprights where, as in this example, each of the hammers has had a brass tack or metal device installed on or between the mallets and the resonators. The sound is most definitely still piano but the initial attack phase is accentuated, it's more present, with a resonant metallic brilliance.! As it turns out this preparation is quite exceptional on electric piano. The tonal character is almost bell-like in quality, giving a completely new perspective and life to the classicelectric piano sound.!


  • 88-key Rhodes Mark 1 prepared with brass tacks!

  • 5 discrete and fully mixable signals (DI, tube, contact, mono and stereo pair)!

  • Internal signal routed via 3 busses (contact, mono and stereo, and DI and tube)!

  • Independent envelopes and effects per-bus (including Thorus, Dual Delay and

  • Sparkverb)!

  • 8 velocity layers and uo to 5 round-robins per-mic, per-note!

  • Contact mic recordings made per tine!

  • Pedal-up, pedal-down and key noise recordings (7 round-robins each)!

  • Per-note voicing control (3 tack positions recorded, per-signal, per-note)!

  • Per-note tuning control!

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface!

  • 70 preset library!

  • 47,000+ sample library, losslessly streamed for speed and efficiency!

  • Flexible licensing supports 3 concurrent authorizations!

Attack EP88 is compatible with current versions of UVI Workstation, a featured freeware sample instrument, and Falcon, the premier hybrid instrument, combining 15 oscillators, 80 effects, modulators, scriptable event processors and more!


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Sprache: deutsch
5.0 of 5

Klingt einfach magisch! In Falcon lässt sich damit so einiges anstellen. Die UI is sehr gut und übersichtlich. Eins der interressantesten gesampelten Instrumente.

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requirements Requirements

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UVI poweredThe latest UVI sample player is included in this virtual instrument!
More information about UVI-Workstation and the latest version of UVI is available as a free download HERE and also useful as a full working demo version.


  • Stand Alone application for Mac and PC
  • VST for Mac and PC (Cubase and other VST compatible sequencers)
  • AAX native (Pro Tools) on Mac and PC
  • Audio Units (Logic Pro and other AU compatible sequencers)
  • "Falcon" compatible

UVI Engine XT minimum system requirements:


  • Mac Intel Prozessor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • MAC OS X 10.7 and higher (32 Bit / 64 Bit)
  • Hard Drive: 7200 rpm recommended or Solid State Drive (SSD)


  • Intel Core Duo or faster
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Windows 7 and higher (32 Bit / 64 Bit)
  • Hard Drive: 7200 rpm recommended or Solid State Drive (SSD)


iLok License

This product requires an activation!
You can either "soft" activate on your computer without addditional hardware or transfer the license to an iLok USB dongle which has to be purchased separately. The iLok dongle can be used to run the protected software on different computers. Your licenses can be easily manged using the iLok Licence Manager. To protect your investment against theft or loss we recommend the iLok Zero Downtime protection with TLC.

An internet connection on any computer and a free user-accout at is required to authorize the product.





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