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BT Phobos
release date: 03.04.2017

BT Phobos

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Bye Bye Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio's management has made the decision to sell their products in the future only directly. That means from June 1st you cannot buy their products from the Best Service site anymore. 

Get your chance in the last days of May and order Spitfire Libraries from our site and we will sweeten your purchase with a voucher, worth 10% of the value of the purchased Spitfire libraries which may be used for any future order at Best Service!


Example: You order Spitfire Audio products at best service from now until May 31st 2017 for together € 550 then we will send you a € 55 voucher on June 1st. You can redeem this voucher when ordering any other products at until end of 2017.


BT Phobos Header

Welcome to Poly-Convolution

Phobos is a must-have synthesizer for composers writing epic, cinematic electronic and hybrid compositions. Conceived by renowned composer and electronic music pioneer BT (The Fast and The Furious, Monster, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider), weve together developed a powerful new device to add a unique timbral expansion to your compositions by unlocking the liquid, morphing and transforming capabilities of convolution.

With an asset base featuring over 20GB of unique hand built BT rhythms, pulses, textures and atmospheres, and a revolutionary polyconvolver engine, you can quickly and easily create molecular loops, patterns and textures to energise your music and hold your audience at the edge of their seats.


BT Phobos Header 2

Together with Spitfire, BT has combined over 20GB of his own personal bespoke new libraries (following on from Breaks from the Nu Skool and Twisted Textures) into a convolution synthesis engine that allows you to sculpt, filter, rhythmically cut and pulse impulse responses that are tonal, melodic and harmonic. Most importantly you can play them polyphonically.

This synthesizer, sound engine and bespoke library package represents years of diligent searching for new awe-inspiring sounds and sound design techniques. If you, like BT, are looking for a new wave of inspiration for your compositions that are evocative, emotional, expressive and truly new, you owe it to yourself to check out Phobos. It is a well of endless inspiration.

One of the greatest solutions Phobos provides is for composers wanting to engage their audiences for extended sequences and cues without things sounding repetitive or ‘loopy. Phobos allows for an all new real-time interface interaction that allows the user to evolve, warp and transform their molecular patterns according to nuanced changes within a scene.

BT Phobos GUI Screen 1


One of Mars moons? A synthesizer? A tool for creating massive cinematic and electronic rhythms? An engine for endless spectral combinations of wide, lush pads and ambiences with propulsive rhythmic figures? Is it a sound library of bespoke percussion, beats, micro rhythms, field recordings, live acoustic and orchestral treatments, textures and a massive vintage synthesizer collection? That is just scratching the surface.

At its core, Phobos is a synthesizer based on the unexplored precept of polyconvolution as a synthesis engine. BT came up with this idea many years ago doing sound design. What does that mean exactly? Polyconvolution as a synthesizer? Well, it means instead of using convolution for reverb or modeling an amplifier's distortion circuit, why not make a “reverb” impulse response tonal?

Combining something rhythmic with something tonal (as an impulse response) yielded some of the most modern, liquid and percolating ambiences and textures BT had ever heard. These are the kinds of sounds he has been searching for whilst scoring; those elusive sounds where the director asks for “movement and a feeling of drive, yet subtly”. Thats not to say that Phobos only excels at subtlety - it can sound massive, driving and aggressive, like an army of monsters in its scope and power.


  • Revolutionary polyconvolution synthesizer, across 3 separate convolvers
  • Contains 2401 unique sounds, created by BT, that can be used both as a source or as an impulse response
  • Over 700 presets showcasing the possibilities of Phobos
  • Plugin that loads directly into any DAW that supports VST / VST3 / AU / AAX.


Browser Panels BT Phobos Mappings Screen    
  • Browser Panels - Phobos challenges the convention of loops, tones and how they are used in convolution. Which is why when clicking on the name of any of the sound sources OR any of the convolvers, you will be greeted with exactly the same browser...

  • Mappings - The ability to automate many of the fantastic and unique controllers is central to the vision of Phobos, which is why modulation mappings - the way in which functions are mapped and then ‘modulated (or changed) in realtime or automated via controllers - are key to many of our presets, and are applied both to Source/Convolver.

BT Phobos Advances Controls BT Phobos Convolution Controls
  • Sound Source Advanced Controls - A set of controls to further adapt each Source such as ADSR, start offset, filters and gates.

  • Convolution Advanced Controls - A set of controls to further adapt each Convolver and its impulse response. This is very similar to the controls for the sources and provides all the same functionality for the convolvers.

System Requirements:

  • Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 (dual core), 8GB RAM, 35GB free HD space.
  • Recommended: 2.5GHz i7 (quad-core), 16GB, 35GB free HD space.
  • Mac OS 10.9 or later
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Machine must be connected to the internet

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