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HALion Sonic

HALion Sonic

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HALion Sonic 2

HALion Sonic 2 is Steinberg's premier VST workstation, featuring the latest sampling and synthesis technologies, a world-class library and an intelligent user interface that excels in the studio as well as on stage.

Top Features

-Easy-to-use yet powerful premier music and production workstation for synthesized sounds and breathtaking recreation of acoustic instruments
-Outstanding library including over 1,400 instrument sounds created by top sound experts at Steinberg and Yamaha
-Powerful multi-timbral VST 3 audio-engine with 4 different modes: disk-streaming sample playback, highend virtual analog synthesis, dedicated sliced-loop and drum mode
-Unique morphing filters seamlessly blend between up to 4 of 24 filter shapes
-FlexPhraser module for dynamically driving beats, arpeggios and complex tonal phrases
-Wide range of audio effects on board, including REVerence convolution reverb
-Integrated MediaBay sound management system
-Stage optimized: dedicated player view, rapid building of keyboard splits or layers, and switching of entire multisetups with a single command
-Full VST Expression 2 support for smart articulation editing in Cubase

and much more

eLicenser required.


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Product activation
This Instrument requires an eLicenser compatible Key for activation of the software (by Steinberg, formerly Syncrosoft)!
This USB protection device is not included in the box of this collection, it is a separate item you have to buy additionally. Each eLicenser dongle can store many product licenses - so it has to be purchased only once.
Additionally an internet connection on any computer is required to authorize the product.






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