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Our current newsletter from 15.09.2017

Dear customers,

Before your weekend gets in full swing, take a short break and check out our collection of fun things for musicians that we collected for our newsletter. We have free products, updated products and you know it, new products. Have fun browsing! 

Free Best Service - Engine Artists Library

Engine Artists Library

After polishing this thing for months, we are now confident it is time for the first release of our free demo library package. We decided to call it "Engine Artists Library" because that's what it is. A collection of instruments from most of our Engine libraries. Some are limited, most are not and they cover a wide musical range.
Enough words, here's your free library:

Best Service - Engine Artists Library for incredible 0 €


Ancient ERA Persia 1.1 - Free Update

Ancient ERA Persia Update

After weeks of hard work Eduardo did it again. To give you full control over the complex rhythmic structure of Persian grooves he created 800 MIDI files perfectly integrated in the specific percussion instruments. You can jam along the midi grooves at any speed and your creativity won't be limited by time stretching algorithms. This is pure fun and a mandatory update for all Ancient ERA Persia owners.

Grab the free Update Installers here:


New Video Tutorials covering: Download, Extraction and Installation

Engine Tutorial Videos

Sometimes it seems you'd need a PHD in computer sciences to get your purchase up and running. To hopefully take this burden off your shoulders, we created a few videos that will help you get quicker to the fun part. Playing the instrument!


Best Service - How to Download & Extract on Windows - English

Best Service - How to Download & Extract on macOS - English

Best Service - Add & Activate ENGINE Libraries - English


AES New York 2017 - Meet Us There

AES New York

This year's AES takes place from 18th to 21st October 2017 in New York. And if you happen to be close, stop by and have a little chat. Follow this link to get your free AES ticket:

Your Exhibits-Plus VIP Link/Code:


Ample Sound presents - Ample Guitar Twelve

Ample Guitar Twelve

Ample Guitar Twelve brings the sound of the Taylor 956 CE 12-string Guitar to your studio. All common articulations have been recorded and are part of the instrument and certainly you can also use the fantastic Tab Player.

Ample Guitar Twelve - for only € 127, later € 169


Welcome - In Session Audio

In Session Audio

The new company of producer and developer Kyle Z, founder and owner of the wellknown audio loop and sample company "Nine Volt Audio". Still loving guitar based loop libraries, In Session Audio is expanding the range with great Kontakt based unique virtual instruments.

Introductory Offer with up to 50% OFF


New Releases

Engine Artists Library

Engine Artists Library - Best Service - 0,00 €

The free entry into the world of the Best Service Engine 2 | Engine Artists Library includes full working demo versions of a total of 16 products for the Best Service 2 Engine | From acoustic to electronic drums, through unique virtual synthesis, to precious, ethnic sounds of the past, the Engine 2 universe offers a wide range of instruments and sounds for professional use.
Riff Generation

Riff Generation - In Session Audio - 149,00 €

Based around a set of musical parameters controlled by the user, Riff Generation is designed to create complex and surprising combinations of synth-based melodies, rhythms and sound design with the press of a button. With an engine powered by Native Instruments' Kontakt Player platform, every riff adapts to the user's tempo, key, scale and currently played note. Perfect for song starters, ambient washes, basslines and pluck-laden pulses, Riff Generation closes the distance between the start and the finish of any track.
Fluid Harmonics

Fluid Harmonics - In Session Audio - 119,00 €

Fluid Harmonics is an instrument designed to create richly layered melodic patterns with ease. The library places harmonic (aka: flageolet) samples from 30 guitars and 100 synth patches into the “Triple Play” engine: a custom designed interface that allows users to independently arpeggiate, effect and shape three sound sources at one time.
Fluid Strike: Tuned Percussion

Fluid Strike: Tuned Percussion - In Session Audio - 125,00 €

Fluid Strike is an instrument designed to create richly layered melodic percussive patterns with ease. The library places samples from 30 acoustic tuned percussion instruments with 120 synth sounds into the “Triple Play” engine: a custom designed interface that allows users to independently arpeggiate, effect and shape three instruments at one time.
Ample Guitar Twelve - AG12

Ample Guitar Twelve - AG12 - Ample Sound - 127,00 €

Ample Guitar 12 aims to bring the Taylor 956 CE 12-string Guitar sound to your studio. The Library comes with 6.2 GB samples, all in 44.1 kHz and 24 bit recording quality. There are 2 libraries in AG12 - Strum and Finger. Ample Guitar 12 offers all common articulations such as Sustain, Nature Harmonic, Palm Mute, Slide In and Out, Legato Slide, Hammer On and Pull Off 8, all recorded in 2 mic positions Body and Ambience. Another feature is the integrated tab player that can play all popular formats of Tabs.
Evolution Bundle

Evolution Bundle - KEEPFOREST - 249,00 €

Evolution Atlantica and Evolution Dragon in a reduced bundle full of cinematic effect sounds and instruments!




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