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Our current newsletter from 26.05.2017

Dear Customer,

We're happy to present many new deals and great new products to you in this newsletter, but also we have some news that make us sad a bit:

Bye Bye Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio's management has made the decision to sell their products in the future only directly. That means from June 1st you cannot buy their products from the Best Service site anymore. 

Get your chance in the last days of May and order Spitfire Libraries from our site and we will sweeten your purchase with a voucher, worth 10% of the value of the purchased Spitfire libraries which may be used for any future order at Best Service!


Example: You order Spitfire Audio products at best service from now until May 31st 2017 for together € 550 then we will send you a € 55 voucher on June 1st. You can redeem this voucher when ordering any other products at until end of 2017.


East West Memorial Day Sale

EW memorial  day sale

Up to 50% OFF list price most East West Libraries  until end of May!


East West MIDI Guitar Instrument Series

EW Midi Guitar Series

Introductory price for all MGS Volumes until July 15th!

With the MIDI Guitar Series East West introduces a range of instruments, designed specifically for the Fishman TriplePlay Wireless Guitar Controller. These new MIDI Guitar Instruments have been selected and designed to take advantage of the complex and unique waveforms produced by a guitars vibrating strings.

Eventide Reverb Spring Saving 2016 Stereo Room
Eventide Stereo Room

Dont miss the chance to get Eventide's  2016 Stereo Room until May 31st instead of € 199 for only € 49


PlugIn Special

PlugIn Special

Huge discounts until end of May:

  • Overloud: Tapedesk instead of € 199 now only € 139
  • Nomad Factor: Garbage instead of € 139 now only € 55
  • Nomad Factory: Analog Studio Rack instead of € 199 now only € 55
  • Sample Magic: Boost instead of € 119 now only € 65
  • Sample Magic: Stacker instead of € 199 now only € 65
  • Plug&Mix: Proseries bundle instead of € 249 now only € 109
  • Plug&Mix: VIP Bundle instead of € 249 now only € 109


UVI - Deal of the Week

UVI Relayer

UVI's Relayer: delay effects at its best!

Until May 29th instead of €/$ 129 only €/$ 79.


Soundiron Requiem Light on Sale

Requiem Light

Soundiron´s Requiem Light, now version 3.0 (NKS compatibility)

Introductory offer until end of May:  € 165


Audionamix Memorial Day Sale


30% OFF Audionamix Bundles, until May 28th only!


Cinesamples Memorial Day Deal

Cinestrings Solo 25% OFFCinestrings SOLO 25% OFF, a few days only!


Memorial Day SALE Big Fish & Vir2

Big Fish and Vir2 25% OFF

​25% off most Big Fish Audio and Vir2 virtual instruments (excluding all bundles and Vital Series: Mallets)

Until May 30th only!



New Releases

MGS Vol.1 Orchestra

MGS Vol.1 Orchestra - EAST WEST - 169,00 €

MGS Vol 1: Orchestra is comprised of 190 instruments divided into 4 categories: Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, and Percussion. Spanning the multi-award winning virtual instrument collection of Symphonic Orchestra, these instruments were recorded by 11-time Grammy nominated classical recording engineer Prof. Keith O. Johnson, and redesigned especially for use with MIDI guitar controllers.
MGS Vol.2 Ethnic and Voices

MGS Vol.2 Ethnic and Voices - EAST WEST - 169,00 €

MGS Vol 2: Ethnic and Voices is comprised of 120 instruments divided into 4 categories: Bowed, Plucked, Voices, and Wind. Comprised from multiple award winning virtual instrument collections that includes Ra, Silk, Voices of Passion, Ghostwriter, Fab Four and Goliath, these instruments have been redesigned specifically for MIDI guitar controllers.
MGS Vol.3 Soundscapes

MGS Vol.3 Soundscapes - EAST WEST - 169,00 €

MGS Vol 3: Soundscapes is comprised of 72 instruments. Spanning multiple award winning virtual instrument collections including Ghostwriter, Goliath, The Dark Side, these instruments have been redesigned specifically for MIDI guitar controllers.
MGS Vol.4 Guitar and Bass

MGS Vol.4 Guitar and Bass - EAST WEST - 169,00 €

MGS Vol 4: Guitar and Bass is comprised of 94 instruments divided into 2 categories: Guitar and Bass. In addition to the instruments redesigned for MIDI guitar controllers from award winning collections of Ministry of Rock 1 & 2, The Dark Side, Ghostwriter, and Fab Four, this volume also contains two new guitars, one acoustic and one electric.
MGS Vol.5 Keyboards and Percussion

MGS Vol.5 Keyboards and Percussion - EAST WEST - 169,00 €

MGS Vol 5: Keys and Percussion is comprised of 91 instruments divided into 2 categories: Keyboards and Percussion. These instruments are redesigned specifically for MIDI guitar controllers and are comprised of multiple award winning virtual instrument collections that includes Ghostwriter, The Dark Side, Goliath, Fab Four, Ministry Of Rock, and ProDrummer.

F6 - Waves - 29,00 €

Tame a harsh vocal, but only when its too loud. Carve out EQ space in a busy mix – but do it dynamically. With 6 floating bands, each combining EQ and dynamic controls, plus advanced sidechaining and mid-side processing options, F6 lets you zero in on any trouble spot with surgical precision – and treat it only when the problem arises.

EQ84 - Overloud - 99,00 €

EQ84 emulates one of the most desired EQ module in the history of recording and mixing. Its warm, fat, and rich sound, with an incredibly detailed midrange, still excite even the most experienced engineers who are mixing with it.
Dystopia Expansion Pack for Substance

Dystopia Expansion Pack for Substance - Output - 39,00 €

Expand Subtance with 100 presets full of dramatically deep bass for earth-shattering low end. Subterranean booms & subs, colossal hits, drops & rises.
EZkeys MIDI New Wave

EZkeys MIDI New Wave - Toontrack - 25,00 €

This is the perfect collection of EZkeys MIDI for anyone looking to write ‘80s-inspired pop songs that have a different melodic flair. Ideal for use with EZkeys String Machine, EZkeys Mellotoon, EZkeys Electric Grand – or any timeless acoustic piano, for that matter. Start experimenting!

Tapedesk - Overloud - 139,00 €

Overloud TAPEDESK features a hyper-realistic simulation of a 2 inch 24-track World Class Tape Machine and emulates the complete signal paths of three legendary analog consoles, used every day of the last 20 years to create thousands of hits inside the worlds finest studios.
STA PreAmp

STA PreAmp - Audified - 42,00 €

The STA Preamp is the core effect of the Summing Tube Amplifier series, equipped with 5 types of valve saturation it adds a really unqiue and warm character to your Tracks.
STA Effects

STA Effects - Audified - 110,00 €

STA Effects is a bundle of six High-end Tube Processors providing the sought-after Analogue Sound. This Set contains FX such as STA Delay, STA Chorus, STA Flanger, STA Phaser, STA Enhancer and the STA Preamp. Get that Analogue FX Sound right into your DAW!




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