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 244,-$ 299.00£ 216.48

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Entfernt Störgeräusche sowie Hallanteile aus Audiomaterial

ERA-D ist ein einzigartiges Restaurationswerkzeug, das Störgeräusche und Hallanteile aus Audiomaterial entfernt. ERA-D ist sehr simpel in der Bedienung, es gibt jeweils einen großen Regler für De-Noise und De-Reverberation.

Technische Details in englischer Sprache:

ERA-D is the first restoration plug-in that simultaneously removes noise and reverberation by design and therefore provides unimaginable performance improvement over existing tools. Despite the complexity of the processing engine, ERA-D comes with an intuitive user interface to manage noise and reverb problems faster and more effectively than any currently available workflow.

ERA-D automatically estimates reverb and noise and provides the means to reduce them with just two knobs, achieving high quality enhancement in less than a minute. And for those times where exhaustive focus on the details is needed, ERA-D offers a panel of advanced settings as well as the ability to surgically process across user-defined spectral bands.

ERA D GUI Screen

Features Overview

  • Patented processing engine - Reduce both noise and reverb simultaneously, taking also into account their natural interaction

  • Dual mode - Use the sound from your secondary microphones to improve the enhancement quality in your primary microphone

  • Automatic de-noise and de-reverb - Obtain the estimation of noise and/or reverb adaptively, without the need to provide noise or reverb profiles

  • Multiple signal path options - Take advantage of an unprecedented flexibility of internal signal routing.

  • Fast and easy workflow - Reduce unwanted noise and reverb quickly and efficiently, using the two main knobs

  • Simple or advanced mode - Achieve quick professional results or focus on exhaustive details


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  • Win7 (32/64-Bit)
  • 2 GHz CPU
  • 2 GB RAM


  • Mac OSX 10.9
  • 2 GHz CPU
  • 2 GB RAM

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