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Fix Phaser

Fix Phaser

5.0 of 5
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 89,-$ 84.14£ 76.96

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Vintage Phaser Effekt

Softube´s Fix Phaser entstand aus der Zusammenarbeit mit Paul Wolff und komplettiert die Modulationseffekte Fix Flanger & Doubler. Nützliche Presets sowie eine Vielzahl an Modulationsmöglichkeiten sorgen für hohe Flexibilität bei der Anwendung.

Im Überblick:

  • Vintage Phaser Effekt
  • Entwickelt in Zusammenarbeit mit Paul Wolff
  • Bringt Bewegung in statische Klanglandschaften
  • Flexible Modulationsmöglichkeiten
  • Stereo-Rotationseffekte
  • Stereo-Verbreiterung durch „wide mode“
  • Einfach Anpassung an DAW Tempo (synch mode)
  • Nützliche Presets

Fix Phaser GUI Screen


Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

Have you ever worried that your guitar just doesn't sound enough like a spaceship? We know we have. Coming from the ever-fertile mind of audio legend Paul Wolff, Fix Phaser perfectly covers this concern, and many others too. Create subtle movement and texture in a string section or synth pad, wash a drum kit in stratospheric swirling attitude, create a throbbing, oscillating vibrato in a vocal, or simply swoosh and whoosh things to your heart's content.

Turn mono into stereo - The wide mode can create natural, convincing stereo soundscape from a mono track. Especially useful on guitars, vocals, drums and other instruments that sound static and lifeless.

What it does - With a clean and easy-to-navigate modern interface, the Fix Phaser loses none of that quintessential 70s/80s sound and style, and can transform a flat, dull track into a vibrant living beast in no time, and in a number of different ways. Sweep your phase centre at a rate anywhere between 0.01 and 6Hz, or let the incoming signal bump and pump the effect with the in-built envelope follower. Phase offset and regen settings allow further customisation of the sound, and three different stereo settings give the user control over the spread of the effect, from both mono and stereo sources.

Fix Phaser builds on the mind-warping technical concepts already presented in the Fix Flanger and Doubler, completing the "Fix" modulation series. Never again will you reach into the toolbox and find an empty space where your spaceship should be.


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5.0 of 5

Der absolut beste Phasereffekt, den ich bis jetzt gehört habe. Hatte schon die beiden anderen Effekte der Reihe Fix Doubler und Fix Flanger und der Phaser spielt in der gleichen Liga!

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requirements Systemanforderung

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  • Mac min. Voraussetzung: Intel Core Duo, AMD 64 X2, 4 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.9 oder neuer
  • PC min. Voraussetzung: Intel Core Duo AMD 64 X2, 4 GB RAM, Windows 8 oder 10 64-bit (ausgenommen Windows 10 Anniversary Edition)


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