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frei:raum header

sonible frei:raum | three EQs - one plug-in

perfect spectral balance in no time | freely reduce or boost natural reverb  | modify tonal and inharmonic components


smart EQ

Smart EQ-en

The core of frei:raum is a fully interactive equalizer with state of the art mastering quality. Each band can either be used in classical mode for manual EQing, or in the unique "smart" mode, offering automatic detection and removal of problematic resonances in different frequency bands.


proximity EQ

proximity eq -en

Got your spectral balance right but some frequency ranges still sound blurred and lack presence? That's where the proximity EQ of frei:raum comes into action.
With a few clicks, you can easily adjust the relation of direct sound and reverb within any frequency range. Use the proximity EQ for reverb reduction and flexible dereverberation - or to increase the natural "diffuse sound" of your recording.


entropy EQ

entropy eq -en

Turn up picking sounds and play with the sharpness of your snare drum! Perfect, nice clear sound but still not "tight" enough? Get your hands on the fabulous, new entropy EQ! By separating tonal components (e.g. sustained notes) from inharmonic parts (e.g. drum attacks), the entropy EQ can be used to freely adjust the tonal characteristics of your sound at any given frequency.



Just listen...


For all those who just want to rely on their ears, frei:raum offers the blind:flug (=blind:flight) mode. The visualisation of the EQ graph will be replaced by simple rotary knobs and you can just listen... without any visual distraction.



Everything under control



frei:raum offers small meter indicators for every single band and multiple solo and bypass options, allowing you to hear and to control every aspect of your audio material.



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Flag Test „Enthallung und (viel) mehr für Profis"

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"Das Plug-In eröffnet völlig neue Möglichkeiten der Klangbearbeitung und ist in dieser Form der Funktionalität auch einzigartig" – so das Fazit der Redaktion.... ganzer Bericht

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Fritz Fey, Studiomagazin

The creative freedom of this plug-in surpasses anything, which I have seen before in the world of equalizers.
— F. Fey (Herausgeber des Studio Magazins)

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Conclusion (excerpt)

If we go back to our questions in the beginning: what is frei:raum, and does the world need another EQ? I would like to answer the last question first: The world doesnt need another EQ, but it does need frei:raum! It is a really fresh EQ concept, and I really love the way its workflow and possibilities, and the little things it offers like blind:flug, smart EQ, meter indicators for each band, and, and, and … I personally havent seen such a fresh concept in years, and it was easy to get used to frei:raum within minutes.

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The verdict

Frei:raum is a plugin that can really be called ground-breaking and unique. Most importantly, it sounds awesome and can do things that other plugins will have problems doing - if they can do it, which I'm not sure to be possible. However, innovation like this comes at a price, but in this case it might be a bit too much for most of the DAW-based population.

full frei:raum review at



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