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Midi Pack Generic
Date de sortie : 20.11.2012

Midi Pack Generic

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Buy one ore more generic MIDI Pack serial number(s) and decide which MIDI Drum Pack(s) you want to download while registering in your Toontrack user account. Meanwhile there are about 40 Midi-File packs with tons of live played drum grooves in different styles available.

Chose ONE MIDI Pack per purchased serial number!

Or decide for the MIDI 6-Pack Bundle and save big!

All MMPs are optimized for Toontrack EZdrummer and Superior Drummer, but can be used also with virtual drumsets of third party suppliers (manual adjustments might be necessary).

Currently available MIDI Drum-Packs

  • Americana MIDI
  • Backbeats MIDI
  • Ballads MIDI
  • Basic Rock Fills MIDI
  • Basic Rock MIDI
  • Basic Jazz MIDI
  • Blues MIDI
  • Disco Grooves
  • Drum Riffs MIDI
  • Hip-Hop MIDI
  • Indie Folk MIDI
  • Jazz MIDI
  • Library of the Extreme – Blasts & Fills
  • Library of the Extreme – Fill Insanity
  • Library of the Extreme – Death & Thrash
  • Metal Beats MIDI
  • Metal Machine MIDI
  • Metal! MIDI
  • Metalheads MIDI
  • Monster MIDI Pack
  • Monster MIDI Pack 2 Odd Meters
  • Monster MIDI Pack 3 Fills
  • Monster MIDI Pack 4 Fills Odd Meters
  • Music City USA MIDI
  • New York Studios Vol.1 MIDI
  • New York Studios Vol.2 MIDI
  • New York Studios Vol.3 MIDI
  • Pop! MIDI
  • Reggae Beats MIDI
  • Rock Solid MIDI
  • Rock Songs MIDI
  • Rock! MIDI
  • Roots MIDI
  • Session Drums MIDI
  • Songwriters Drumpack
  • Songwriters Drumpack 2
  • Songwriters Drumpack 3
  • Songwriters Drumpack 4
  • Songwriters Fillpack
  • Songwriters Fillpack 2
  • The Blues EZX MIDI
  • The Classic MIDI
  • The Metal Foundry MIDI
  • The Rock Warehouse MIDI
  • The Progressive Foundry
  • AOR Drum MIDI-Pack
  • Country Grooves MIDI
  • Funk MIDI
  • Pocket Grooves MIDI
  • Classic Rock Grooves MIDI
  • Rythme Sauvage MIDI
  • Black Metal MIDI
  • Fusion Grooves MIDI
  • Hip-Hop Offbeats MIDI
  • Alt-Rock MIDI
  • Shuffled Backbeats MIDI

Please be aware that some of these MIDI-Packs are taken from the according EZX Expansions!


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Language: englisch
5.0 of 5

These midi packs are great way to explore grooves and get inspired through them. If you know how to create your own sounds in SD and dont need the full ez kits, these pack are for you!

Language: englisch
5.0 of 5

You can choose between many midi packs especially suited for toontrack ezdrummer2 or superior drummer.

Sprache: deutsch
5.0 of 5

Toontrack midi files bieten immer gute Qualität

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