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Our current newsletter from 26.06.2017

Dear Customer,


Our list of summer deals is growing, but also many promotions come to an end this week, so hurry up and get your bargain


Dirk Ehlert shows in his Hands On - Live Stream how to work with "The Orchestra"

composing with the orchestra

Today he is not only a great and experienced composer, he also hosts a twich channel, where he will turn "The Orchestra" inside out tonight at 20:30 (UTC+2). Tune in and find out.

Here are the details 


Soniccouture Summer Sale

Soniccouture Summer Sale

Huge discounts, up to 65% OFF during Soniccouture's  Summer Sale, until July 3rd!


MusicLab Summer Sale 30% OFF

MusicLab Summer Sale

Summer Promotion until July 16th

  1. 30% OFF all single MusicLab Guitars
  2. Buy RealGuitar before July 16th 2017 and get RealGuitar 5 upgrade for free after the release!
  3. If you already own RealGuitar, you can buy any Real instrument of your choice and get RealGuitar 5 upgrade for free after the release!


Trinity Drums 25% OFF

Trinity Drums 25% OFF

 "The Orchestra", produced by Sonuscore for Best Service with 25% OFF on Trinity Drums, also produced by Sonuscore! Until end of June only!

We celebrate the awesome start of "The Orchestra", produced by Sonuscore for Best Service with 25% OFF on Trinity Drums, also produced by Sonuscore! Until end of June only!


Continous Price Reduction

Price Drop


ending soon

Hey June.... June soon comes to an end and these deals do so as well:

Vintage Legends



Softube summer slae

Plugin Special


Keep Forest

VSL 40% extended libraries

VSL Aktionspreise





New Releases

SSL E-Channel

SSL E-Channel - Waves - 29,00 €

The SSL E-Channel delivers the incomparable sound of the Solid State Logic 4000-series consoles all-discrete design and its Class A, VCA chip. Its a slice of the worlds greatest hitmaking machine, in your computer.
Stratus: Ambient Loops

Stratus: Ambient Loops - Big Fish Audio - 99,00 €

Big Fish Audio and Funk Soul Productions are proud to bring you Stratus: Ambient Loops. Clouds of warm ambience, colorful melodies, and experimental rhythm loops come together to form a unique and expressive library of sounds that you wont stop coming back to again and again.




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