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Funk Soul Horns 2
Funk Soul Horns 2
Erstveröffentlichung: 22.07.2015

Funk Soul Horns 2


ACID, Apple Loops, REX, RMX, WAV

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Kontakt (Full Version!)

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Funk Soul Horns 2 Header

Große Sammlung an Bläsersatz und Solobläser Licks

Nach dem Erfolg des ersten Funk Soul Horns Library, bringt Ihnen Funk / Soul Productions Funk Soul Horns 2: eine riesige Sammlung von über 2000 Bläsersatz Licks und über 950 Soloinstrumenten Licks für den sofortigen Einsatz in Ihrer Produktion.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

FSH2 takes over where FSH1 left off by adding more musical styles, including Philly Soul, Memphis Soul, Detroit Soul, and Soul Jazz, choosing the size and make-up of each section to match each style.

Big Fish Audio also added some new instruments to the sections, including soprano and alto flute and muted trumpet, and with Big Fish Audio's KLI format you can easily change the key and tempo of any horn section or solo lick to match the tempo and key of your song.

Library Screen

Like its predecessor, Funk/Soul Horns 2 presents each horn section lick as a pre-mixed full-section loop and with each individual instrument part broken out as a separate loop. The pre-mixed section loops are fast and easy to use. Just add a little reverb to taste, and you're ready to go.

For those who like to get into more detail, the individual instrument loops allow you to arrange and remix the instruments any way you like. You can choose which horns you want to use in a given section, allowing you to use the same lick multiple times in an arrangement, yet add musical variety by changing which horns play the lick in different sections of your song.

You can also control volume-level, EQ, panning, and additional processing for each individual instrument. Want to hear more trumpets, and maybe less bari? Want to pan the trumpet parts to one side and the flutes to another? It's easy to do in FSH2. And with Big Fish Audio's KLI format you can easily change the pitch of any note, allowing you to change horn section parts that are in major keys to minor keys, change section-voicings, and alter or add chord-tensions. Thanks to KLI's flexibility, you can create any number of different horn parts from the same horn section lick.


Multi-Format Version

  • Apple Loops: 3.95 GB Total Content | 2,733 Apple Loop Files
  • Acidized WAV: 4 GB Total Content | 2,733 Acidized WAV Files
  • REX: 1.23 GB Total Content | 2,733 REX Files

KLI Series Version

  • 4.2 GB of content | 2,816 Total Kontakt Patches | 12 Pre-Mixed Kit Patches | 12 Stems Kit Patches | 2,733 Sliced Loops Patches | 59 Solo Licks and Phrases Patches |

INSTRUMENTS INCLUDED: Alto Flute, Soprano Flute, Alto Sax, Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax, Soprano Flute, Trombone, Trumpet, Muted Trumpet & Flugel Horn

You must have a FULL version of Kontakt4/5 to use this product.

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Wichtig: das "Full Kontakt" - Format kann NICHT vom kostenlosen Kontakt Player abgespielt werden, Sie benötign für dieses Format eine Kontakt Vollversion (z.B. in Komplete oder Komplete Ultimate Paketen enthalten!)

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