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AAX native, AU, Mac, VST, Win

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Schneiden Sie leises Brummen und Rauschen schnell aus dem Signal heraus, schneiden Sie Reverb-Tails kurz oder übertreiben Sie die Dynamik in einem Takt. Die Möglichkeiten sind... vielleicht nicht endlos, aber sie sollten Ihren Gate-Bedarf decken!

kHs Gate verfügt über einfache, aber leistungsfähige Regler zur Abstimmung des gewünschten Effekts und kann leicht durch ein externes Sidechain-Signal angesteuert werden. Das Gate kann auch umgedreht werden, um ein Signal unter ein anderes zu legen.

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

Product Features

  • Attack knob: The attack time is the time it takes to for the gate to fully open when the input volume is over the threshold.

  • Hold knob: The hold time is the minimum time the gate will stay open.

  • Release knob: The release time is the time it takes to for the gate to fully close when the input volume is under the threshold.

  • Threshold knob: The volume threshold for when the gate will open.

  • Tolerance knob: A hysteresis range requiring the volume to drop a set amount of dB under the threshold before closing.

  • Range knob: The amount to attenuate the signal when the gate is closed.

  • Look-ahead: When enabled, a 5ms look-ahead will be used, allowing transients through at the cost of latency.

  • Flip: When flipped, the gate will act in reverse attenuating the signal when the gate is open.

  • VU Meter: Displays the current input level, the selected threshold and tolerance, and the gate's current state.

  • Sidechain: When you select anouther sound source in the sidechain drop-down the plugin uses that source for determining the behaviour of the plugin instead, it still effects the main sound source. This is useful for lowering a lead sound whenever the kick hits.

  • Settings panel: Whenever you have your mouse cursor over a snapin there is a small arrow at the top right corner (not visible in screenshot). It opens a settings panel where you handle presets. It also has a "randomize" button that can be useful.

  • Enabled checkbox: The small checkbox to the left of the plugin name is a checkbox that bypasses the effect when disabled.

  • Resize handle: The bottom right corner of all Kilohearts plugins is a resize handle for scaling the UI to any size. This allows you to get a good view of the controls whatever the screen resolution, and also comes in handy if you need big controls, e.g. when using Bitcrush as a real-time effect on a touchscreen monitor during a live set.

Gate is a snapin

Kilohearts plugins work great together, and all the snapins can work double duty as modular components inside kiloHearts snapin host. There are several different hosts that allow you to apply any number of snapins in various contexts, like to each individual band in the band-splitter Multipass, or add your full effects chain right inside the preset of the synth Phase Plant.

All Kilohearts plugins are available through the installer as 64-bit VST, AU and AAX plugins for Windows and Mac.

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  • macOS 10.10 oder höher
  • 64 bit
  • 2GHz CPU


  • Windows 7 oder höher
  • 64 bit
  • 2GHz CPU

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