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Gypsy Cafe

Gypsy Cafe

5.0 of 5
€ 48,30
$ 48.30
£ 42.98
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ACID, Apple Loops, REX, RMX, WAV
Download Größe: 5,66 GB
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€ 48,30$ 48.30£ 42.98
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Download Größe: 1,28 GB
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€ 48,30$ 48.30£ 42.98
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Gypsy Cafe ist ein Mix aus Gypsy Jazz und Musik aus Italien und Paris – die perfekte Kombination aus alt und neu. Reisen sie zurück in die Vergangenheit und lassen sie sich vom leichten Schein des flackernden Kerzenlichts den Weg zum Gypsy Cafe zeigen, wo die Gypsyband spielt und feiert!
Erleben sie diese 5.4 GB große Library voller „Old-time“ Romantik, verpackt in genialen Construction Kits.

- 5.4 GB of material (3.12 GB of 24-bit WAV files)

- 2,666 files in WAV, REX and Apple Loops (645 WAV Loops)

- 645 WAV Loops

- 645 Apple Loops

- 692 REX Loops

- 9 Construction Kits: Each kit contains a demo mix, every element broken out with multiple song style sections and tons of variations. Complete live played multi drums of each and every kit allows you to tweak to your hearts content. You get the entire recording session, every nuance and every detail right at your fingertips.

- Instruments Used:
Acoustic Guitars (Gypsy and Natural)
Electric Guitars
Mandolin Choir
Slide Guitars
Steel Guitar
Baritone Guitar
Hi-String Acoustic
Electric 12 String
Electric Bass
Wine Glasses




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Language: englisch
5.0 of 5

My personal preferences are definitely with naturally sounding virtual instruments, and the Gypsy Cafe was on my things-to-get list for a long while. What a great instrument this is! The loops are nice and very versatile, the ways you can combine them seem limitless, and one with enthusiasm can do a lot of incredible things using just this single collection. If you are fond of such style of music, you will love this plugin. Romantic movies, comedies, commercials - all of it could benefit from using the sounds of Gypsy Cafe. Five stars!

langue: française
5.0 of 5

très pratique. Il manque cependant plus de boucles dans des tonalités mineures. avec des accords sur 4 quatre temps et non sur deux. Il manque également des tempos lents comme on peut le trouver dans les standards de django tels que nuages.

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