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Hit Zone 2

Hit Zone 2

€ 49,-
$ 49.00
£ 42.94
ACID, Reason Refill, REX, WAV
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 49,-$ 49.00£ 42.94

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Top 40 Pop/Hip Hop/R&B - Chartorientierte Construction Kits (3 GB) vom Hit Produzenten Team aus den "Bunker 8 Digital Labs": Bässe, Beats, Keyboards, Licks & Phrasen incl. Fills und funky FX.

Going even deeper into the Top 40 Pop/Hip Hop/R&B bunker, Big Fish Audio has launched a full-scale sound assault with this DVD ROM. These discs are packed with basses, beats, keys, licks, fills and funky FX- culminating in a huge collection of intricate goodies sure to propel your ideas from conception to completion. In response to the massive success of "Hit Zone Volume One," producer Bunker 8 Digital Labs has tricked out this latest "Hit Zone" release with more layers of complex sounds that rival even the first. "Hit Zone 2" puts your tracks into chart-topping overdrive with even more beat zones, construction kits and new to this release super- subtacular bass zones and delicious turn around transit zones. Grab these grooves and slam your mixes into overdrive, Big Fish's "Hit Zone 2" will rocket your tracks straight to the top.




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