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Erstveröffentlichung: 02.05.2019


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 99,-$ 119.00£ 90.63

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IronAxe GUI

IronAxe - Lebendige Gitarre & ein unvergleichlicher Realismus

IronAxe ist eine High-End Physical Modeling Simulation eines der berühmtesten und beliebtesten elektroakustischen Instrumente aller Zeiten: die E-Gitarre.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:


  • Physical Modeling simulation of real electronic and acoustic components

  • An all-in-one complete Electric Guitar + FX / Stompboxes + Amp / Cabinets setup

  • Choose your Guitar model : Solidbody with 2 or 3 Pickups

  • Excitation modeling : select the Plectrum hardness or pluck a String with fingers at any point along its lenght

  • Strings modeling : independent simulation of each of the 6 (different) strings, with the possibility to choose strings material, set tension values and other

  • Pickups modeling : select Pickups type (single-coil, humbucker, steelplate), number and place them into Guitar's body

  • KeyPerformer Engine : perform complex Strums, Phrases and Riffs with ease and in true real-time, using only a standard MIDI Keyboard

  • StringsToucher Engine : play/touch each of the 6 virtual Electric Guitar strings individually and in true real-time, for true-to-life arpeggios using only a standard MIDI Keyboard

  • Four insert effects slots, featuring 10 analogue modeled Stompboxes

  • Amp/Cabinet simulation, featuring 6 legendary Cabinets

  • Full MIDI CC#s mapping


IronAxe Version 1.x (aktuell) ist derzeit auf Windows 32 Bit und VST (2.3) beschränkt,
IronAxe Version 2.0 (in Entwicklung) wird die komplette cross-platform, multiformat Kompatibilität für Mac OS und Windows bieten.



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