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LMCorrect GUISofortige Loudness-Anpassung

LM-Correct bietet Ihnen die einzigartige Chance, im Handumdrehen und ohne jeglichen Stress, Loudness Anpassungen vorzunehmen. Eine Zeitersparnis, die Ihres gleichen sucht und das ohne die Gefahr alltäglicher Flüchtigkeitsfehler.

Ob Sie nun in einer NLE/DAW oder der Standalone-Anwendung arbeiten, LM-Correct bietet Ihnen automatische Anpassungen mit True-Peak-Korrektur. In Verbindung mit einem Real-Time-Meter, passt LM-Correct Ihren Mix direkt den Ziel-Levels an und ermöglicht so einen transparenten und effizienten Mix. Dies ist ein elementarer Bestandteil eines Loudness Toolkits.

LM-Correct’s Interface wurde designed, um Ihnen die Arbeit zu erleichtern und intuitiv zu sein. Ob Sie nun das Plug-In oder die Standalone Version nutzen, die Nutzung bleibt identisch.

Adobe Premiere Pro wird mittels CEP Panel supported. LM-Correct ist außerdem als Standalone Version für Windows oder OSX verfügbar.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

Fully featured

In addition to standard loudness features, our unique look-ahead True Peak limiter also prevents potential compliance failure due to loudness correction. You can be sure your audio is compliant every time.

  • Faster than real-time

  • Plug-in or standalone

  • Integrated TP limiting

  • Single-click loudness solution

  • Clear, intuitive operation

  • Accurate & quick-finishing

Automated, faster than real-time

LMCorrect Inst 1For file based-processes (either with the standalone, Avid AudioSuite or Adobe Premiere Pro CC CEP version), LM-Correct rapidly assesses and adjusts the entire file much faster than real time.

Automatically handling audio files from mono through 7.1.2, LM-Correct is compliant with all current loudness standards, and if needed you can specify the optional dialog-gated measure.

Automatically repurpose & reversion

LMCorrect Inst 2LM-Correct dramatically increases efficiency when delivering multiple versions and repurposing for different regions and playout specifications.

Transform audio from one specification to the next with a single click, faster than real-time, without the need to manually repurpose in your editor.

Optional DynApt extension

DynAptWith this optional extension, powered by technology developed for our server-side solutions, even complex specifications can be met with great sounding algorithms and smooth efficiency. Uniquely, the new DynApt extension also allows immediate correction for LRA and dynamics, whilst preserving dialog intelligibility and correctly identifying and respecting intentional dramatic transitions.

For post and broadcast

LM-Correct is ideal for use in situations where time is of the essence, providing an automatic method of rapidly conforming audio to current loudness standards. The plug-in can be used within a project to measure and correct audio without needing to leave the editing environment, enabling rapid in-place loudness normalisation of mono, stereo or multi-channel audio.

LM-Correct can also be used as a final ‘back-stop’, ensuring that finished files are within specification and performing an in-place fix where errors are found.

Feature summary

  • Automated standard compliance

  • ITU-R BS. 1770 | EBU R128 | CALM Act

  • Integrated loudness target

  • Maximum True Peak Level

  • Short-term and momentary loudness limiting

  • Optional DynApt LRA dynamics targeting

  • EBU mode

  • Automatic mono through 5.1 compatibility + 7.1.2 support

  • Leq(m) (TASA) measurement

Typical applications

  • Faster than real-time loudness analysis

  • Final compliance checks for mixed audio

  • Immediate finishing to loudness standards

  • Integrated True Peak limiting

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  • macOS 10.7 oder höher
  • RAM: 512 MB


  • Windows 7 oder höher
  • RAM: 512 MB

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