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Lounge Factory - Downbeat Business

Lounge Factory - Downbeat Business


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971 Sounds und Loops für Lounge, Downbeat & NuJazz

Zero-G Lounge Factory - Downbeat Business Volume 1 beinhaltet insgesamt 971 Sounds und Loops und ist den Genres Lounge, Downbeat und NuJazz gewidmet. Wenn Sie sich jemals gefragt haben, wie Cities nachts in all den kleinen urbanen Bars und Nachtclubs klingen würden, finden Sie die Antwort genau hier in der Lounge Factory.

Lounge Factory - Downbeat Business Volume 1 bietet jedem Produzenten dieser Musikgenres eine gewaltige Quelle der Inspiration und großartige musikalische Ideen mit einer breiten Palette schimmernder, schöner, tiefer, melancholischer, warmer und beruhigender Klänge und Klangeindrücke.

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

Get inspired by over 5.6GB of fresh, handcrafted sounds leading you into the deepness of Lounge and Downbeat: Noisy vintage keys, shimmering Rhodes, deep basslines, warm strings, atmospheric pads, lively synths and beat construction kits - always with the feel and the touch of late-night music. The perfect package to add some night mood to your urban soundtrack or to add some jazzy impressions to your next project.

The wide range of sounds will also fit other musical genres, like TripHop, JazzHop or Chillout and will give you a great source to spice up your musical productions.

This versatile collection of sounds provides all loops at 100 BPM, recorded dry and processed with authentic effects, so you will have the choice of which flavour to use.

Artist Portfolio:

"Smooth" was established by Marco Rockstroh from Wuppertal (Germany) in 2006 to separate the Dubtechno output from his other musical projects and to dive a little deeper into sounds and the magic of Dubtechno. Meanwhile, Smooth has become a project for research in Dubtechno and Deep House, as these styles have been important influences in the bygone decades. Marco Rockstroh started DJing back in 1990 with EBM/Techno and producing electronic music in 1994, and since that time, he moved in many electronic music genres such as House, Drum&Bass and TripHop. Beside producing, mastering, sound design and graphic design, he operates the non-commercial audio net-label CYAN that he founded together with Jaja. Meanwhile, there is a wide range of deep Dubtechno releases available by Smooth on CYAN and on Bandcamp.

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