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Nectar Elements

Nectar Elements

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AAX native, AU, Mac, RTAS, VST, Win
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€ 89,-$ 88.33£ 79.19

Nectar Elements Header

Essentielle Tools und Effekte für Stimme

Nectar Elements bietet essentielle Werkzeuge zur Korrektur und Bearbeitung von Audiomaterial, wie z.B. Pitch-Correction, De-Esser, EQ und Gate, der Hauptunterschied zur Nectar Vollversion liegt in den Kontrollmöglichkeiten, diese sind in Elements eingeschränkt. Dafür sorgen zahlreiche Presets aufgeteilt in Genres wie Rock, Pop, Folk, Soul und Sprache für schnelle Ergebnisse beim Mischen.

Einen direkten Vergleich zwischen Nectar und Nectar Elements finden Sie unter "Mehr Infos".

Nectar Elements GUI

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

Key Features

  • Rapidly audition different vocal sounds with professionally-designed Style presets in a wide variety of Genres.
  • Personalize your sound with easy-to-use controls that drive sophisticated vocal processing.

Who is it for?

  • Home Recordists - Streamline your vocal production. Pick a Style and dial in your ideal vocal sound, all from one intuitive screen that holds every control you'll need.
  • Singer/Songwriters - Think you can't do your own vocal production? Think again. Download the demo and see for yourself.
  • Podcasters - Sound radio-ready with the click of a button. Adjust controls specifically designed for spoken dialogue and achieve consistent results every time.

ATTENTION Nectar Elements works only in Pro Tools 7.4–10!


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Operating system requirements:

Windows (XP Service Pack 2 or later, x64, Vista, 7)
Mac OS X 10.5.8 -10.10

Plug-in formats:

Pro Tools 7.4+ (RTAS/AudioSuite), VST and VST 3, Audio Unit

Plug-in host compatibility:

Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, GarageBand, Logic, SONAR, ACID, REAPER, Sound Forge, Peak, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, and many more

Note: Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.


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