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Testberichte für The Orchestra Complete

The Orchetsra Complete


+ Kinderleicht zu bedienen

+produktionsfertige Orchester-Zusammnestellungen für viele filmische Motive und Szenen

+übergreifende dynamische Steuerung per Modulationsrad

+authetische lebendige Rhythmik und Arpeggios durch ausgefeilte Engine

+alle ausdrucksstarekn neune Instrumente der TOStrings Of Winter Kollektion enthalten

+ fairer Preis

kompletter Test im KEYS Heft Oktober 2019


Sound On Sound


The Orchestra Engine offers a creative goldmine of driving rhythms and animated orchestral textures, the content of which is entirely up to the user. The individual instrument patches, although relatively basic compared to more ‘specialist’ libraries, are very useful in their own right. However, it’s the Engine that’s the heart and soul of this library — just start playing and you’ll be hooked.

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