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Old School Flavours Vol. 1-4

Old School Flavours Vol. 1-4


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Old School Flavours bietet in 4 unterschiedlichen Volumes eine große Sammlung diverser Drum-Loops und Grooves. Jedes Volume beinhaltet 9 verschiedene vintage Drumkits und je 5 authentische Song Patterns, aufgeteilt in 3X4 Bars pro Groove und in Songparts wie Intro, Verse oder Chorus und eigene Drum Fills!

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

  • Volume 1 - RARE GROOVIN' takes you through the Roots of Funk & Soul, representing the late 60's to mid 70's, and is especially suitable for drum & bass, funk, hip hop & trip hop productions.
  • Volume 2 - VINTAGE SOUL povides the classic soul of timeless mellow grooves covering the late 60's to late 70's, and is especially suitable for soul, pop & R&B productions as well as retro remixes.
  • Volume 3 - SUPERFUNK is great for hip hop, acid jazz and also drum & bass styles, giving you the classic funk sound & feel of the early to mid 70's.
  • Volume 4 - HOUSE PARTY is the epitomy of funk dance, boogie & disco covering the mid 70's to early 80's. It's especially suitable for pop, house & R&B productions.

This download includes ALL of the above four volumes.

Formate: WAV, Acid

Here's how Technologica magazine described the Old School Flavours series:

"This Zero-G collection looks not at the future of music but goes back, way back. There's a huge Nu Soul, retro funk thang going on at the moment and the four volume Old School Flavours collection is right on target, covering the Rare Groove (Rare Groovin'), sexy Seventies funk (Superfunk), classic Soul (Vintage Soul) and early disco influenced 'proper' house (Houseparty) spectrum. Put it this way, the minute this package landed on my desk, the studio team downstairs nicked it and went into sample frenzy. Old School Flavours is an impressive selection of rhythmic black music grooves with the files broken down into three different sections: 4 bars of Main Groove (Chorus), 4 bars of what is called "simpler versions" or verse, and 4 bars of Offbeat Syncopated versions. Basically, if you want to get seriously down and funky in the most general sense of the term this collection is a must, especially if you haven't got a monstrous record collection spanning three and a bit decades of cool stuff. And even if you have, you won't be able to resist using Old School Flavours just for the downright convenience of it."


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