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Ozone 7

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BannerCreative Mastering Platform

iZotope‘s komplettes Mastering System vereint acht essenzielle Mastering Tools in einem Plug-In:
Maximizer, Equalizer, Multiband Dynamics, Multiband Stereo Imaging, Post Equalizer, Multiband Harmonic Exciter, Reverb, und Dithering. In Version 6/7 sind noch weitere Innovationen wie Adaptive Release Control (für das Dynamics Modul), Tube Limiter (für das Maximizer Modul) und Modul-Presets hinzugekommen.


Technische Details in englischer Sprache:

Key Highlights

  • Get essential mastering tools: Equalizer, Dynamics, Maximizer, Exciter, Imager, Post Equalizer, Dither, and Dynamic EQ [Advanced only].
  • Harness the sonic texture of classic analog gear with even deeper digital control.
  • Make smarter mix decisions aided by robust, real-time visual feedback throughout all modules.
  • Quickly achieve authentic sounds for any genre with a comprehensive bank of presets.
  • Master your audio within or outside your audio editing software with both plug-in and standalone options.

Equalizer and Post Equalizer

EQ ScreenOzone includes two equalizers that combine eight bands of adjustable filters with a variety of filter shapes to choose from. Use the first EQ for initial shaping of your master, then take advantage of Ozone 6's Post Equalizer for even more shaping later on in your signal chain. The Analog-Matched EQ curves preserve analog behavior at high frequencies, giving Ozone 6 authentic analog frequency response.


Dynamics ScreenEach band of dynamics is capable of three types of dynamics processing: limiting, compressing, and expanding. Easily fine-tune the dynamics of your mixes with independent control for up to four frequency bands. The interactive Threshold control allows you to set threshold points for the Limiter and Compressor stages without taking your eyes off of the gain reduction meter, which provides extra feedback while making your detailed dynamics tweaks.

Dynamic EQ [Advanced Only]

Dynamic EQ ScreenOzone Advanced adds the new Dynamic EQ module and component plug-in, an EQ that lives and breathes with your music. Harness the precision of an equalizer with the musical ballistics of a compressor. Integrated with an intuitive workflow, these processors work in concert to create a valuable mastering tool that excels where traditional EQs fail.



Exciter ScreenOzone's Exciter lets you dial in the right amount of bite or warmth to add to your master. Add analog character with a variety of modes: Easily add tube or tape saturation, accentuate even harmonics, and add punch or sparkle to your project. In addition, multiband and Mid/Side modes give you a huge range of sonic possibilities across the frequency spectrum and the stereo field.



Imager ScreenOzone allows you to precisely adjust stereo width for your master using the Imager module. As with the other multiband modules, the Imager works with up to four frequency bands - providing independent control over stereo width by frequency. An integrated Vectorscope and Correlation Meter give you valuable visual feedback for the mastering process, including Polar vectorscope modes and a Stereo Balance meter.


Maximizer ScreenOzone's Maximizer is essential for giving your recordings professional loudness and fullness. This powerful tool helps you prevent your master from clipping while dramatically lifting the perceived overall audio level - perfect for any master where you want more loudness without sacrificing crisp detail. Keep the subtle snap of a snare rimshot in a country single, or give a club track incredible impact.

Insight [Advanced Only]

Insight ScreenOzone 6 Advanced takes metering to a new level, offering a convenient way of visualizing your mix. Insight, iZotope's metering suite, is included as a separate component plug-in and fully dedicated to metering. 



Dither ScreenOzone provides the finest bit reduction algorithms available, allowing you to effectively convert and dither to 24, 20, 16, 12, or 8 bits. This is useful for mastering a track for a CD (16-bit) from a 24-bit source. Ozone includes our proprietary MBIT+ dither algorithm that reduces quantization distortion with minimal perceived noise. As a result, the algorithm produces smooth and quiet conversions for the best-sounding dither possible.

Version 6.1 added the following innovations to Ozone:

Produce louder, clearer, and fuller masters with Adaptive Release
This multiband control for the Dynamics module intelligently automates the difficult task of finding the right
release times. The compressor actually engages with the audio in real time, adjusting the release values
based on the transient properties of the incoming signal.
Without Adaptive Release, youd have to pick an average release value to service both high and low
dynamic range audio—or do twice the work! Adaptive Release does the hard work for you transparently, so
you can dive right into the creative aspects of mastering without a frustrating learning curve.

Add a warm, analog sound with Tube Limiting Mode
Vintage tubes have long been praised for decades for their ability to add color and character to cold, sterile,
and flatsounding
recordings. The Tube Limiting Mode for the Maximizer module combines warmer, more
final stage limiting with the ease and precision of digital maximizing. The resulting audio
has a tube warmth while remaining competitively loud and appropriate for modern mastering.
With a new algorithm inspired by vintage tube hardware limiters Fairchild 670 and Manley VariMu,
the Tube Limiter blends the best of digital and analog, adding a vintage sonic character to Ozones
maximizing algorithm.

Creatively tweak with confidence with Module Presets
Get confidence from using professionally designed presets while still retaining creative control over your
signal chain.
Without the convenience and sound quality of module presets, its difficult to creatively experiment with
different module combinations. Now, with module presets , you can easily load and save settings for
individual modules without affecting the settings of other modules.
The module preset systems simplified interface is more conducive to working with individual modules. So
its easy to creatively experiment with settings for individual modules, then save them to instantly load up on your next track or project.

Additional Features of v 6.1

Save time by loading with your specific presets, or get a fresh start by restoring the factory defaults. Set the default state of Ozone 6.1 to whatever you desire!

Selectable Segmentation Loops
Enjoy a new level of interactivity, selecting and looping segments with just a single click.

Track Numbers on Export
Stay organized when exporting multiple files by automatically appending file names with track number

Sound Quality Improvements
Gone are the potentially damaging clicks and pops due to changing settings. By using micro crossfades,
many of these glitches are avoided.

General features:

Ozone's Preset Manager gives you professionally designed starting points for mastering your projects. Power users will appreciate the ability to create presets that utilize all of Ozone's modules and routing capabilities for instant recall of useful configurations.

  • Utilize the additions and improvements in Ozone 6 with new mastering presets.
  • Streamline your decision-making process with outcome-oriented descriptions.
  • Learn to use Ozone's features using presets as a valuable teaching tools.

Standalone Application

Ozone 6 allows you to master outside of your audio editing software with the new standalone application. This creative mastering platform provides comprehensive tools for any mastering project.

  • Integrate your other plug-ins within your Ozone mastering chain with AU/VST plug-in hosting.
  • Adjust the tops and tails of your audio with Trim and Fade controls.
  • Instantly highlight changes and similar sections of your audio with waveform segmentation overlay.
  • Stay organized with fully contained project folders that employ iZotopes SRC (sample rate conversion) on file import, plus single- and multiple-file export with iZotopes MBIT+ Dither.

Workflow Highlights

Throughout Ozone are forward-thinking tools which help to guide you through your mastering workflow.

  • Easily create your own signal path through a customizable signal chain.
  • Audition your audio better with Seamless Bypass, which gain-matches bypassed audio to your Ozone processing.
  • View gain-staging across your mastering chain with Module Gain Meters.
  • Save time with a comprehensive Undo History, and quickly compare different settings with A/B tools.
  • Get vital visual information at every step of the mastering process. Each module of Ozone offers relevant metering that informs mastering decisions.

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sehr gute Presets, flexible Plugi-Kette, leider keine gute Upgrade-Möglichkeit auf Ozone 7 advanced

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Gutes, einfach zu bedienendes Mastering-Tool

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requirements Systemanforderung

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Operating system requirements:

Windows: 7 and 8
Mac: OS X 10.8–10.10 (Intel only)

Plug-in formats:

Pro Tools 10 & 11 (RTAS, AudioSuite, 64-bit AAX), VST 2, VST 3, and Audio Unit.

Plug-in host compatibility:

Pro Tools 10 & 11, Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase, Nuendo, WaveLab, Digital Performer 8, StudioOne, GarageBand, Audition, SONAR, REAPER, Sound Forge, FL Studio, and many more.

Graphics card requirements

For use of the scrolling 3D Spectrogram in Insight, Ozone 6 Advanced requires a graphics card that supports Open GL 2.0.


iZotope products support three methods of authorization. The method that will be best for you is based on the machine(s) on which you want to install your iZotope products.

  • If your computer is connected to the internet: The most commonly-used authorization method is Online Authorization, where you can use your serial number to directly authorize a product, after product installation on your machine.
  • If your computer is not connected to the internet: For offline machines, we offer a Challenge/Response authorization method. For this process, a challenge code is provided by the software on the desired machine after you perform the installation. This challenge code must then be submitted to our website via another web-connected device. A response code or file is then provided that you can use to authorize the offline machine.
  • If you use an iLok: Our products also support iLok authorization for offline machines, or for users who are using iZotope products on-the-go on a number of different machines.


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