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Flexibler Faltungshall mit erweiterten Features

Paragon ist ein echter Faltungshall, der die Flexibilität und Kontrolle eines klassischen Algorithmus-Halls besitzt und Ihnen den Klang echter Räume bietet, allerdings mit einer noch nie dagewesenen Anpassungsfähigkeit.

Wozu 30 Aufnahmen von unterschiedlich großen Kirchen, wenn man die Charakteristik einer einzigen Kirche akribisch einstellen kann?  Mittels Re-Synthesis bietet Paragon die volle Kontrolle über das Decay, die Raumgröße und die Intensität von Reverbs, die auf 3D-Aufnahmen realer Räume modelliert wurden - ohne Time-Stretching, das heißt ohne Artefakte - ganz zu schweigen von der Spektralanalyse und dem präzisen EQ der Impulsantworten selbst.

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

Main Features

  • True convolution reverb

  • Dolby Atmos and surround-compatible

  • Individually configurable crosstalk per channel

  • Unique technology for re-synthesis of authentic IRs

  • HPF and LPF per channel

  • Spectral analysis

  • Switchable LFE

Paragon GUI

Seamless tweakability

The IR library isn’t too big, and it isn’t too small, it’s just right. Gone are the days of keeping an Impulse Response saved for every possible configuration of every possible space - with Paragon, all you need is a select few, which can be tweaked to create almost limitless combinations of spaces.

Using state of the art technology developed alongside the University of York’s Dr. Jez Wells, 3D Impulse Responses are analyzed, decomposed and re-synthesized to create new authentic spaces.

Paragon’s IR panel also allows you to seamlessly tweak the frequency response or real spaces, by EQing the reverb model itself and altering the frequency-dependent decay rate.

Real spaces reimagined

Paragon’s reverb decay and room size can be set significantly longer, larger, shorter and smaller than that of the original IR space, without introducing ugly artefacts as a result of stretching or removing samples. Unlike a traditional convolution reverb, Paragon does not use a static Impulse Response, and this wider scope allows you to transparently transform the sound of the space.

For film & television

As the first 3D-compatible convolution reverb, Paragon is an ideal addition to your Dolby Atmos workflow - create a sense of space like never before.

Paragon’s adjustable crosstalk creates a sense of liveliness and interaction between channels, and allows you to produce surround reverb even from mono or stereo sources. Paragon offers the control and flexibility to determine how reverb from each channel interacts with the other channels, for example improving dialog intelligibility by removing reverb from the centre channel, but maintaining a sense of space and location by sending the dry centre channel audio to other reverb channels.

Typical applications

  • Creating immersive reverb

  • Atmos-compatible convolution reverb

  • Manipulating IRs whilst maintaining true convolution characteristics

  • Authentic sounds of real spaces

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  • macOS 10.7 oder höher
  • RAM: 512 MB


  • Windows 7 oder höher
  • RAM: 512 MB

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