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Phantom Horns

Phantom Horns

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ACID, Apple Loops, EXS24, HALion (full version), Kontakt (Full Version!), WAV
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Diese einzigartige Library enthält den dynamischen und geachteten Sound der wohl bekanntesten Horn Section aus England – The Phantom Horns (inkl. John Thirkell und Gary Barnacle). Das Line-up bietet Trompete, Flöte, Flügelhorn und Posaune, sowie Alt, Tenor und Bariton Saxofone – Ob gespielte Riffs oder spielbare Multisamples – beides ist Teil von Phantom Horns!

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

The riffs are all performed by various combinations of these instruments and this comprehensive sample library provides an in-depth study of the range and versatility of the contemporary brass section. Awarded FIVE STARS by Sound On Sound magazine, this is an absolute all-time classic collection.

Phantom Horns is jam-packed with brass riffs, hits, tails, swells and multi samples, with five main stylistic sections, namely: Tower of Power, James Brown style, Earth Wind and Fire, Rock 'n' Roll, and Reggae.

Each section comprises a vast number of short brass riffs and phrases, played at two different tempos and in four different key signatures. Each phrase is recorded four times, once in each key, and always at intervals a fourth apart. This gives you maximum flexibility when putting a track together, and also encourages you to explore some of the more unusual ranges for the instruments within the brass section.

A fair amount of the library is given over to multisamples of the solo brass instruments themselves; tenor sax, baritone sax, trumpet and, finally, the full horn section. Each one gives you loads of options for creating an accurate representation of the instrument, by sampling a wide variety of single notes over nearly three octaves. There are easily-loopable long notes, swells slides, short and long falls, as well as crotchets, quavers, and semi-quaver short notes. As a bonus, a few minutes of excellent solo improvisation on flute, trumpet and sax are provided.

Formate: WAV, ACID, Kontakt (Kontakt Vollversion wird benötigt), EXS24, HALion, Apple Loops


"Phantom Horns is great value for money - the sheer number and variety of usable riffs and phrases must be applauded"
- SOUND ON SOUND magazine, UK

"A great collection of squeaky honks, subtle trills and mellow drones"
- FUTURE MUSIC magazine, UK

"There have been a few attempts at producing the ultimate brass sample library, but none with the unique appeal of Phantom Horns.. a clever and well executed package that should cure a lot of headaches in a lot of studios"
- THE MIX magazine, UK


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4.0 of 5  
24.10.2016 Language: englisch

A nice horn package. Not my primary but a good alternate flavor. Easy to use and some nice added features.

4.0 of 5  
17.09.2015 Sprache: deutsch

Gute Qualität der Aufnahmen.Gut Einsetzbar.


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