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PSP Ultimate Modular Collection
Erstveröffentlichung: 19.02.2020

PSP Ultimate Modular Collection


AAX native, AU, Mac, Standalone, VST, Win

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PSP Ultimate Modular - Nur das Beste von PSP Modular

Die 33 Module von PSP Audioware lassen sich in zwei Kategorien einteilen: klassische Effektmodule, die auf ihrer langjährigen Erfahrung in der Entwicklung hochwertiger "Brot und Butter"-Effekte und Prozessor-Plugins basieren und spannende, kreative Module, die Algorithmen aus ihrem Flaggschiff, dem Multieffekt-Plugin PSP N2O (ehemals PSP Nitro), als Ausgangspunkt verwenden und diese Effekte auf die nächste Stufe heben.

Jeder Algorithmus wurde angepasst und erweitert, um die außergewöhnlichen Möglichkeiten des modularen Formats und der Flexibilität des Voltagesystems optimal zu nutzen.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

Modules included

  • PSP eFeMerizer - a frequency modulator NEW!

  • PSP nitroFormant - dual formant filter;

  • PSP nitroEnveloper - dual envelope follower;

  • PSP nitroLFO - LFO with a choice of ten waveform or derived waveform;

  • PSP nitroPhaser - phaser with up to 32 stage order;

  • PSP nitroLoFi - continuously variable bitcrusher with presets;

  • PSP nitroBQF - two parallel filters;

  • PSP nitroComb - two channel combe filter;

  • PSP nitroSVF - dial state-variable filters;

  • PSP nitroPitch - pitch shifter;

  • PSP nitroNoise - a unique noise generator;

  • PSP nitroADSR - an advanced envelope generator module;

  • PSP FreqShifter - an analog-like frequency shifter module!

  • PSP Spring - three classic spring reverb emulations;

  • PSP Plate - three classic plate reverb emulations;

  • PSP Space - three classic room reverb emulations;

  • PSP Delay - digital delay with tape modulation and pingpong features;

  • PSP Chorus - four voice stereo chorus;

  • PSP Flanger - stereo flanger with manual control

  • PSP Rotary - an emulation of a classic mechanical modulation effect created by a rotating speakers' horn and drum;

  • PSP VCACMP - classic VCA style compressor;

  • PSP GEQ10 - a classic ten-band graphic equalizer

  • PSP PEQ6 - an analog-style parametric equalizer.

  • PSP PolyADSR - classic ADSR generator;

  • PSP PolyAmp - a polyphonic voltage controlled amplifier;

  • PSP PolyBoing - react resonantly on the rising or falling edges of the triggering signal;

  • PSP PolyEnveloper - a multi stage envelope generator;

  • PSP PolyFilter - a fourth order ladder-type resonant filter;

  • PSP PolyFolder - a multi-stage (0 to 6) signal folder;

  • PSP PolyPatch - a polyphonic patch bay;

  • PSP PolyWobbler - controls random analog instabilities.

  • over 250 presets

PSP Ultimate GUI 2

What is Voltage Modular?

Voltage Modular is a brand-new virtual modular platform, designed from the outset to be the best sounding, most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use virtual modular instrument available. The innovative module browser allows users to purchase and automatically install modules and sound presets directly from within Voltage Modular for immediate expandability.

Unparalleled Workflow

Designed from the ground up to address the shortcomings of other virtual modular synth instruments. Featuring six-way pop-up mults on all inputs and outputs, super easy repositioning of modules or groups of modules, cables that can be moved and rerouted at all times, and control panels designed to be easy-to-read and operate with extensive visual feedback, including cable signal flow indicators, Voltage Modular offers a clean, polished, virtual modular interface like no other.

Fantastic Sound Quality

All audio processing in Voltage Modular uses high-quality 64-bit double precision math, and all module processes are zero- latency and operate on individual samples for true modular performance. This translates to fantastic sounding audio-rate frequency and amplitude modulation, oscillator sync, insane delay feedback, and more.

System requirements

Voltage Modular is cross-platform for Windows and OSX in AU, VST, VST3, and Pro Tools AAX formats, and also runs standalone. User patches and cabinets are freely exchangeable across platforms.

  • Mac: OS X 10.9 or above | 64-bit required | 8GB of RAM recommended.

  • Windows: Windows 7 or above | 64-bit required | 8GB of RAM recommended

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