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Pure Synth Platinum

Pure Synth Platinum

5.0 of 5
€ 79,-
$ 75.02
£ 68.41
Full Product
AAX native, AU, Mac, RTAS, Standalone, VST, Win
Download Größe: 2,15 GB
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 79,-$ 75.02£ 68.41

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Pure Synth Platinum (PSP) ist eine Software basierte Rompler und Synthesis Library, die alle die Brot und Butter Sounds eines traditionellen Hardware Keyboards hat, verbunden mit all den Synthesetechniken der komplexesten digitalen und analogen Synthesizer.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

Synthesis and Rompler

The goal with PSP was to create a very unique hybrid synthesizer/rompler combo that would act as a complete synthesizer. For those of you who don’t know what a rompler is: A rompler is sample based player where, in many cases, the effects, LFO, amp, and other synthesis techniques are “caked” into the samples. Sure with a rompler, you can tweak the sounds and add effects, but the control you have is limited. Conversely, a synthesizer gives you the raw analog/digital waveforms in which to tweak your own sounds and control the actual wave shaping parameters of the your sound. The bad thing about pure synthesis oscillators (wavetable, FM, analog) is that they are not good for acoustic type of instruments.

This is where PSP comes in! You actually get all of the acoustic waveforms indicative of what samples offer as well as an amazing arsenal of digital and analog synthesis techniques: Analog, Wavetable, FM, Transient/Drum, Sub Oscillator, and Noise Generator.

Combining synthesis and rompler samples allows you to create a very unique hybrid sound, so you can shape and create your sounds how you like. Most of the EDM stuff out there is really starting to all sound the same and we didn’t want to do that. Gospelmuscians wanted to create a very unique platform in which you feel as if you have a REAL synthesizer. That’s what made old school synthesizers such as the JD-800, D-50, EX5, and the Wavestation so unique. They had their own character and personality and the sound was original and special! This is what PSP aims to do and Gospelmusicians feel they have done it very well.


  • 5.2GB (uncompressed) Samples
  • 2.1 GB FLAC Losses Compression (HQ)
  • 514 Presets (More Presets to come)
  • 6,232 Multi-Samples
  • 328 Individual Sample Waveforms used for oscillators
  • Over 1,600 Wavetables with PWM
  • Over 30 Different effects per oscillator
  • Analog Synthesizer with PWM and Sync
  • 8-Oscillator Superwave for phat stacked synths
  • Transient Drum Synth for drum and/or transient sounds
  • FM Synthesizer with 6-Operators
  • Dedicated Sub Oscillator
  • White Noise Generator with 11 different generators
  • ASR-10/DP4 Warm Reverb Emulations
  • 2-Filters per Oscillator with over 50 different filter choices
  • Classic Oberheim Xpander Filter emulations with 37 modes
  • 2-LFO’s per Oscillator (LFO 2 to modulate PWM, Sync, and FM parameters)
  • Arp/Gate per Oscillator for Complex Sequences

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Language: englisch
5.0 of 5

The quality of Pure Synth Platinum is excellent, considering the price. Just think of it as a great extension to your arsenal of standard musical sounds.

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requirements Systemanforderung

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UVI Powered

Die aktuelle UVI Workstation 3 ist in diesem virtuellen Instrument enthalten!
Weitere Informationen zur UVI-Workstation sowie die neueste Version (kosternloser Download) erhalten sie HIER.


  • Stand Alone Anwendung für Mac und PC
  • VST für Mac und PC (Cubase und andere VST kompatible Sequenzer)
  • AAX native (Pro Tools) für Mac und PC
  • Audio Units (Logic Pro und andere AU kompatible Sequenzer)
  • "Falcon" kompatibel

UVI Workstation 3 Systemanforderung:

57,8 MB Festplattenplatz (Mac Installation 233 MB; Windows 64 Installation: 266 MB)

Unterstützte Betriebssysteme:

  • Von Mac OS X 10.8 bis macOS 10.13 High Sierra (64-Bit)
  • Von Windows 8 bis Windows 10 (64-Bit)

Festplatte: 7200 RPM empfohlen oder Solid State Drive (SSD)

4GB RAM (8 GB+ dringend empfohlen für große UVI-Soundware)


iLok License

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Diese kann entweder auf Ihrem Computer (ohne zusätzlichen Hardware) erfolgen oder alternativ auf einem separat zu erwerbenden iLok USB-Dongle. Der iLok USB-Dongle kann an beliebigen Computern angesteckt werden, um die damit geschützte Software auf mehreren Rechnern zu benutzen. Ihre Lizenzen können über den iLok License Manager beliebig verwaltet und durch eine zusätzliche Versicherung (Zero Downtime mit TLC) vor Verlust oder Diebstahl geschützt werden.

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