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Quirky Guitars vol. 1

Quirky Guitars vol. 1

€ 69,-
$ 69.00
£ 60.25
ACID, Apple Loops, REX, RMX, WAV
Download Größe: 2,89 GB
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 69,-$ 69.00£ 60.25

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Quirky Guitars vol. 1 ist eine großartige Inspirationsquelle voller moderner und kreativer Sounds. Diese 2.46 GB große Collection (1.02 GB als 24 Bit WAV Files) kennt keine musikalischen Grenzen und bereichert jedes Projekt!

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

Step through the looking glass and enter a musical world of upside down and inside out with the fresh sounds of Quirky Guitar. This extensive collection focuses on Melodies, Rhythms and Textures through the instruments of the acoustic guitar (hi-strung, de-tuned, natural) banjo, mandolin, vintage electric guitars, glockenspiel, bells, music boxes, old synths, organs and others secret ingredients that create a masterful feast fit for any creative genius.

So whether your needing a few rhythms and textures to add dimension to your existing tracks or want that one of a kind melodic hook that can jump start the creative juices, Quirky Guitar's rock and pop rhythms, crazy and unconventional textures and melancholic melodies is the collection that will deliver every time. So explore your inner musician, create tracks never before realized and make music that stands out!

- 2.46 GB of material (1.02 GB of 24-bit WAV files)

- 967 files in WAV, REX and Apple Loops (321 WAV Loops)

- 12 Construction Kits: Each kit contains a demo mix, each and every melodic, rhythmic and textural element broken out into stackable song sections, allowing you to tweak to your hearts content and create the exact amount of texture desired.

- 321 WAV Loops

- 321 Apple Loops

- 325 REX Loops

Instruments Include:

- acoustic guitars (natural, detuned and hi-strung)

- electric guitars (natural and processed)

- banjo

- mandolin

- slide guitars

- pianos (natural and processed)

- jars

- clavinet

- music box

- glockenspiel

- organs

- synths




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