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Reggaeton meets Dancehall Vol. 1

Reggaeton meets Dancehall Vol. 1

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HALion (full version), NN-XT, REX, SoundFont SF2, WAV
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Reggaeton meets Dancehall" ist die heißeste Sample Library die sich finden lässt.

Reggaeton meets dancehall vol 1

Unverkennbar wurde die Verbindung von „style of clubbin’ music” zu “modern Reggaeton & Dancehall“ geknüpft.

Diese Klasse Soundlibrary enthält eine riesige Sammlung abgefahrener Loops und eindrucksvolle Samples wie , hard hittin’ drums, warm basses, unique claps, excellent percussion, hi-hats, cymbals, groovy acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, orchestral instruments, pop brass, ethnic instruments, new age ensembles, morphing atmospheres, club-synths, synth leads, effect drops und mehr.

Perfekt aufgenommen und gemixt kommt diese "Radio Ready" Soundlibrary zusammen mit 30 Construction Kits (Format: Acidized/ Wave, Rex2, NN-XT, Soundfont, Halion)
Produced by $ir. Martin & BlackBoxx for Audio Bomb




Flag EN spaceWusik Magazine, September 2009

Review by Ginno Legaspi


Audio Bomb/Best Service spices up the sampling world with Reggaeton Meets Dancehall Vol. 1. If you´re into producing reggaeton and dancehall then you might want to take a look at this library. It contains the usual elements/construction kits for both genre, loaded with island-music style. RMD Vol. 1 is delivered in 16-bit/44.1kHz Acidised Wave, Rex2, NN-XT, Soundfont and HALion formats. Both styles break into two folders that include 15 construction kits each, with tempos ranging from 94 to 115 bpm. Each construction kit folder comes with a mix-down file along with individual loops like drums, percussions, keys, bass, etc. Single-shot instrument and drum hits are also provided if you want to construct your own loops from scratch. The sounds on these discs are so well labeled, in detail, that the producers even included the name of the synths used to create the sounds/loops. Now, that´s cool.

Although some of the samples have that synthetic feel, there are some really nice gems included in this library: like the punchy drum sounds and the groovy acoustic guitars. The ethnic hits and percussions are also a good addition. Effects sounds are aplenty and the fat basses sound tight and crunchy. Overall, this is a very flavorful release and should be an indispensable library to professional music producers.



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5.0 of 5  
23.07.2018 Language: englisch

I'm adding these sounds to my library and plan to use them on my next production The products are top notch!

5.0 of 5  
03.12.2016 Sprache: deutsch

Eine super Libary, für Produktionen dieser Musikrichtungen !


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