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Verwandeln Sie Ihren Touch Screen in ein aktives Medium

Reminisce bietet Ihnen die Freiheit, Ihre Software zu steuern und anzupassen, der Controller passt sich dabei Ihren Bedürfnissen funktional und optisch an.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

UXspectrum offers unprecedented methods for controlling DAW software providing innovative navigation and workflow management solutions supported by touch screen technology.

Reminisce offers you the freedom to customize and control your software. The controller UI adapts itself functionally and visually to meet your needs. It morphs from an ergonomic, multi-page transparent floating panel into other traditional layouts with a more classic hardware control surface look — so the choice is yours.


  • UXspectrum – Reminisce is controlled by touch – a Full HD Touch screen enabled PC device is required for optimal performance. (Although it also can be controlled with a mouse or any pointing device like a touch pad.)
  • Controller communicates with your software just like a standard keyboard so you can use it with any other controller you have without any conflicts.

Reminisce Screen

Technology Tips

Without getting overly technical, UXspectrum -Reminisce will work on any Full HD (min:1920×1080) touch screen enabled Windows 7, 8 or 10 device.

  • UXspectrum – Reminisce was designed on the Windows 10 operating system and is the version which is strongly recommended — mainly because it is one of the most reliable systems with which we have ever worked.
  • If you have a tablet like a Surface Pro, a Dell XPS 18 or a stationary desktop pc with a FHD touch screen monitor, you are all set for UXspectrum.
  • The Reminisce pre-programmed workspace layouts support 1 or multiple display configuration – with only one touch screen required.  We recommend using ultra-wide monitor displays as your secondary monitor.

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