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RipX DeepAudio
Erstveröffentlichung: 11.05.2021

RipX DeepAudio

Mac & PC Software

Mac & Win
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Ein leistungsstarker Audio-Editor mit erweiterten Funktionen

RipX: DeepAudio ist ein leistungsstarker Audio-Editor mit vielen erweiterten Funktionen. Er bietet eine drastisch verbesserte Audioseparation, einen schnelleren und reibungsloseren Workflow sowie zusätzliche Effekte und automatische Bearbeitungsmöglichkeiten.

Hit'n'Mix hat das revolutionäre Rip-Audioformat erfunden, eine Möglichkeit, reines Audio als Noten- und ungepitchte Sound-Objekte zu speichern, die im Vergleich zu traditionellen wellenformbasierten Formaten sehr einfach und flexibel bearbeitet werden können. Die RipX-Plattform wurde entwickelt, um die Vorteile des Rip-Formats zu nutzen, und ermöglicht es Module wie DeepAudio und DeepRemix nahtlos in eine Anwendung zu integrieren.

Egal, ob Sie ein professioneller Audio-Postproduktions-Editor, Mix- oder Mastering-Engineer, Sound-Designer, Musikproduzent, Remixer, Student oder Ausbilder sind, DeepAudio ermöglicht Ihnen die schnelle und einfache Bearbeitung der Hauptbestandteile von Audio - sprich Noten, Obertöne, Frequenzen und Amplituden.

DeepAudio nutzt KI-Isolationsalgorithmen und einen Deep-Ripping-Prozess, um jede Audiodatei automatisch zu dekonstruieren - ein Ablauf, der normalerweise ein Team von Studiotechnikern und spezielles Equipment erfordern würde. Tauchen Sie tief in Ihre Audiodateien ein und wählen Sie, welche Stimmen, Dialoge, Instrumente, Noten, Sounds oder Geräusche repariert, bereinigt oder ersetzt werden sollen.

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

DeepAudio GUI


  • Uniquely fuses AI machine learning with algorithmic separation technology - accurately separate voice, drums, bass, other instruments and any sound like never before, down to the note, harmonic and noise level. Bass drums, other drums and percussion now editable as individual sounds. Vocal sibilants selectable and editable alongside the vocal notes.

  • Ripping speed up to 10 x faster and greatly improved instrument recognition - speeds up audio transfer and DAW integration. Additional Ripping Speed/Accuracy slider allows users to customize ripping options based on requirements and machine power.

  • DeepAudio and DeepRemix modules available and tailor-made for most audio editing tasks - from professional music production, sound design, mix-fixing, noise clean-up and dialog editing, to true audio source separation, stem creation and song composition using most audio and video file formats (video macOS only).

  • Pitch To Scale natural pitch correction - an additional Effect which can be applied to a selection of notes to correct the pitch of performances, or via Set Musical Scale to automatically re-pitch to fit the scale in real-time.

  • Improved Stems import/export options - quick and easy Save Stems Only Ripper option creates individual Vocals, Bass, Drums and Other WAV stems. Export as Native Instrument's Stems file format or other formats with layers grouped into stems.

  • Improved Layers Panel - each layer now comes with stereo panning, Low, Mid and High EQ.

  • Live-edit and create Ripples during looped playback - experiment with effects, pitch changes, time-stretching and more in real-time.

  • Additional Live Effects - Reverse, High/Low Pass Filters, Delay and Randomize effects added. Each effect’s strength can also be controlled using a slider. Randomize updates chosen effects automatically during looped playback for quick inspiration.

  • Drag & drop your own background images to view behind notes - to help set the right mood or create your own visual inspiration or vibe during creative moments.

  • VST3/ARA and Pro Tools RipLink plug-ins included - for improved integration and super-fast transfer with most leading DAWs.

  • Note Editor improved and re-named to Harmonic Editor - select, copy and paste regions, easier access to tools and smoother workflow.

  • Many significant and intuitive UI, editing, playback, workflow, rendering and audio processing advancements.

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“In short: you can pick and choose track layers you’d like to integrate into your DJ set, pull them with DeepRemix, export them, and throw ’em on your USB. Plus, you have access to apply effects, change tempo and key, and mix and match layers as you’d like.” Rachel Black

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Designed to be easy to use, this enables you to split your mixed MP3 and other files into separate tracks - vocals, bass, drums and other layers.

This is all done automatically using AI isolation algorithms, and once you’ve got your stems, you can use the app to start getting creative by mixing and matching layers, applying effects, and changing the tempo and key." Ben Rogerson

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Innovation Award



  • macOS 10.10 oder höher
  • 64 bit
  • Dual Core Prozessor (Quad Core empfohlen)
  • 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 8GB (16GB empfohlen)


  • Windows 7 oder höher
  • 64 bit
  • Dual Core Prozessor (Quad-Core empfohlen)
  • 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 8GB (16GB empfohlen)

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