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Room Tones USA 3D Surround

Room Tones USA 3D Surround

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Room Tones USA - 3D Surround Ambiences

Diese Library bietet eine enorme Vielfalt an unterschiedlichen Raumklängen.

Room Tones USA ist das vierte Produkt der Sound-Effekt-Serie 3D Surround der Boom Library. Es setzt eine neue Ära von Surround Sound Effekt-Libraries mit beispielloser Präzision, räumlichem Eindruck und Klarheit fort.

Von belebten Verkehrsbereichen, Einkaufszentren und Lagerhäusern über Kongresszentren und Gewächshäuser bis hin zu Schwimmbädern und öffentlichen Bibliotheken. Room Tones USA deckt alle möglichen Szenarien ab, die Sie benötigen könnten und bietet Ihnen dabei beispiellose Präzision, räumlichen Eindruck und Klarheit.

3D Surround liefert bessere Ergebnisse, wo herkömmliche Surround-Techniken an ihre Grenzen stoßen. Dies geschieht insbesondere in VR, wenn auch nicht ausschließlich, wo Ereignisse je nach Drehung und Neigung des Kopfes des Benutzers zu 100% überzeugend klingen müssen. Mit der neuen 3D Surround-Serie sind Sie nicht nur für VR, sondern für jede andere Anwendung, die hochauflösenden und kristallklaren Surround-Sound erfordert, bestens gerüstet.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

Room Tones USA - 3D Surround Ambiences

The fourth entry of the famous sound effect series 3D SURROUND is now available: After ROOM TONES EUROPE comes ROOM TONES USA.

As you’d expect from a library labeled “room tones”, the sounds come without much action in the foreground to provide a very clear and detailed acoustic image of each room, giving you the perfect background noise layer to break the silence in your post production project.

The recorded rooms vary from hallways and warehouses over cafes, offices, basements, apartment rooms, laundry and boiler rooms to industrial rooms and even an underground bunker. ROOM TONES USA covers all different scenarios you could possibly need, delivered fully surround with unprecedented precision, spatial impression and clarity. Undoubtedly, this can be easily used in stereo productions as well. Either chose the angle yourself or use the stereo version (included in 3D SURROUND).

Enter A New Era of Surround Sound FX Libraries

Suitable for any surround application, even and especially immersive audio like Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos, 360° Videos and VR

ROOM TONES USA is the fourth product of the famous sound effect series 3D SURROUND. It continues a new era of surround sound FX libraries with unprecedented precision, spatial impression and clarity. 3D Surround delivers better results where conventional surround techniques reach their limits. This occurs especially, although not exclusively, in VR, where events must sound 100% convincing depending on the rotation and tilt of the user’s head. With our new 3D SURROUND series, you are ideally equipped for not only VR, but any other application that requires high-definition and crystal-clear surround sound.

What is so special about 3D Surround?

3D Surround has two enormous advantages over conventional surround sound. On the one hand, individual sound sources can be located much better and more clearly with 3D Surround. On the other hand, 3D Surround also reflects height differences much better. This results in a more extensive and much clearer sound image in a quality that cannot be achieved with conventional surround sound.

What's inside

Included Sounds - Keywords

Storage, Hallway, Warehouse, Heater, Sunroom, Basement, Bedroom, Closet, Bathroom, Apartment, Kitchen, Garage, Cafe, Office, Mechanical, Industrial, Commercial, Home, Laundry, Fireplace, Underground, Neon, Hum, Porch, Tiled, Rain, Refrigerator, Treatment, Boiler, Ventilation, Workshop, Interior, Heating, Whirring, Gutters, Construction, Fan, Computer, Machinery, SUV, Dryer, Crackling, Rumble, Dripping, Clicking, Distant, Traffic, Loud, Deep, Neighbors, Roof, Wind, Computers, Shower, Radiator, Windows, Rattle, Popping, Roar, Echoes, Tapping, Idle, Street, Hiss, Thrumming, Fluttering, Throbbing, Driveway

  • Clean and production ready - ROOM TONES USA is a highly versatile ambience library that smoothly adapts to virtually any application. It offers a large selection of generic ambiences to blend into many different contexts as well as specifically recognizable locations delivered with maximum authenticity.

  • Frame your scene - Ambiences are an excellent tool to establish the mood of a scene, level, or location. With ROOM TONES USA, this becomes a simple and rewarding task: Choose from the over 55GB large pool of well categorized ambiences available. From ultra-silent to lively, confined to wide open, dry and close to reverberant – everything delivered in an immersive 3D audio format that’s also backward compatible. To increase your mileage with the library even further, the average sound is 3-5 minutes long.

  • Including Stereo Version - In addition to the ORTF-3D files, the 3D SURROUND edition also contains all files in 2.0 stereo for your convenience to save time on unnecessary conversions. Instead, you can instantly use these great new sounds for all your projects that don’t require surround sound.

Royalty-Free Room Tone Ambiences 97 3D Surround files • 96kHz/24bit • 69+ GB

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