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RX 9 Advanced
Erstveröffentlichung: 14.10.2021

RX 9 Advanced

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RX 9 Advanced - Der Industriestandard für die Reparatur von Audiomaterial

RX ist die preisgekrönte Audio Repair Suite, auf die sich die besten Post-Production-Engineers bei zahllosen Filmen und Fernsehsendungen verlassen, um beschädigtes, rauschendes Audiomaterial schnell und zuverlässig wieder in einen einwandfreien Zustand zu versetzen. Erhalten Sie die volle Kontrolle über Ihr Audiomaterial, egal ob Sie Dialoge aus geräuschvollen Hintergründen mit dem Machine Learning von Dialogue Isolate extrahieren, Summen und Interferenzen sofort mit Dynamic De-hum entfernen oder mit dem Complex Mode in Ambience Match bisher unmögliche Ambiences mit Bewegung und Textur abgleichen - alles mit Mehrkanalunterstützung bis zu Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.

Perfekt für Postproduktionsstudios

  • Enthält alle Features von RX Standard
  • Ersetzen Sie fehlende High-End-Frequenzen in Dialogaufnahmen mit Spectral Recovery
  • Korrigieren Sie Tonhöhenabweichungen bei Musikaufnahmen mit Wow & Flutter
  • Performance mit Dialog-Kontur umgestalten
  • Entfernen des Halls beim Dialog mit Dialogue De-Hall
  • Durchführen von Mix-Anpassungen oder Stem-Trennung mit der verbesserten Music Rebalance
  • Multi-Channel Audio bis zu 7.1.2 reparieren
  • Rauschentfernung von Lav-Mikrofonen und anderen Quellen mit De-Rustle
  • Mit Dialogue isolieren Sie Dialog von lärmenden Hintergründen
  • Reduzieren Sie Low-end Rumble mit De-Wind
  • Spektrogramm-Editor mit horizontalem Scrollen
  • Enthält Technologie für maschinelles Lernen und fortgeschrittene Tools

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

What’s new in RX 9?

  • Enhanced separation with Dialogue Isolate - Using iZotope machine learning, this updated version of Dialogue Isolate makes it easier than ever to extract clean dialogue from its environment, without artifacts. Instantly separate speech from crowds, traffic, footsteps, weather, and more.

  • Dynamic De-hum - Use the Dynamic mode in RX 9’s De-Hum to instantly remove any amount of hum, wireless ring, or interference, without artifacts or affecting the audio quality. In one pass, eliminate radio and transmitter interference, camera and generator hum, and more.

  • Complex Ambience Match - Now you can seamlessly connect dialogue and ADR cuts with real background movement and textures with the new Complex mode in Ambience Match. Quickly match ambiences never before possible: ocean, wind, traffic, crowds, and more!

Additional enhancements in RX 9

  • Roll back an audio selection to any previous step in your History list to get the best combination of audio processing from any point in time with the brand-new Restore Selection feature.

  • Need to view more than five steps of undo history? No problem. The expandable History list now shows up to 30 undo steps for quick reference.

  • Clean up unwanted sounds directly in Logic® using the new Spectral Editor, built on the ARA plug-in extension. Select noise and remove it without having to toggle between Logic and RX. 

RX 9 Advanced Gui

RX 9 Advanced: Features

  • Spectral Recovery - With the increasing necessity of remote meetings, podcast interviews, and video calls, real-time audio streaming is becoming more and more prevalent. Unfortunately, audio transfer protocols over the internet compress the audio and remove high-end frequencies that aid in clarity and intelligibility. Spectral Recovery restores frequencies above 4 kHz, turning grainy dialogue audio into clear, articulate recordings.
  • Wow & Flutter - Physical audio recordings—such as tape and vinyl—inevitably fall prey to the elements as time goes by. This often results in pitch fluctuations in audio recordings. Wow & Flutter is designed to correct this symptom regardless of the intensity of the modulating pitch. Use Wow to fix longer, sustained pitch drift, and Flutter to correct pitch variances that occur at faster rates. Wow & Flutter is the key to performing pitch-perfect music restoration in record time.

  • 32 Audio Tab Limit -  Time is precious when editing audio in post. To help you tackle more work faster, RX 8 doubles the previous 16-tab limit, now allowing you to view and edit up to 32 files within RX Audio Editor, so you can cover more ground in less time with greater efficiency and in-app real estate.

  • Horizontal scrolling - Horizontal scrolling is now built into the intuitive Spectrogram Display. Use the scroll gesture on your trackpad or mouse with your cursor to scroll through your audio across the X-axis for lightning fast edits.

  • Dialogue Contour - Using Dialogue Contour, you can reshape the intonation of dialogue to rescue or improve a performance in post production. Dialogue Contour features pitch correction processing that is tailored to speech and designed to adjust the inflection of words within a phrase of dialogue that may not match or flow correctly with the rest of the dialogue in the clip.

  • Batch Processor - Process multiple audio files in one pass with the newly overhauled Batch Processor.

  • Dialogue De-reverb - Reduce or remove unwanted reverb from dialogue clips using an algorithm trained with machine learning and optimized to separate spoken dialogue from reverberant signal content. Rescue production audio with too much reverb to avoid ADR and save money.

  • Multichannel Support - Tackle audio issues that appear in any or every surround channel effortlessly up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.

  • AudioSuite Plug-ins - Fix production audio without ever leaving your DAW (Pro Tools), saving time and money. New AudioSuite Plug-ins Include: Dialogue Isolate, Derustle, Music Rebalance & Breath Control

  • Music Rebalance - Music Rebalance is a powerful tool that intelligently identifies vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments in a mix and allows for independent gain adjustment of each element—you can even isolate or remove vocals.

  • Repair Assistant - Repair Assistant - Representing the latest advances in iZotope's assistive audio technology, Repair Assistant is a game-changing intelligent repair tool that can detect noise, clipping, clicks, and more.

  • Variable Time - Adjust the time stretch amount of an audio selection without altering its pitch.

  • Variable Pitch - Adjust the pitch of an audio selection while preserving the time and length.

  • De-rustle - Developed with machine learning, De-rustle enables you to remove lavalier mic rustle from dialogue with a single click—an industry first!

  • Dialogue Isolate - Developed with machine learning, Dialogue Isolate extracts dialogue from noisy environments with complex background sounds like clanging plates in a restaurant, traffic noise, and machinery.

  • De-wind - Clean up intermittent low frequency wind rumble from location dialogue.

  • Composite View - Edit multiple files at once to fix problems picked up by multiple microphones or in multichannel files.

  • Mouth De-click - Remove distracting mouth noise with the low latency Mouth De-click.

  • Spectral De-ess - Tame overly aggressive sibilance. The Spectral De-ess mode transparently attenuates sibilance with iZotope’s Spectral Shaping technology.

  • De-bleed - Fix bleed problems in multi-mic’d situations, click track bleed, and other bleed issues.

  • Ambience Match - Fill in consistent ambience beds under constructed sentences and ADR lines right from within Pro Tools AudioSuite.

  • EQ Match - Impart the EQ profile of location dialogue to ADR with two clicks.

  • Spectral Repair - Visually paint away unwanted audio like ringing cell phones, birds, and scene-interrupting sirens.

  • Loudness Control - Prepare your recordings for final delivery with the detailed level readings and loudness management power of the all-new Loudness Control module.

  • Voice De-noise - Fine-tuned for vocals and dialogue, reduce unwanted steady state or changing background noise like air conditioning, refrigerator hum, and amp hiss.

  • Breath Control - Reduce or remove distracting breaths between words and phrases.

  • De-plosive - Transparently repair unwanted plosives with a single click.

  • Spectral De-noise - Attenuate amp buzz, tape hiss, and other unwanted steady state background noise. 

  • De-click - Clean up vinyl clicks, clocking errors, and more with the low-latency De-click algorithm.

  • De-clip - Repair digital and analog clipping artifacts to restore distorted audio.

  • De-hum - Remove ground loop hum and line noise.

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  • macOS 10.14.6 - 11.6
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit

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