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Ultimative Lösung für das Sampling von MIDI und Instrumenten

Nehmen Sie Ihre virtuellen Instrumente, MIDI-Instrumente und echten Instrumente automatisch auf und erstellen Sie Sample-Libraries für Ihren Sampler. Von Audio-Plug-Ins bis hin zu MIDI-Sound-Modulen, echten Instrumenten oder auch Sound-Effekten können Sie alles aufnehmen. Sogar das Vermischen all dieser Komponenten für die Erzeugung von neuen, innovativen Klängen ist möglich.

Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache:

Rated S for Simplicity

Most sampler users never bother to create their own sound libraries. There is a good reason for that. It's a very long and repetitive process that requires a lot of recording, editing and testing. And the results are not always up to expectations.

We designed Samplit with one goal in mind. To simplify the whole process and automate all of the required tasks as much as we can: Automatic sample recording, detection of the beginning and the end of each sample with a security buffer, audio clipping warning, auto-loop, built-in player, sample volume compensation, VCA release time detection...

Rated C for Creativity

At the heart of Samplit, is a new eight track audio mixer. Each track can be assigned to a virtual instrument from your computer or to an audio input from your sound card.

Imagine the kind of sound you can create by layering up to 8 virtual instruments with individual volume, pan, EQ and audio effect! And that's not all. You can even mix virtual instruments and external MIDI instruments...

Great for recording real instruments too!

If you are looking to record real instruments, look no further. Samplit has some special features that will make the process much easier. Samplit can generate a reference tone to let you know which note to play or sing. You can also adjust the monitor level independently of the recording level. And if a recording has clipped, Samplit will warn you and let you record the same note again.

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Windows Requirements: Windows XP, 7 & 8, Intel Core 2GHz, 2 GB RAM - VST & AAX 32 & 64bit supported.

Mac Requirements: Mac OS 10.7 and above, Intel Core 2GHz, 2 GB RAM, 32 & 64 bit Support - AU, VST & AAX 32 & 64bit supported, RTAS 32bit only

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