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Mächtiges Tool zur Klangformung

SEQ-ST bietet Ihnen kreative EQ Möglichkeiten, wie es kein andere EQ könnte. Ein eingängiges Interface samt detaillierter Spektrum Analyse macht es extrem einfach problematische Bereiche zu bearbeiten. Massieren und korrigieren Sie jegliches Audiomaterial in einer unglaublichen Auflösung, was mit klassischen EQs schlichtweg nicht machbar wäre.

Mit 3 unabhängigen, individuell zuweisbaren Kurven, gibt Ihnen SEQ-ST die volle Kontrolle über Ihre räumliche Aufteilung.

Dank eines Interfaces, das sich den Anforderungen anpasst, kann SEQ-ST sowohl simpel als auch überragend detailliert sein, je nach Aufgabe. Mit Zugriff auf Mid-Side, Node Locking, zoombaren Ansichten, flexibles Curve Assignment, dynamische EQ Morphs, Sonic Fingerprinting und psycho-akustische Optionen, können Sie Ihrer Fantasie freien Lauf lassen.

Hauptunterschied zu SEQ-S:

Kein EQ Matching in Surround möglich.

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Unparalleled flexibility

Unique control from fine detailed precision to sweeping morphs, mid/side operation and powerful match EQ functionality. Try the unparalleled flexibility offered by SEQ-S today.

  • Curve scale and smoothing

  • Zoomable interface

  • No phase warping/smearing

  • Clone source EQ to target mix

  • Invert to sculpt specific space

  • Dynamic EQ morphs

Fluid EQ Morphing

SEQS Inst 1Far beyond traditional EQ, SEQ-S is capable of fluid filter morphs. Automated EQ morphing introduces a wealth of new opportunities from controlled scene transitions to full blown creative audio sculpting.

With three independent EQ transition pairs, including dynamic and static pass filter effects, seamless transitions from different environments, creative morphs and tempo-locked effects are easily achieved, with full dynamic visual feedback.

Seq-St GUIMatch one sound to another

Use SEQ-ST to capture the flavour of a piece of source audio and then transfer it to your current work – great for restoration and harmonisation work. Or use the technique on individual tracks to unify different takes, microphone positions, etc.

Create 'perfect space'

EQ Invert gives you a minimally-invasive technique for creating space where traditional EQs are just too cumbersome. By sampling the vocal and applying the inverted curve to the backing, specific space can be gently created without altering the original tonality of the audio.

For music production

SEQS Inst 3Fine tune and correct your sound with flexible, detailed envelopes difficult to achieve using traditional EQ.

Use EQ matching to gently push your sound toward reference material or dive into creative spheres with filter morphing and tempo locked effects. If you need something special, reach for SEQ-ST.

Independent Left/Right and Mid/Side operation allows you to direct EQ exactly where it's needed. Ideal for both corrective mix work and gentle mastering polish.

For post and broadcast

SEQS Inst 4With support for stereo, SEQ-ST gives complete control over your spatial environment. Flexible nodes and a direct draw interface make specific corrections possible in a way that would be very time consuming using a traditional parametric interface.

Match 'invert' makes finding space for dialogue in a busy soundtrack quick and easy, avoiding heavy-handed EQ or intrusive ducking.

Try automated EQ morphing for controlled scene transitions and creative sound design possibilities. The morph function uses two EQ memories as the basis for operation, enabling smooth transitions between 2 states.

Typical applications

  • Detailed, transparent adjustment

  • Easily build complex EQ envelopes

  • Independently address L/R, M/S

  • EQ matching

  • Time-based fluid EQ morph transitions

  • Creating 'perfect space' for vocal and dialog

  • Precise low frequency control

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  • macOS 10.7 oder höher
  • RAM: 512 MB


  • Windows 7 oder höher
  • RAM: 512 MB

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