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Silk Road
Erstveröffentlichung: 15.10.2018

Silk Road

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Silk Road Percussion GUI Header

Virtuelle Middle Eastern Percussion Sounds

Silk Road Percussion bietet eine Sammlung von Drums aus dem Mittleren Osten, dazu gehören sowohl Stick Drums als auch Frame Drums.

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

Silk Road - Stick Drums

These Middle Eastern stick drums are typically used as solo or lead instruments but are also perfect for creating powerful break sections in songs as well; effective for achieving a stylized hybrid of sound with just a delicate touch of the unusual. This Silk Road download collection gives you plenty to work with an expansive palette of single hits, flams, and sampled phrases to get your tracks moving in hypnotic fashion. Collection includes 20 Megabytes comprising High and Low Tombek and Small, Medium, and Large Nagada.

Silk Road - Frame Drums

Featuring drums popular throughout the Middle East and various countries on the African continent, the Silk Road Frame Drum collection will stamp your percussion tracks with an authentic ethnic imprint. 14" and 22" frame drums provide a multitude of articulations and a wide array of single hits, flams, and sampled phrases from which to build a propulsive rhythm bed. Egyptian Riqqs and a Persian Daff will add an appropriate jangle while the Sufi Bandir can be utilized in a variety of percussive applications to splendid effect. Collection includes 14" and 22" Frame Drums, 2 Egyptian Riqqs, Persian Daff, and Bandir Drum.


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  • Windows 7 - 10
  • Mindestens 2GB RAM, 4GB empfohlen
  • Eine VST 32/64 oder AAX 32/64 kompatible Host-Anwendung.

Apple Systemanforderungen

  • OS X Version 10.8 - 10.11
  • Mindestens 2GB RAM, 4GB empfohlen
  • Eine VST 32/64, AU 64 oder AAX 32/64 kompatible Host-Anwendung
System FAQs
System FAQs - Silk Road

VOCALIZER - Vocal Production Synthesizer

Sollten Sie unter Mac OS diesen Fehler sehen: ""Error creating folder"" folgen Sie dieser Anleitung:

Laden Sie dieses Utility herunter und führen Sie es aus. Nun können Sie SONIVOX Produkte unter Mac OS X Lion oder später installieren.
Permission fix for Mac OS Lion and later!

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