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Son of Grindhouse
Erstveröffentlichung: 16.11.2017

Son of Grindhouse

€ 99,-
$ 99.95
£ 87.14
ACID, Apple Loops, REX, RMX, WAV
Download Größe: 3,49 GB
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 99,-$ 99.95£ 87.14

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Kontakt (Full Version!)
Download Größe: 1,54 GB
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 99,-$ 99.95£ 87.14

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Son of Grindhouse Header

Authentische B-Movie Loops und Samples

Nach dem großen Erfolg von Grindhouse präsentieren Big Fish Audio & Funk Soul Productions die Fortsetzung: Son of Grindhouse. Insgesamt 32 Construction Kits, sowohl im Multiformat als auch KLI, bieten jede Menge B-Movie Loops und Sounds aus den Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Spaghetti-Western und Kung-Fu.

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

Big Fish Audio and Funk Soul Productions are proud to present Son of Grindhouse! After the extremely successful release of the “Grindhouse” KP5 Instrument, the number one request BFA received was for a loop library with the same styles and unique B-Movie vibe represented for those who do not use Kontakt instruments in their workflow. You asked, they delivered. Son of Grindhouse is a 32 Construction Kit library that is jam packed with samples that cover Grindhouse genres ranging from Horror and Sci-Fi to Spaghetti Western and Kung-Fu.

This library includes regular instrument loops as well as cuts and clips from actual open-source Grindhouse films to provide background atmospheres, soundtracks, and film dialogue. The result is the most authentic representation of the classics you will ever find.


KLI 3.0 Series Version

  • 1.79 GB of content
  • 637 Total Kontakt Patches
  • 32 Kit Combo Patches
  • 17 Single Instrument Patches
  • 587 Sliced Loop Patches
  • 1 Kit Demo Patch

Multiformat Version:

  • Apple Loops: 1.61 GB Total Content, 619 Files

  • Acidized WAV: 1.64 GB Total Content, 619 Files

  • REX/RMX: 602.1 MB Total Content, 619 REX Files

Son of Grindhouse has been formatted in the most widely-used formats: Apple Loops, Acidized WAV, and REX files, making it usable in virtually every piece of software and hardware on the market today. In addition, this library comes fully formatted for Kontakt as part of the Big Fish Audio KLI 3.0 Series which transforms this loop library into a truly moldable and musical writing instrument.

Kontakt 5.7.1 is required to use the Kontakt 5 instrument patches in the KLI version of this product. This product does not work with the free Kontakt Player.


requirements Systemanforderung

Nach Oben

Diese Multi Format Library (enthaltene Formate sind oben gelistet) enthält keine Software zum Abspielen der enthaltenen Sounds. Sie benötigen auf Ihrem Computer eine Software, die eines der angezeigten Formate laden und abspielen kann.

Wichtig: das "Full Kontakt" - Format kann NICHT vom kostenlosen Kontakt Player abgespielt werden, Sie benötign für dieses Format eine Kontakt Vollversion (z.B. in Komplete oder Komplete Ultimate Paketen enthalten!)

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