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Sonic Sweet

Sonic Sweet

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Legendärer BBE Sound im Plug-in Bundle

Das Sonic Sweet Bundle von BBE Sound enhält vier Plug-ins für Mix und Mastering, die dir den legendären Klangcharakter der Hardware Klassiker bieten. So eignen sich die Plug-ins unter anderem, um Signale in einem Mix hervorzuheben oder auch, um kompletten Songs mehr Durchsetzungsvermögen zu verleihen. Neben ihrem guten Klang ist ihre größte Stärke die einfache Bedienbarkeit, denn mit nur wenigen Handgriffen erreichst du das gewünschte Ziel.

Weitere Details in englischer Sprache:

When the pros talk about their "must-have" Equaliser, Neve usually is the first brand mentioned. Ask about their choice of a compressor and it might just be an Urei 1176. When it is an enhancer/maximizer subject, “BBE Sound” is usually the answer. Throughout the world, there’s barely a studio, sound engineer or record producer that doesn’t own at least ONE version of BBE’s enhancer/maximizer tools.

BBE Sound products have been used on countless productions to give them more sparkle in the high end and a richer fatter sound in the low end without being “muddy”. BBE products have been copied over and over again but people stick to the BBE Sound trademark because they are quite simply the best sound tools in their category. The BBE Sonic Sweet v4 plug-ins gives you exactly the same brightness, clarity, and fullness as the hardware modules with the added bonus of being fully automatisable.

The “Sonic Sweet” bundle consists of four amazing plug-ins that bring the legendary BBE Sound into your productions :

  • Sonic Maximizer: Musicians and studio engineers for years have known that the D82 Sonic Maximizer is the best way to get that professional sound and extra sparkle that is so difficult to capture.

  • Harmonic Maximizer: The H82 Harmonic Maximizer increases presence and clarity. It restores natural brightness and adds deeper and extended low frequencies. It can be used in the studio on individual tracks or an entire mix, or live to enhance the sound of a P.A. system.

  • Loudness Maximizer: The L82 Loudness Maximizer is a mixing and mastering multi-band limiter plug-in. Its ultimate transparency allows the L82 Loudness Maximizer to dramatically increase the overall level of your mix without audible artefacts and pumping effects.

  • Mach 3 Bass: As a new addition to the “Sonic Sweet” lineup, Mach 3 Bass will take your low end to new sonic depths. Insert this plug-in on any type off bass instrument or signal where you need a big boost on the low end.

System Requirements

  • Windows Requirements = Host application compatible with AAX Native plugins & VST plugins, OS: Windows 7 or later, CPU: Intel/AMD CPU with SSE2, RAM: 2GB or above, Display: 1024x768 or higher, Software: 32/64 bit VST / VST3 compatible host Pro Tools 11 or later, Up to 3 computers authorization
  • Mac Requirements = Host application compatible with AAX Native plugins, Audio-Unit plugins & VST plugins, OS: macOS 10.8 or later, CPU: Intel 64 bit, RAM: 2GB or above, Display: 1024x768 or higher, Software: 64 bit AU / VST / VST3 compatible host Pro Tools 11 or later, Up to 3 computers authorization

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5.0 of 5  
09.04.2019 Language: englisch

Sonic Sweet is going to be the go to for cleaning and filling up individual tracks as well as the full mix! Thanks so much Best Service! Y`all are TRULY the BEST!!!


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